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3 little letters...



3 little letters...






Something I have carried with me my whole life, something I have been called my whole life, something I have felt my whole life...


Something I am ready to let go of.



I have always struggled with my weight. I was never the kid that felt confident at gatherings or at school. I was teased...badly. There have been so many times that I have cried because of my weight, whether it be due to someones cruel comments, or because it has inhibited my life. Even as an adult, I have been struggling.


It is time to let go and be the person I always wanted to be...


I can't wait to be the girl who stops to look in the mirror twice because I don't believe the reflection is me. To be just "one of the girls" in a photo, instead of the "fat friend". To deal with my "inner fat child" demons and live a healthy life.


I am going to start my pre-op diet on the 14th. Once that day comes, there is no turning back...


I pray this momentum and desire carries me through this journey...


Cheers to a new me!


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