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Rough Weekend....rough Start To The Week



Been a rough few days around here. Friday was the type of day that made me realize I'm really not a young kid anymore. You watch the generation ahead of you deal with the struggles of their own mortality and reality sets in that there is nothing you can do to change the cycle of life. All you can do is try and make the best of every situation and lend them a smile and cherish every moment you have with them...


Yesterday we said goodbye to my Uncle who lost his battle with brain cancer at the age of 68. He fought the good fight and remained optimistic right up until the very end. It was very hard to watch my Father come to terms with this and pay his respect. My Father and my Uncle have walked similar paths. My Father had part of his lung taken due to Cancer and when he was being treated for that they discovered he had bladder cancer. After months of preparation and chemo they took the bladder. He was pronounced Cancer free for a short time but the lung cancer came back and he is just now finished 6 weeks of chemo and radiation. Now we wait for him to heal up and let his body recuperate then they will do another scan and hopefully he will be clean of cancer. My Father had 7 brothers and he is now 1 of 3 that is left. I can't even begin to imagine how he feels.


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Sorry to hear about your loss.

I can kind of relate to you as my dad has been in Stage 4 cancer for quite some time. He's defeated the odds as he was diagnosed with colon & liver cancer in Feb 2011. They successfully removed a large mass from his colon in March 2011. They only gave him 6 - 9 months to live. That was 20 months ago. Mind you, he chose not to do any chemo, or take any meds.

He's still with us, but we just found out the cancer has spread to his lungs, and the prognosis is now maybe 3-6 months. It's hard to deal with the news, when he still "looks" ok.

My apologies as I digress. Stay strong as I know the stress can be difficult to deal with at times.

God bless & good luck to you

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