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  1. Went shopping and for the first time in YEARS I purchased 3 Skorts in the MISSES Section! What an AWESOME feeling!!!

  2. I NEED to make time to get on this website more!!! I didn't realize how HELPFUL the support is! Without it you can FALL!! I'm still feeling GREAT just on a BIG STALL but it IS my fault! It's been SO HOT and I've gotten LAZY with the exercise!

  3. What a BEAUTIFUL DAY it is today!!!! Done with my workout and now ready for Church!

  4. What a GREAT day....59 down and only 101 to go!!!! LOL I can't remember the last time I weighed this! It's a GREAT feeling!

  5. Here I sit at 5:15AM with my coat on and my swim suit!!! LOL Ready for Water Aerobics! Yesterday it was 70 this morning 43..BRRRR

  6. Went to Water Aerobics this morning at 6 am....boy do I feel GREAT!!!

  7. Couldn't WAIT to get up to try my SUGAR FREE Raspberry preserves with eggs! LOL Sad isn't it?! It was really good...I've MISSED jelly! LOL

  8. Only lost 1 pound this week....must workout more!!! Have a GREAT day everyone!!!

  9. Singing Karaoke!!! I'm in the MOOD!!! LOL

  10. OMG OMG 8 weeks out today and 50 pounds gone forever!!!!!!!! Can you tell I'm just a LITTLE EXCITED!?!?!?!

  11. So today was my weigh day and my SCALE is BROKE!!!

  12. TRIED Pilates...can't touch my toes! TRIED ZUMBA....shook so much that my chest hurt! LOL I think I will have to wait just a little bit longer!! WALKING and Elliptical will be JUST FINE!!!

  13. Workout DONE!! Treadmill, Elliptical, AB Lounge, and a little weights! Even feed the DOGS and that is a WORKOUT in itself!! LOL Have a GREAT day my FRIENDS!!

  14. My Doctor was VERY PLEASED with my weight loss!!! I'm clear to exercise and try other foods!! LOL Had baked Shrimp tonight!!!

  15. Going to the doctor today for my 6 week check up! WOW I can't believe it has gone by SO FAST!!!

  16. Went dancing Saturday night....Sunday I was SORE...by my bottom incision..and I didn't even SHAKE it like I Normally do!! LOL I may wait a couple more weeks to do my ZUMBA!!

  17. Ordered ZUMBA last night!!! Can't wait to SHAKE IT!!! LOL

  18. FINALLY got out of the 30's!!! I FINALLY LOST 40 pounds! This is making the FEAR of failing go away!!!

  19. HOT Decaf Lemon Herbal Tea! What a GREAT way to start your day!!

  20. MY oh MY it is COLD in Texas. State of emergency so they are doing rolling blackouts! No electricity for an hour and 10 min at work this morning. THANK GOODNESS they only shut us off once. Some in town got cut off several times!! FUN TIMES!! STAY WARM EVERYONE!!!

  21. Dear Lord, Here is my 2011 prayer. Please give me a FAT Bank Acct and A THINNER Body! Please don't mix these two up like you did last year. Amen

  22. Just walked a 21 minute mile!! Second day to walk a mile!

  23. I walked a little over a mile today...I know it's not much but it is a start! LOL

  24. NEVER knew an EGG could taste SO GOOD! LOL Have a WONDERFUL day my FRIENDS!!! IT"S FRIDAY!!! YEAH!!!

  25. Doctor's visit went GREAT! He told me I could try new foods (soft) but one at a time and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

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