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Miles To Go

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Yesterday, I had my first appointment with my surgeon, Dr. Lo Menza, in Baltimore, MD. I was still nervous and excited. I thought that on the whole the appointment went well; the only damper on the visit is that I don't like the Nutritionist!


I swear she spent 15 minutes telling me that my diet documentation was unacceptable. I explained to her that the INSURANCE COMPANY had already approved it (the nurse assigned to my case asked for it right away because if it wasn't acceptable then at least I could start the six month documentation period right away). The more the Nutritionist droned on (in her icky whispery voice) that my Weight Watchers documentation wasn't good and she didn't ....blah blah blah. I'll just leave it that I don't like the woman.


I'm no less excited but now I'm a little scared too! I got a list of things that Dr. Lo Menza needs before the sleeve can be approved and the date set. That's not the part that worries me; just a visit to my primary care, a cardiologist, and having an EGD done. I can handle a few more medical appointments.


What frightens me is that pre-surgery liquid diet. Oh man! What hell they can come up with. I don't know if I can do it. I guess the only thing I can do is pray to God to get me through it and take each day as it's own.


"do not worry about tomorrow, sufficient for the day it's own trouble"

Matthew 6:34

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Start trying to lose weight ahead of time and before the liquid diet is assigned. I saw my surgeon 2 days ago and told him about the 11 pound weight loss I just had by doing a high protein diet for the last 3 weeks and he said it was great and that I could skip the liquid diet because of it.

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I hear you about the preop diet. I start mine this coming Tues 4/10 and I am scared out of my mind. First, you would think I would have given up the diet pepsi ahead of time. did i? NO. so I can go cold turkey on the pop that I drink about 32 ounces a day. If I could stick to a diet, I would be thin. That's the whole problem. But I'm scared to death that if I don't comply, my liver will be too large, and they won't do the surgery. I am going to do this. i have to. And you will too. I will lock myself in a closet if I have to. lol. I already apologized to my husband and daughter for anything I might say or do during the 2 weeks, but I know that will be no excuse for mistreating people. Who knows, maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised and it will be a piece of cake. Piece of cake???? did I just mention food? OMG. Be strong!

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I had a high protein diet on my own (not surgeon induced) and then when I came closer to the date like 3 days I had lunch, dinner, dinner, breakfast with all of my friends and family as I was mourning the loss of my food....Guess what??? I do not miss food at all.

My hunger is totally gone, I know must set my alarm to remind me to eat food, so I can survive ...and the best part is I am still losing weight...49 lbs in 6 weeks Yeah!

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Thanks everyone! It's good to know I'm not alone while changing my life. Encouragement is wonderful!

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