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    New Year New Stressors

    A lot has been going on since September. I moved back home due to some health reasons, got out of a really unhealthy relationship, got a cat... but the one thing I have hated is I had to get all the liquid out of my band and have my gall bladder removed... I never thought it would be hard to stop loosing weight if I ever had to get fluid out of my band. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! Not only have I not lost weight but I have started to put weight back on. My worst nightmare! I have an appointment in two weeks to get a fill and I could not be happier. I never realized how much I was relying on my band. I am hoping that this year starts to turn towards the better... I have also had to start looking for a different job, which is a huge stress. But no matter what I am going to get back on track and keep on track
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    6 Months Post Op

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    10 Months Post Op

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    Bored at work

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    Not sure what to do

    I had an unfill last month because I could not keep anything even water down,,, Well since then it seems like all I have been doing is eating eating eating... I got on the scale (something I never do) and I was up 5 pounds from the last time I got on the same scale... I am so scared that I am putting weight back on... I have worked so hard to take it off... I am so close to losing 100 pounds that I don't want to seem like I am failing now... I was working out but my fibromyalgia is so out of control right now that I can barely walk around the house some days let alone go to the gym... I have an appointment on the 28th for a fill... I hope that this one does ok... I need to find some at home low impact workouts other than walking... I know I can get back on track it's just a matter of finding the way again...
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    On my way to a baseball game

    From the album: 9 Months Post Op

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    9 Months Post Op

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    Headed to work

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    Steele and Me

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    New Haircut

    From the album: 9 Months Post Op

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    9 Months Out and an Unfill :(

    Good news is I lost 9 pounds which brings me to 82 pounds lost Bad news is that on Thursday they took .5 CCs out of my band. I was unable to keep anything down including water. I found out that due to my Fibromyalgia my stomach swells and causes the band to be too tight. PERFECT!!! (add sarcasm) I hope that this horrible disease does not effect my goal of being healthy. I am already not able to excercise as much due to the constant pain. This is only another stepping stone in this process, I would do it all again if I had to with NO REGRETS!!!!!
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    On The Road

    From the album: 8 Months Post Op

    Doing a run with the boyfriend <IMG class=bbc_emoticon alt= src="http://cdn.lapbandtalk.com/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif">
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    On The Road

    we had just finished strapping some steel to a flat bed when I took this.
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    8 Months Post Op

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    228 :)

    From the album: 8 Months Post Op

  17. I had my 7th fill on July 5th. Seems like alot but I am only up to 6 CCs in my band. While I am feeling some restriction it is no where it should be. I was so stoked about my appointment because I have been eating right and excercising. I was sure I had lost something. NEGATIVE!!! I didn't even lose an ounce... WHAT?!?! Wait a minute how can that be... Hold on let me get naked and get back on the scale lol. How is it that literally the first month I am really on top of my game I don't lose anything??? I walked out of my appointment so disappointed in myself and so confused as to why I stayed the same... I know that everyone hits roadblocks in their journey's but I didn't think mine would be less than a year out. I have become a scale fiend- weighing myself every chance i get to see if I lose even an ounce. So not healthy!!! I think once I get it out of my sustem that this is just a little speed bump I will be ok. I just neeed to continue eating right, excercising, and believing in myself and it will be ok
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    Work Blah

    From the album: 8 Months Post Op

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    New hair cut!

    I love your hair! You are looking good. Keep it up
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    Loving my haircut

    From the album: 7 MONTHS POST OP

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    New Hair

    From the album: 7 MONTHS POST OP

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    Down 73 pounds :)

    From the album: 7 MONTHS POST OP

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