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Hurricane Sandy...



So Hurricane Sandy passed us by yesterday and last night. All family and friends accounted for and safe with minimal property damage. Lots of down trees and wires. Here in New Hampshire as bad as it was we were certainly lucky unlike our friends to the South. NY and NJ are a mess. We have been without power since 5:30pm yesterday and estimates for restoration stand at about 8pm tomorrow. I couldn't imagine what this would have been like if it were combined with a snow storm.


My Wife said she doesn't understand how people in the "olden days" survived without electricity. LOL. I told her it is the only life they knew. You cannot miss what you've never had.


So until we get power back it looks like I will be commuting to the Office in order to work. Here is a pic from the down the street from my office.


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oh my gosh.......that is an incredible shot.

i am surprised you went to work today.....

be safe

be warm

you and wife and all others are in my thoughts/prayers/heart.

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Be safe, I have family and friends in NJ, RI and WV. All are safe but NJ and WV both hit hard one with the direct storm and WV with the snow storm. Glad your family is safe.

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I must have won the power lottery in my town. Outages all around we didn't flicker. Phew, but that means we are due during a winter nor'easter

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Thanks all. Our power finally came back late last night. So many are still in the dark. Not looking forward to Winter although maybe I will finally get to use my new snowblower I bought last Novemeber.

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