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More VSG Revelations

Sleevie WonderLand


Just venting, not necessarily bad stuff, just some things only my VST peeps would understand...



I was at a family event yesterday, and everyone commented on how skinny I looked. I've only lost 30 lbs, and they are ranting and raving. Did I do the sleeve for nothing? I coulda lost 30lbs without surgery if I really tried hard...


What kind of damage am I doing to myself? I'm not taking in much food, but I feel wonderful. I havent had more than 400 calories yet...i just dont have an appetite...will my body go into starvation mode? I'm taking vitamins, does that help me in anyway?


What am I supposed to do about my clothes falling off me? I find that every week I'm needing to belt and try to re-wok the clothes that I have but when your pants are literally falling off you and you dont have money to buy new ones, whaddya do?


I'm still baffled at the fact that I'm not as interested in food as I used to be. My tastebuds have become so picky that I was able to turn down some of my favorite foods at a family event. I had two jumbo shrimp, not because I desired them, but because i was tryna get some protein in.


My brain has not caught up with the fact that my weight loss is becoming visible. I think that I wasnt really expecting to look different until I lost about 50 pounds or more, so its very hard for me to believe that I really look that different, even tho my clothes are falling off me. Such a mind screw that its hard to understand until you really live it yourself. so weird.


I'm losing my boobs. They keep slipping out underneath my underwire. Go ahead laugh, I crack up everytime it happens.


Someone called me "skinny minny". My jaw hit the floor (in my head) and i quickly turned the compliment back on her because I got so uncomfortable with the attention. Im turning into a weirdo.


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You and I are in the same boat. I've lost 36 lbs since surgery (9/20) and from some of the reactions I've gotten you would have thought I lost 100 lbs. Don't get me wrong, I love the compliments but not all of the attention if that makes any sense.

Food doesn't have the same appeal it once had. There's no one thing that I crave and if I didn't have to eat I probably wouldn't. I've been asking myself why now? Although I don't have buyers remorse, how come food didn't lose it's unrelenting grip on me then?...how come now? Things that make you go hmmm.

I'm waiting for my eyes to see what everyone else sees. Some of my clothes are definitely loose, and the scale is moving but to me I look exactly the same.

And yes, I did laugh at the boob slippage comment - LOL

So here's to being weird - in a good way LOL.

Congrats on your weight loss. Keep up the good work!!

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This is all good news to me. Postive comments, need to buy new clothes, not needing a bra that looks like a medival torture device. We are so programmed to NOT hearing nice comments about our bodies, disguising our shape that our recations are skewed.

Ladies, what you rant about are all normal thoughts and reactions. At a year plus out, everything you have said, I have said before. All of them. Things will normalize, but it will be a new normal. Do not be frightened by how "easy" weight loss has become. All things will stablize. Take this time to learn new habits. Learn to love the morphing you.


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Everybody is on a new journey. Yes, I have difficulties with seeing the new me in the mirror. But I will be damned if I am not going to give myself credit for all the hard work I have been through. Learning to eat and trying to figure out if I'm getting enough calories, proteins and water is awfully stressful. My eyes are alot bigger than my stomach is and I'm working on patting myself on my back and moving forward. I like all the positive comments I get about my weight loss which really surprises me. I learned to say thank you very much.....LOL

Keep up the hard work and indulge yourself in something pleasureable......

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almost 2 yrs post op and can relate to everything said. Personally when I was losing the weight I would hit up the high end thrift stores and find awesome clothes.. and cheap...that's the way to go! People sometimes have a misconception that when you have WLS that its a "miracle" for obesity...that it just comes naturally.. This is so not the case.. It takes a lot of dedication and commitment to lose what you need to and get over the stalls and to maintain once your at goal...We should all pat ourselves on the back. TO this day I still have a problem when it comes to shopping... I went from a size 16/18 to a size 0-2... I will go into a store and pick up a pair of pants and mentally tell myself this size 2 will not fit....although it does.. My brain does not conceive the idea that I am that size..almost 2 yrs post op and still have issues with this...

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