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Feeling Better Now, Sorry For The Outburst!



Thanks for allowing me to rant earlier today but i have been having a lot of bad days lately with eating solids and I just needed to vent. I had a yummy dinner tonight of solid foods and it all went down and it felt good to eat. Drinking only protein makes me grumpy sometimes and I knew you guys would understand. I bought my Fit Bit today and have set it up, I am really excited to wear it to work this coming week and to exercise. It will be interesting to compare how much I burn all day during my daily activity and how much more I can do. Hope everyone has a great week.


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have a great week and enjoy your fit bit!! i have had it for about a month and love it..it motivates me to do more...but some folks don't find it useful at all! i appreciate all of your posts...keep posting...

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Everyone is entitled to those grumpy days! (I have to say that so I won't feel like such a jerk :P ) But it's true. That's what blogs are for--to get the things off your chest that may or may not be approprate for the forums. Glad to see you're feeling better. :)

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Actually, you were right about the post being spam.

I did a little research, and if you click through her profile you find her "website" where she wants you to buy the product so that you too can lose weight. The more she refers, the more compensation (free food, drinks, money) she gets!

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