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Convo with surgeon...

Sleevie WonderLand


Met with my surgeon last week. Forgot to bring my list of questions, but I did manage to ask him about bougie size. He said he uses a 40, finds that his patients fare better with the 40 versus anything smaller, especially in terms of acid reflux. His success rate is pretty good (I asked him and of course I expected him to say that), hasnt had any sleeve patients die on him and hasnt had any leaks, but he assured me that if there were any complications he and the hospital staff will do their best to accommodate me and make sure i'm well before I walk off their premises.


He also told me that i'll need to bring my cpap machine with me to the hospital. I havent gotten it yet, the medical equipment company is supposed to come to my house on Friday to give it to me and show me how to use it.


I'm also struggling with these damn vitamins. The gummy ones are no problem, but the vitamin D pills sit on my chest all day no matter how much I drink to wash them down. The worst though is the chewable calcium tablets that I purchased. It's like chewing on sweet sand and baby powder. so gross. I cant believe I have to take this crap. I've been a naughty nellie, though. I have iron pills and I havent taken one yet. I know I need them, but I just hate being constipated and having that metallic taste in my mouth. I know, I know, I gotta man up and do what I gotta do. :(


I'm scheduled to visit the psych dude tomorrow, and once he sends the letter to my doctor's office my paperwork will be submitted to the insurance company. I cant believe I've actually jumped through all these hoops! I guess I shouldnt rejoice just yet, still need to hear what the verdict from the insurance company will be, so I'm trying to play it real cool.


I've been having wonderful dreams lately. Cant remember them all in detail, but I do remember that I seem to be pretty slim and sexy. I guess since I've been visualizin my self losing weight (if I can see it, I can be it!) it's carrying over to my dreams. I still havent told anyone other than hubby, but I am thinking of doing a video blog as suggested by my sleeve sister. I think it will be nice to see the transformation for me, and for anyone else out there on this journey.


I'm cuttin out right here. until next time sleevers...




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