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  1. hopeandfaith

    Chickening out

    Girl, if you have had 5 surgeries already then this surgery will be a piece of cake! LOL I've had 8 surgeries and 1 c-section and I told the doctor this is like a mosquito bite compared to my other surgeries! He just laughed! I was scared at first too but come surgery day I was READY FOR THE NEW ME!! Honestly, the doctor told my Husband and Mom that this was the BEST THING I could have done for myself. If I WOULDN'T of had the surgery I wouldn't have LIVED LONG!! I have Visceral Fat....Fat that grows on the organs...which would have choked my heart!!! I HAD NO IDEA!! I'm THANKFUL EVERYDAY for my SLEEVE! THINGS TO REMEMBER: 1. WALK, WALK, WALK....you have to get rid of the GAS they put in you...EVEN in your CHEST...I was so scared when I woke up because my chest heart and my Dad died of a heart attack...but then they told me it was GAS PAIN! 2. EVERYDAY gets BETTER! You REALLY do feel better everyday! My 3 day I was sore but just like after you work out the 3rd day is the worst. Then my 10th day I was sore but that was because I was DOING MORE!! 3. NO MATTER WHAT QUESTION YOU HAVE you can come to this WEBSITE and ASK!!! There is SO MUCH WISDOM on the website the people are SO HELPFUL and CARING!!! You will do just fine! GOOD LUCK!
  2. hopeandfaith

    2 Weeks Out!

    I'm 5 weeks out and there are 3 IMPORTANT Things to remember: 1. WALK WALK WALK....you WILL have gas pain and the more you walk the better you feel! I had gas pain in my chest and that scared me but once they told me I was OK. 2. EVERYDAY GETS BETTER!!! This is SO TRUE!!! 3. If you have ANY QUESTIONS at all you can come HERE and ASK....THERE IS SO MUCH WISDOM on this website...I HONESTLY, couldn't have done it without everyones support on here!!!! I was told there are NO SILLY questions!!! I kept these 3 things in my head and it wasn't bad at all!!! I LOVE my SLEEVE!! Best thing I ever did for myself!! GOOD LUCK!!! YOU will be one of us LOSERS SOON!!! LOL
  3. I'm five weeks out and I was told between 600 and 800 right now.
  4. hopeandfaith

    getting really frustrated.

    Brielle, You are doing what MOST of us do...stall around the 3rd week! You body is getting use to the baby tummy you have now. You went from a lot of food to hardly no food. For me I was really bummed and I to put it out here for help. There wisdom did HELP!! Also, I started trying on clothes and was AMAZED that the ones that use to be TIGHT were getting LOOSE! How can that be?? I was losing INCHES but not pounds! Like I just wrote on another blog. I stalled at 3 weeks...I've only lost 3 pounds in the last two weeks. I'm out 5 weeks today. I'm still a little miffed on how my body is working but I'm putting on Pants that when I was 15 pounds lighter they were too tight back then but the fit now. I was going up and down so I had to STOP weighing everyday and ONLY WEIGH ONCE A WEEK! It is SO MUCH MORE CALMING at least for me. I was stressing OUT because I wanted the scale to go down everyday but it didn't and then I would get DOWN. You body was put through alot so there are some people that have depression or emotional let downs after being put to sleep. Give your body time to heal and you will be just fine!! You took your life under control and that is a GOOD THING!! No body is too young to get HEALTHY!! GOOD LUCK you will do just fine!!! I'm PROUD OF YOU for taking charge of your life! I wish I would have done this YEARS AGO!!!
  5. Shaundra, I don't know about you but EVERYTIME I fly I gain weight but then it comes off after a few days. I go up and down all the time so I finally had to STAY OFF THE scale and ONLY WEIGH ONCE A WEEK. Saturday mornings are my time! Everyone is different because everyone has different weight to lose. TRUST US it will COME OFF! I'm 5 weeks out today and I hit a STALL at 3 weeks since then I'm losing 1 to 2 pounds a week. I'm OK with that because I've lost more inches. It's weird how your body works. Hang in there you will do just fine!!!
  6. hopeandfaith

