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Emotional Eating Sessions

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The first emotional eating session held at the surgeon's office by the psychologist on staff starts tonight at 6:00. There are days when I think they are going to be a waste of my time, and more days where I realize most of my eating is emotional and I need to learn how to control it better.


Although I'm at or close to the sweet spot, I still find myself reacting to stress/traffic/boredom by thinking I'm hungry. Even if I eat something it isn't much and its healthy, but I can't eat a lot which is good. I'm still basically running for the refrigerator when I get home from work (after a 90 minute minimum commute).


Yesterday I tried to drink my favorite vitamin water zero on the way home. I wasn't even hungry when I got in the door but I was hot and stressed and went straight for the turkey meat! After about 3 bites I was full for the time being and I could move on to do something else. I'm hoping to learn better coping mechanisms for the ride home and arrival home.


So I'm looking forward to these sessions. They are enrollment only and limited to 12 people so we'll get some great support over the next six (or eight?) sessions.


It will never beat the support we all give each other on this site! Take care everybody and have a wonderful day!!!


---- Sandy ----

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I can't wait to hear about it! I am definitely an emotional eater and could see benefiting from something like that. I hope it is good!!

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Wow, I think it's great that your doctor's office offers those sessions. I'll bet you'll learn alot and I hope you'll share with us :-)

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I remember the first time I realized I really did have eating issues.

For the most part all of us know we overeat, but I had been strict enough in the past to lose weight and one time I even got down to 199lbs! Yes, yes...so I thought, naw it's genes, it's this, it's that.

It was not until after I had my lapband for about four months when it really hit me that I was a TRUE emotional eater. In my heart I knew this was a piece of my weight issues but I thought I had it under control.

It was the first football game of the season...and I love to watch football with my hubby. I'm not a big fan, I just love spending the time with hubby.

Well in the past we'd order pizza, pasta, make cookies, popcorn, candy, soda...you name it...we ate it. I now see I liked that time to EAT just as much as spending time with hubby. And EATING PLUS HUBBY....man what a JOY!

I actually got ANGRY! :) Yes ANGRY because Lilith (my lapband) was holding me back from enjoying the game!

HA.....Realty Checks....we need them.

Keep pressing forward, this growth has been amazing and I feel like a new woman, you will too!

Surgery Date: May 21, 2009

Starting Weight: 280lbs

Dr. Michael Metz - St. Luke's Hospital Denver, CO:thumbup:

Follow my progress thru photos:


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