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What A Day!

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Helen the Cat


Have spent the day baking. I was supposed to be packing up my household stuff, in anticipation of my move back home the end of this month, but I just CAN'T get into packing. I keep thinking "what if I need this before I move, I 'll just have to unpack it and then pack it again". So I don't pack it to begin with.


My husband arrives in three days, (To help me move home) and he is going to be disappointed that I am not farther along than I am. I am a travel nurse and have been living in California for the past 13 months, and now am moving home to the frozen tundras of Iowa for the winter. YUCK! I hate Iowa in the winter. But he is so lonely and wants me to come home. So what can I do?


So to kill the day, I spent the entire day baking. I made three different kinds of cookies, and a puff pastry creation know (in Iowa) as Dutch Letters. They are a puff pastry with sweet almond filling. And to make matters worse, I sampled some of each one! Here I am, trying my best to reach my weight goal, and I am baking like a fiend! I have GOT to quit baking and eating! The Dutch Letters by the way were fantastic. They are labor intensive, and I don't make them very often, but today seemed the day to do it! (At least when I got done baking, I took the cookies and Dutch Letters to the hospital where I am working and left them in the break room for everyone to eat. There is NO way I could eat all that stuff, although some days I think I might give it a try.)


Anyway, I was so gratified to get on the scale this morning and see that I have lost four pounds this week. I am within 19 pounds of my original goal weight. But now am thinking of revising my goal down another 10-20 pounds. Is that crazy? I am five months post op, as of yesterday, and as I get closer to my goal, I think about being thinner than I originally planned. I am down from a size 26-28 to a size 12, and size 10 is getting closer all the time. In fact I can get a size 10 on, it is just tight. Of course if I keep baking and eating I can kiss size ten goodbye for good.


Some days the "Head Hunger" just gets to me. I think that is what today was all about. I was hungry and I didn't know what I was hungry for. So I just started baking and sampling what I had baked. And to top it all off, I re-watched "Julia and Julie" on DVD while I was baking. That doesn't do a lot to encourage me not to eat!


Enough of my ramblings about baking, food and watching TV. I am going to bed. Happy weekend all you VSGs!

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