    Valentine's Day

    THANKS ALL I AM ENJOYING THE ATTENTION because I didn't get it before! LOL Tiff, Thanks I'm going to order that book. Men are SO HARD TO READ sometimes. What made me the MOST SURPRISED was he really had to put some THOUGHT into that Candy box! LOL My daughter asked him last night were is the chocolate....he said I ate it...it took me three days but I finally finished it. LOL I thought to myself you poor baby it took you three Whole days....LOL....My daughter said Dad you could have shared with me! We all laughed!
  7. hopeandfaith

    My turn to introduce myself

    I too have struggled ALL MY LIFE...I was even a 9 pound baby! LOL Tomorrow I will be out 5 weeks and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my SLEEVE!!!
  8. This past week I had Wonton Soup....OH HOW I WISH I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT during my LIQUID stage. IT was WONDERFUL!!!! Just drinking the broth was a treat...the FLAVOR...was OH SO GOOD!! I'm still on mushy's but I went out to eat with a friend to PF CHANGS and that is all I could think to eat. I told my friend she could have my fortune cookie. She opened hers and it said, "Today you will be with a friend and have lots of laughter"! WE were like OMG so she said I HAD to open mind and read it! My fortune cookie said, "Don't give up the beginning is alway hard, it will get better"! We were BLOWN away! LOL First time the fortune cookie spoke the truth!!! LOL We did have LOTS of laughter that day and it IS SO HARD at the beginning but it DOES GET BETTER!!!!
  9. Went dancing Saturday night....Sunday I was SORE...by my bottom incision..and I didn't even SHAKE it like I Normally do!! LOL I may wait a couple more weeks to do my ZUMBA!!

  10. Olivia, I have a LOT to lose!! My Doctor let me eat 3 meals...in three days that is...before surgery....the day before ONLY CLEAR LIQUIDS!!! I gained a lot of weight over the holidays so I think that is why I lost so much the first 2 weeks. LOL BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO LIFT OVER 10 POUNDS!!! On my 3 week I was doing GREAT...then I FORGOT and pick up about 25 pounds and PAID for it. I was HURTING so bad I had to leave work and come home and take a pain pill and use my heating pad. I called my doctor but because of the weather they were closed for 4 days. THANK GOD it only lasted that day but I've been VERY CAREFUL since then!!! I went to a Wedding this weekend and danced two fast dances was SORE the next day! I'm STILL HEALING this far out so BE VERY CAREFUL!!
  11. Olivia, On Tuesday I will be out 5 weeks and I've lost 42 pounds....20 pounds on my two week liquid diet before surgery and 22 since my surgery...Tuesday the 15th will be 5 weeks out....I had the Gastric Sleeve and I LOVE IT!!!
  12. AWESOME isn't a GOOD FEELING knowing you CAN go out to EAT! I think that is what I'm MOST EXCITED about. Can't eat much but just knowing you have the option! I ALSO LOVE the way the waiter/waitress looks at me when I (THE FAT GIRL) orders off the childrens menu and then has to ask for a to go box! LOL One waiter said you didn't like your food...I told him yes I did...I'm just FULL but thank you for asking! LOL No need to tell him I had WLS! LOL This week I tried Wonton Soup and OMG I WISH I would have had some of it during my LIQUID STAGE it was SO SO GOOD....from P F CHANGS....took MOST of it home so I've had 3 more meals off of it!!
  13. hopeandfaith

    Dumping syndrome 4 days post op

    I get this pain if I eat too fast or too much. I wasn't about to get down 4 oz at one time the first week. SIP SIP SIP SLOWLY!! It will get better!! I have to really watch how fast I eat and the size of bites! I will be 5 weeks out on Tuesay next week! It takes time to get use to eating so slow... I was a very fast eater before!!!
  14. hopeandfaith

    Heparin shots

    I only had 1 heparin shot and that was right before I went into surgery. Now I had a massage thing on my legs when I came out but as soon as I started to walk they stopped that too.
  15. hopeandfaith

    4 Month Update!!

    You look GREAT!! Way to go!!!
  16. hopeandfaith

    January sleevers how are you doing?

