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It has been a long time...Update: Down 91 lbs in 8 months

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It has been forever it seems since I was on here. So much has happened since then. My blog at http://anglovato.blogspot.com/ can fill you in on the ups and downs of my journey so far. I try to post there weekly at least.


This was the best decision I have ever made in my life. This decision has made my life, literally. I have had struggles and made it through each one, learding a lesson along the ways.


To those that have the band, CONGRATS, to those thinking about the band, stop thinking and just do it!


I don't have a special diet. My band controls my food intake. My head controls the choices I make. I am so much happier with myself and my life and people are starting to take notice of me. They are now noticing my weight but I think my new attitude and the new way I carry myself with pride and self esteem has made them really step up and take notice. It's like all of sudden in the past month people are always taking note of my new look. Can't say I'm not enjoying it. I used to never want people to notice me and I still don't "want" them to but the difference is now I don't mind if they do. Before surgery it would bother me because if I was noticed it meant people saw my morbid obesity. I preferred to remain hidden. I am still obese but now I am more outgoing and enjoying life. I have a long way to go but still going strong.

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It is hard to come out of our shell! So happy that your finally able to accept it now! Glad you are enjoying you life and having more self esteem and pride in your self!! I think sometimes when we are large (heavy) we lose ourselves and we shouldn't but we do. (I know I did) Keep up the awesome work!!

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I am embarrassed to admit I do not exercise at all. I really need to but honestly because of my weight my knees and hips couldn't take it. I feel much lighter and am starting to look into some classes they offer at work. Part of the reason is how embarrassed I am of my size. I have social phobia so being in a class is hard for me or being in a room with a group of strangers sends me over the edge. It is a work in progress and I think with my new improved self esteem I think I will be able to try it.

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