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Hell I Tell Ya Pure Hell !!!

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ready for my journey to be


well iam 4 weeks post op and i know i can eat way more then i should, feel like iam losing weight but wont get on the scale,funny i know,also i find myself going to the fridge to get something,then realize iam not hungry,guess i need a new hobby i go to the gym 2-3 days a week also got zumba for the wii my first fill will be 3/15,well i hope i will be 6 weeks post op by then...just frustrated i guess thanks fer letting me vent as always......

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at 3-4 weeks is when my hunger came back so fierce I felt like I could eat everything in the house. This is normal! My doctor told me its because the swelling is going down.

I have been doing a regular Zumba class, its fun! I thought about getting it for the Wii, but I have too many people living in my house and never get a chance to even watch TV, much less use the Wii. When my friend and her family move out (hopefully soon) there will be 5 less people in my house and I can get back to my normal routines again!

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the good thing is you are aware of the fact that you are eating more than you should be able too.

I just don't understand why doctor/Rn/Nutritious aren't telling people that the first few month are HELL....

We all have or had it in our mind that we are having LB and we will come out and not ever be hungry again....... SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH.

This is the time period that for me was the hardest. Had the band in but i was still so hungry i could eat the paint off the walls..... But then my dr. said,... you have a 14cc band and you only have 2cc in it..... I was like what the hell. fill that puppy up. He told me that the first few month that he fills slowly is because this is the time to train you bran and stomach to listen to each other. So I started listening.... sure nuff... i was eating out of board-um .. like i was doing before. I started eating only what i was supposed to eat and taking my time eating it.... waited my 30 min to drink and if i was still hungry, i would snack on cheese or something some what healthy.

This is what i like to call the "self monitoring time" Were it's up to you to watch, learn and train for a life time with the Band...

I wish you all the luck in the world and good luck with the Zumba..... it was my first exercise and i fell in love with it... But if you can get to a class and do it as a group, you will see better results. OH and if you can find one get one of those belly dancing jiggle belts...it help to...... and Try Body combat or body pump... they are great too.

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one thing my band has taught me is that i needed to learn the difference between head hunger and physical hunger. i also figured out how much i ate just to be eating...ummmm yeah had to find another way to pass the time..lol

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