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I had the lapband just a little over 11 months ago and have lost 58 lbs. Most within the 1st 6 months. I am glad I did it, it has change how I look at food and what I put in my mouth. I do feel healthier, just wish my weight loss was more.


I have made no secret about my anxiety disorder on this site. While I don't really like telling people around me about my disorder, I want this place to be my safe zone where I can discuss it.


I am currently taking Paxel, which has changed my life, in the fact that I hardly have any symptoms of my disorder now- which is AWESOME!!


I also, have discussed my difficulty in having a child. Prior to getting banded I had 3 miscarriages. The doctors never figured out the cause.


Now, I have been given the green light from my surgeon to try for a child, I have to stop my Paxel. This worries me, the last thing I needs is my anxiety returning during pregnancy. My OB/GYN has is trying to transition me for Paxil to a different SSRI that is ok during pregnancy. Once I have been ok on that for a month or two I can go ahead and try.


This being said, the hubs and I have decided to try one more time. With all the med stuff, we can't try until July or Aug, but we are going to try.


I am not sure if it will take this time around or not. Honestly, I some what fear getting pregnant, in that I know I will gain weight and I don't want to gain weight, but I must for a healthy baby. So to that end I must be very careful and take good care of myself to make sure I don't gain any more weight than I need to.


None the less I am excited about trying again and I know that with support and help whatever weight I do gain I can get back off once the little one is here.


So please send a prayer up for me!!

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I wish you and hub lots of luck with trying again. About gaining, you can control it. My DIL had a son 6 months ago. Max was 1 month early and weighed over 6 lbs. and my DIL watched everything because she has medical issues and she gained 11 lbs. When Max was 2 weeks DIL was wearing her jeans again.

Keep us posted and we are all cheering you on!!!!!!!

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Rah rah rah......count me in on your cheering section!!!

I get what you said more than you know. Wishing you strength in mind and body

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