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Tryn To Convince Myself I'm Not A Quitter



Ok so my one year anniversary is quickly approaching and right now i'm hovering around a 42 pound lost. my goal was to be in a size 12 top and bottom..if you've been following my blog then you know where i stand with that. so i bought another size 12 jeans but they were petitie and i figured that just meant shorter, but i couldnt get them past my thighs either(but could put on a 12 skinny jeans..tight but got them on and buttoned) WTH!!! i am so frustrated with the whole jeans thing. when i started my journey, my doc told me most patients lose half of their desired weight in the first year, sooo if i go by that i am well ahead of schedule, but if i go by the goal I set for myself...doesnt look like i'm going to make it..ugh! so my question is if i decided to stop stressing about the jeans and be content with fitting 12 dresses and tops..and L scrubs and L tops..would i be a quitter. one one hand i feel like i am and on the other going by my doc's standards i've done great.

what do you guys think? HELP!!!


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Jennifer, you are not a quitter! Look at how far you have come and jeans are not the best judge of size. When I got down to a size 12 in everything else I was wearing I was still buying 14 and some 16 in jeans. Yes it was frustrating, so I decided it was the jeans not me. Last winter I was a true size 12 in everything but pants and even dress slacks I still had to buy size 14. Do not continue to beat your self up over the jeans thing, you really look amazing from your before pictures. You have now have definition between your bust, waist and hips. The smaller jean size will come, I promise. As far as the doc's, mine told me when I had lost 60% of my weight that I was doing great and was ahead of most. I can tell you what I thought, NO WAY!. I was still hovering around 180 to 178 at one year and stayed there for 6 months. It was very frustrating, so I feel your pain. I didn't guit, I decided to beat the odds and dug my heels in and worked that much harder. I am still determined that I will reach my ideal body weight, it may take me another year but I will get there. I like you had hoped that I would be close to my goal at 1 year, I mean I only had to lose 103 lbs and I thought, if I lose 2 lbs a week I can do this. But guess what it did not work that way for me, I have had multiple stalls along the path, patience is something I am having to learn. So in answer to your question, no you would not be a quitter if you stopped obsessing over the size 12 jeans, change your focus and the next thing you know the jeans will be to big and you will need a size 10.

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thank you so much..that really helped put things in perspective. i knew i could count on you to help me see the brighter side.

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