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To Fill or Not to Fill.........

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I had my second fill on 7/19. For the next week I stayed on liquids and when I strayed at all I had major issues with PBing/stuck/etc.


Starting about Friday of last week no longer felt any restriction. Hungry about every 2-3 hours and although I never ate more than 1 C of food every 3 hours I was still hungry when I was done. I do have to chew more and eat more slowly. Drink good water (70+ oz a day). Probably eat 4 meals a day? (1 is a little grazing kind of thing?) Didn't work out as much last week or the week before as I was weak and unmotivated.


My next fill appointment is Friday afternoon (8/6). I think I'm getting closer, but I don't know if I should fill or flee for now. I'd like the band to work a little more at restricting amount and number of times, but I'm worried it will be too much.


Here's my fills: Had 4cc in 10 cc band at surgery (5/26). First fill to 5.5cc on 6/28. Second fill to 7.25cc on 7/19.


Two fears: overfilling and what happens if I get to 10cc and I'm still not getting the restriction?


Its a quandry, I tell you :-) Your input is welcome and appreciated........



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I feel like I was exactly in that same spot right before my last fill. I have an excellent doctor and decided to go in and ask. I ended up with a .1 cc fill. So, not very much. BUT I was super tight with heartburn for a week. It's been two weeks since the fill and I feel like I'm right at my sweet spot. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts.

In retrospect, if I would've known then what I know now (that I would have two weeks of heartburn and stuckness), I wouldn't have gotten a fill. But I did and it wasn't horrible and now things are fine. :)

All that said, you have to listen to yourself and your doc. Good luck, chica!!

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I agree with LoseIT, see what your Dr says when you explain your eating patterns. You didn't mention your weight loss. Is it great, good, bad, non existent? That may help you determine as well. I haven't been starving, but when I went in today, I decided to get a fill. The Dr. gave me .5cc, and I already feel different from the other fills. We'll see when I go off liquids....

I wish you a good decision for yourself!

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I am in the same boat as you. I have 7.4 cc is a 10cc band. At my last fill (06/17) the nurse felt like I had good restriction. I however, disagreed because I was eating more than a half cup of food sometimes, I am really tight in the morning (which is when I went in), and I eat every three hours. I am scheduled for a fill 08/13. I feel the same way I did at the last fill which is what you describe. Tell me what you decide. In fact I was just going to post this in the forum when I read your blog (I read blogs first).....Choices, Choices.

My fear is overfilling. Also I've never PB'd or slimed....Not wanting that, ever.

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My last 3 fills were in the .2 to .5 range and I have been at the perfect spot for a few months now. Since you are getting to where you have to eat properly I would go to small fills and wait 3 weeks between to see what they do. After my last fill I thought they had poked a hole in my band because my restriction was gone then 10 days later BAM! It was perfect.

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