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I m just tired!!!

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Goodmorning my fellow bansters

Its been a while since Ive written a blog but at this point i really need the support of my fellow bandsters. July is my bandiversary and so far Im down 47lbs. My goal was to be at least 60 or 70lbs lighter by then but for some reason my body is not losing. tears are filling my eyes as im writing this and its from the one emotion that drains me the most ANGER!!! I dont know if Im angry at myself or at the whole lapband process. dont get me wrong I love my band and ill do it over if i had to but Im still trying understand this process. Im doing everything that i need to do. Ive even joined another gym which offers classes and take 2 classes everyday from kick-boxing to bodyworks, spinning, pilates, yoga you name it. I started that a week and a half ago as well I have been counting calories not exceeding12-1500 a day and yet i have not lost ONE SINGLE POUND!! (the caps are indicative of yelling as a result of frustration!) mad2.gifAt this point the only thing that keeps me going is the hope of someday waking up stepping on the scale having a huge loss but i dont know how long that shred of hope will last. Some words of encouragement will be much appreciated at this point. I dont know what else to do confused.gif

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I just finished posting a similar story and Im asking for advise. You and I are in the same boat only you have lost more than I have. UGH......Soooo disappointing

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Dont give up... As hard as it is Im not going to! when did you have surgery and how much have you lost?

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I had my surgery on Oct 12, 2010. I paid 13K for the surgery then about 2K more for all the testing, office visits, fills and protein supplements. I guess I will schedule a fill - a SMALL one and hope I can get all the food in that I need. I love having the band ( when I can eat anyway) but I totally thought things would be different by this point .

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