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Doctor's Appointment Update

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I went to a scheduled doctor's appointment today to discuss my low blood pressure issues. Over the past week my blood pressure had seemed better (101/57), but I kept the appointment because he only works one Saturday a month. The nurse took my bp and it was 96/61. The doctor took it manually and got a very low reading as well and then switched to a different cuff. He told me that because of how small I am now a child's cuff would give me a more accurate reading. With it he said I'm definitely "low," but my pulse rate is slow as well, so he's not concerned like he would be if I had a normal pulse rate. He explained the whole thing in detail, but my eyes glazed over and I just half listened. BUT, the good news is that I'm okay for now. He was also really glad to hear that I was trying to maintain. He didn't say that I shouldn't lose anymore, but if I did, it needed to be at a much slower rate.


My husband actually came to this appointment with me and at the end brought up my emotional state. The doctor confirmed that the weight loss is a contributing factor to my state. After more of a discussion though, we decided I would try a low dose of an anti-depressant for a month and then see him again. I won't go into the contributing factors here, but he also wants me to see a psychiatrist. I'm cautious, but a little hopeful that maybe this medicine will help get me in a good place again.


I'll be seeing my surgeon on April 1, and will see what he has to say about these issues as well.

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DeeDee, on the low BP, I've increased my fluid intake and even sodium intake with amazing results. Today, was the first time in 10 days that I had an episode. I'm also starting back on the Wellbutrin in hopes of quitting smoking, and to help level off my moods. My PCP told me the receptors in our necks regulate blood pressure especially when going from a sitting to standing position. He explained that my body is just trying to compensate for the weight loss because my heart rate has dropped as well.

If you ever need to talk, don't hesitate to email or call. Hopefully, you'll get some resolution soon, and find peace in all of this.

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Thanks Tiff for your continued friendship, it means a lot. Yep, that's what he was talking about with the blood pressure and increased fluids and continued exercise is what he said would help.

I wish you luck with the smoking. Geez, too bad weight loss can't solve all of our problems;-)

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