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7 Months Post-op

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Well, yesterday marked my 7 month anniversary from surgery. I am pretty happy with where I am health-wise. I'll be having a follow-up visit with my surgeon the beginning of next month, so will have my labs drawn in a couple of weeks. I'm pretty sure they will show some deficiencies. This past month I've done pretty poorly taking all but my multivitamin, which has been pretty good. I've been ill off and on most of the month and I've just not been as good as I should have been.


I've also struggled this last month with my exercise routine. When the snow hit, things were closed and schedules erratic for working out. I then flew home for a week. So basically I went from consistently exercising for 5-7 days per week (since 1 month post-op) to 2-3 days per week. I'm hoping this virus is finally out of me and I can get back to normal.


My weight has continued to decline, but at a nice and slow rate. I lost almost 6 pounds, making my grand total weight loss -95 pounds. I think I'd like to try to maintain a weight between 140-148 pounds, but who knows where my body will be comfortable. I'd like to not drop below 140 pounds to try to maintain some curves and not have as much lose skin. Just today at work (spirit day-wearing jeans and a tee shirt) I was mistaken for a middle school kid (from the side and back) by two different teachers and a custodian. I NEED curves...I don't want to be mistaken for a teenager (although I wouldn't mind it so much in the face:-).


Other ramblings...

I've become much more accustomed to receiving compliments about my weight loss and they don't bother me hardly at all. I'm pretty okay with people constantly talking to me about my weight loss, although it still does get annoying at times...especially the "wasting away" and "you're disappearing." But usually when I say I'm done losing, they have nothing more to say.


One mom said I should be the one to talk with her son because it might come better from the "pretty, enthusiastic, young teacher." When she first said it, I was thinking oh, I'll have so and so across the hall talk to him then and then I realized she was talking about me. It was really sweet and made my week.


Today a teacher came up to me and said, "I can't stand to look at you anymore." He had a smile on his face so I knew it wasn't meant in a bad way. He explained how when he met me 9 years ago he never thought I had it in me to get so healthy. He saw a very happy person who enjoyed her food and was happy to live her life the way she was living. It lead to a really good talk about food addiction and the benefits of wls for some people.


I went up to one of our administrators after school to set up a time to meet next week because I couldn't do today as I was already busy. I thought she wanted to discuss the state tests coming up in May. She said, "no big deal I just wanted to ask you a few questions about your procedure...not that I'm really convinced it's for me, I just wanted to talk some things over." I look at this as a huge step and it makes me happy that I decided to tell others about my surgery.


Well, I guess that's all for now. Still chugging along. Still super happy with my sleeve and loving life. Can't wait to see what the next 7 months bring.


Weight Loss by Month:

Starting 238 pounds


July 2009 -16 pounds Pre-Op

August 2009 -21 pounds Month 1

September 2009 -15 pounds Month 2

October 2009 -11 pounds Month 3

November 2009 -13 pounds Month 4

December 2009 -9 pounds Month 5

January 2010 -4 pounds Month 6

February 2010 -6 pounds Month 7


Current -95 143 pounds

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Recommended Comments

You have done such an awesome job! I have choosen not to tell ALOT of people about the wls but when I start to lose and they ask I will probably tell. I just feel it is so much pressure to lose weight with others watching. But it is funny because the few that I have told, told me about others who have lost weight with wls! So I have a small group of people around to help me!

Congrats again!

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DeeDee, what a great accomplishment. I think you look fantastic. Thanks for continuing to share your story with everyone here. It helps to keep us all motivated. *hugs*

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How exciting! Congratulations... I feel hopeful reading about your trek. I have 10 days until I join you, so until then I will continue to read about what may be a part of my future!

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Lynda, I completely understand your worry about the pressure. On the down side to telling everyone, I now have the food police issue (although that is dying down some).

Barbara, thank you. Reading other's stories and viewing photos is what kept me motivated during my journey too.

Mommaof4yoopers, you are so close, it really will be here before you know it!

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I absolutely love reading your updates. I'm at a pivotal point in my journey. While I'm ecstatic with my results, and how I look now, I'm really tired of talking about it. I'm just ready to live life and kind of forget talking about it with people who want to be supportive, but I want to scream "there's so much more to me than weightloss". It's weird time in my little world. I hope the next 7 months bring you much joy and success ! ! !

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Thanks Tiff for the well wishes:-) Isn't it funny how our journeys twist and turn. I was kind of where you are in thoughts over the last few months. I just wanted to be normal. I think I wrote about it here (bored everyone to death) a time or two:-) There was more to me than my weight loss and that seemed to be all people would ever mention. I now feel completely normal in the way I eat and the activities I do...but I do have "battle scars" (loose skin) that will always help remind me of the journey I've taken and that I haven't always been here.

I want to return the hope for you in that you have continued success and lots of joy over the next few months and new stage in your journey!

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