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Gotta Trick My Body!



Ok so in the past few weeks i have been back and forth between twoderville and onederland..ugh!!!! SO frustrating. i've talked with a few people and i have decided that i am not gettin enough protein..so i have decided to up my protein and change up my exercise routine. i'm praying this will jump start my losing again. i dont do well with counting calories or myfitness pal..i'm just being honest. so i pray this is what i need to kick this thing into high gear again.


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Not sure how far out from surgery you are but this is something that I have tried that seems to be working for me. I have increased my protein to about 100-120 gms per day, I am eating 5 small meals a day. Still averaging around 1000-1200 calories a day but my primary focus is lean meat and vegtables. My metabolism is funny, it gets very comfortable everytime I lose a few pounds and just sits there. I also do 45-60 minutes of cardio a day and work out with weights 3 times per week. It is a lot of work but I am so close to goal I just can't give up now. Good luck to you.

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i am in the same place...haven't lost in 2 weeks:? been back on the pre-op diet for 2 days and still nothing...increased exercise and switched it up nothing...feeling defeated:(

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thanks lovethenewme...

phatkat....i'm with you girl only mines has been stalled for about a month...my goal is a size 12 top and bottom..ok got the top part...me and these hips and butt is another story ugh!!! bought some 12 skinny jeans and squeezed in them..bought some regular 12 jeans and couldnt get past my thighs! wth!!!! ugh!!! so depressed and scared i wont make my goal in a month..i can do a 12 dress...but i wanna get in dem jeans...ugh!!! maybe my new goal should be to hit 50 pounds by then, that's another 10 pounds by may 20th..not sure which goal is more feasible..

s/n. has anyone tried protein shots. i got some today that are 45 gm of protein..really tryn to find ways to boost my protein

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Ok, guys. I stayed at the same weight from August of 2011 until Jan 2012. I went down 2 lbs up 2 lbs. I didn't cheat, I ate healthy. I tried to exercise but due to an injury it just didn't happen. I had hoped to be at goal within a year of surgery. I thought I only have 103 lbs to loss, I can do that. But it didn't happen. I had a fill on Jan 30th and bam, 20 lbs gone. Can't explain it, don''t even begin to understand it. Do not get discouraged, if you are eating right and exercising, it will come off. I think the one thing I am learning more than anything is patience. And believe me some days it is hard. I exercise my butt off these days. Scales barely move, I drop a pound and turn around and gain 2. I drop my carbs, I increase my protein. Scales have not budged but I have dropped another size. Please remember this is about the journey and changing behavior and a life time of bad habits. Jennifer you will get in those jeans, I bought a skirt at the end of the summer last year, it took me 7 months to fit into it, and now it is 2 sizes to big. It was a 12 and I looked like a stuffed sausage in it, the first day I wore it to work I could barely sit down but it zipped up and I was going to wear it. Girls we will get there, I believe in all of us.

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