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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

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Went to lunch today and had shrimp cerviche. It took me 65 minutes to eat about 1/2 the serving, BUT I did it without pain or issue!!! My friend just sat there and watched me the last 30 minutes. I'm fine with that as long as I didn't hiccup, slime and PB for a long time afterwards.


It was probably too long, but I didn't want to risk yesterday's situation re-occurring. I think I remember the nutritionist saying what you can't finish in 45 minutes should be left behind. I'll figure this out in the next week (one week post-fill).


Now let's see if I stay full at least 3-4 hours. I feel so much better today than yesterday!


Got me thinking -- in this lifestyle change I need to be more patient -- eating, exercising, weight loss. Slow and steady will get me where I need/want to be. It won't always work, but at least for now I'm thinking about it.


Hope your Tuesday is going well, everybody.

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Sandradee - good for you I am glad you are having a better day than yesterday it sounded excruciating when I read it and I felt so bad for you. We have learned to eat without thinking for so long that it is sometimes hard to "think" about it when we are talking or visiting and otherwise distracted. That is really hard for me to think small bites and chew, chew, chew and NO drinking for an hour after I eat arghhh! I always had a large glass of tea with my dinner/lunch so that is a big deal trying to eat without drinking. Wishing you much continued success!

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You are so right with slow and steady with both eating and with losing weight. I am learning that lesson right now myself with eating. I am losing quick now but I am already trying to prepare for the slow down. Keep up the great work. You are doing awsome.

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Sandradee!! awesome!! Slow and Steady...so easy to say but so hard to do...I hear you...We could do this!!!

Trying to stay full for 3-4 hr can be done...they tell us not to drink water with our meal right? "BIG NO NO". I try to hold off from drinking water for at least another 45min or more after my meal and that kept me full for awhile more..Its hard at the beginning but it can be done..to get my mind off of that I just start doing other things and next thing you know an hour or 45min has gone bye filling full ..your fluids is very important so make sure you make up for the lost time..Your on your way!!! Slowly and steady...keep up the good work..

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I agree slow and steady i am finding that out this week. Every day at lunch i find myself getting a pain and then sliming i have had to stop put my food away and wait. Today though i ate very very slow and i was fine.. I know i need to chew long and eat slow but i thunk its a matter of training myself to eat this way

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I have a problem eating too quickly and I need to learn to show more patience as you are. Flexibility is such an important thing with this process. Go you!

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