    I lost 20 pounds on my pre surgery two week diet and 20 pounds in since surgery. I'm 4 weeks out and last week I only lost a pound. I was a little upset but I'm losing more inches. PLUS, I feel if you lose it slow it will stay off FOREVER and give your skin time to tighten up some! That is how I'm looking at it! Good Luck and we will LOSE!!!
  17. Ordered ZUMBA last night!!! Can't wait to SHAKE IT!!! LOL

  18. hopeandfaith

    Any regrets?

    NOT ONE REGRET!! I'm 4 weeks out and since I started my two week pre surgery diet I'm down 40 pounds. I'm starting to get a LOT of compliments and I'm still fat but it sure makes me FEEL GOOD!!!! LOL BEFORE surgery you feel like you are on an EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER!! It is WORTH IT!!! I WAS SO EXCITED to have this surgery ....I needed the TOOL to help me lose, to get health!!! When I got back to my room after surgery the FIRST thing I asked my Mom and Husband was...."DO I LOOK THINNER YET?" My Mom said OH SHE IS JUST FINE!!! LOL GOOD LUCK and one day you will be writing NO REGRETS TOO!!!!
  19. hopeandfaith

    My Texas Sleevers

    El Campo
  20. hopeandfaith


    You look GREAT!! GOOD JOB!!!
  21. hopeandfaith


    Sometimes I mix it with my hot Lemon Tea or just water. It doesn't really have a taste.
  22. hopeandfaith

    Alcohol Consumption

    I drank on New Years Eve and I had my surgery on the 11th with NO PROBLEMS! As long as you don't drink everyday. They have to lift your Liver to get the the stomach that is why you do the liquid diet and no alcohol. You should be fine! GOOD LUCK!!!
  23. I only stayed 1 night and I was GLAD to go home. I never sleep in hospitals even with the pain killer. I walked a lot too. It is the BEST thing for you! No matter how you feel WALK!!! Just remember when getting out of bed to put your legs down then lift yourself. It was a little painful but SO WORTH sleeping on my Tempurpedic bed at home! GOOD luck and KEEP IN TOUCH!!
  24. I'm embarrassed to write this but I want to warn NEW SLEEVES. LISTEN to what your doctor says! FOLLOW his food rules...HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT!!! I will be out three weeks on Tuesday. I'm on puree food right now. Well I took out a cooked chicken leg last night and I was going to puree it. Only I got a phone call and needed to leave and go to the ER for my father in law. SO instead of puree the Chicken leg LIKE I WAS TOLD TO DO...I ate it. In fact I enjoyed it so much I ate some of the skin too. Well I don't live very far from the hospital so it MIGHT have taken me 5 minutes to get there. I went in and got to go in the room to see my father in law. ALL of a sudden the Chicken hit me. I HONESTLY thought I was going to THROW UP AND CRAP MY PANTS! I quickly found out what happened and what they were planning on doing with him and told him I had to go. Went straight to the bathroom and well lets just say I didn't throw up but I did do the other and just barely made it. I then had to leave the hospital because I felt SO BAD! Had to hit the bathroom several more times when I got home. OMG I know I MESSED UP with the SKIN but that is an OLD HABIT I have to NEVER TOUCH AGAIN! I haven't been sick with anything else and thought I was doing SO GREAT I could have anything. I was WRONG...I HAVE to LISTEN to my doctor! Just because I feel great and normal I'm NOT!! My stomach is still LEARNING! GOOD LUCK everyone!!
  25. hopeandfaith

    Is it possible?

    Thinbefore40 GREAT JOB on the PRE-OP Diet!! That is wonderful!! You WILL do fine!!! Coop thanks....I know it's all in my head....why can't we BELIEVE more in ourselves?

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