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Nesting instinct kicking in...so weird

Sleevie WonderLand


Lately I've been having the urge to organize and clean everything in my path. Last Saturday I rearranged my closet, drawers, make up kit, my kids closet, their drawers, and washed every bit of laundry that was in sight. Today I reorganized all the file cabinets in my office and rearranged my desk. This may not sound so out of the ordinary to some of you, but for me, doing all those tasks (cleaning tasks) all at once in a fell swoop like that is a rarity. In fact, the only other times I've gotten the energy and gumption to clean so fervently was in those last few weeks of all my pregnancies. There's something instinctual in a woman that gives her the drive to "prepare the nest" when she's expecting a baby. I KNOW that I'm not pregnant, so I'm guessing that my behavior may be because i"m anticipating this surgery. The birth of the new me is coming and I guess I'm just gettin my house and job life in order.

Another theory that I have is that this is all stemming from my CPAP machine. My energy levels have improved greatly. Initially I wasnt convinced. I guess I was in denial about my apnea. But I"m so grateful now because I'm able to get things in order and I dont feel as sluggish and as cloudy as I used to. Everything seems to be falling into place. I'm even more ready for this sleeve than before.

Just wanted to share my insight and positive attitude with yall. Thanks for reading! Sorry about the typos and/or grammatical errors, it's kinda hard typing on a telephone keyboard sometimes! lol

By the way, check out my vlog on YouTube. My channel's name is "Sleeviewonderland".

Please comment and subscribe, I'd really appreciate it!

Here's the link: My Vlog - Sleeviewonderland

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Hahaha! I just posted something very similar. I guess we just have so much on our minds the only things that we can do at this point is clean, get things in order and get ready for this next very serious leg of our journey.

All the best to you,


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