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Pressure? What Pressure?

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Helen the Cat


Woozers! Nine days till Christmas and I am SO busy! And of course with all the baking and cooking I am doing, it is SO hard NOT to sample, Not to graze, not to try "just a bite"! It is driving me crazy.


We arrived home (in Iowa) from California (where I have been working the last year and a half) on the 7th of December, and I feel like I have been on a treadmill ever since. My new job started on the 12th of December, and tonight I start Five nights in a row of 12 hour shifts. I wish I hadn't been SO agreeable when they asked me if I could work all these shifts. I have baking left to do, Christmas Cards left to address, sign and mail, LOTS of shopping left to do (hadn't done any Christmas shopping before I left California!), my house to clean and a meal for 20 on Christmas Eve to figure out yet!


My eldest daughter wants me to come to her house next Wednesday (the next free day I have!) and bake Christmas Cookies with her two boys, stay overnight, come home and get ready for all the overnight company that is coming on Friday.


I feel like I am going to explode from the pressure of all I have to do. AND I am still trying to eat healthy, make sure I get enough protein, enough water, take my vitamins, etc.


Tomorrow will be my 6 month Surgiversary! I have lost a total of 94 pounds since June 17, gone from a size 26/28 in tops to a 14 or a size large. Gone from size 24 pants to an 8! I have had SO many wonderful comments on how nice I look. It really thrills me! Just wish I could get off the treadmill and enjoy it a little.


The down side is that my hair has gotten so thin (never thick to begin with!) that I finally shaved my head the other day. I have purchased a couple of wigs that I think look really natural and love the way they look on me. So yesterday I told my hubby, give me your clippers (he shaves his head!) and I did mine. It looks weird when I take my wig off, but with it on, I think I look pretty good.


Oh well, I am going to slow down one of these days and enjoy all the blessings in my life, the biggest to date is my new and improved body!

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Enjoy the holidays! I know they are hectic but the memories made as we rush around are so precious! I wish either of my grandmothers has made Christmas cookies with us! Congrats on your weight loss! And you're hair will grow back :) My tip is to stimulate your scalp a few times a day to increase blood flow. GL!

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yes, I agree, you will regrow your hair, but it sounds like you don't have any time to enjoy the new you.... Life is worth celebrating and slowing down to take better care of yourself. You are worth it. Love the transformation of your new body. Take time for yourself and be good to yourself. Your children and grandchildren are taking in everything you do,,, so make it about honoring yourself also. ;)

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