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  1. Dave_NW

    Help!! Can't Swallow Vitamins!

    I use "Bariatric Advantage" products. They have a variety of them, all tailored to the WLS the person has had. I like not having to take multiples of things to get the nutrition I need. And after a year of being banded, my labs were perfect. No deficiencies at all. So obviously the nutrition is working well. The price is a bit higher than you'll find at the local store for other brands, (averages about 45 cents a day for the multi vitamin), but these are intended for the specific needs of bandsters, and were recommended by my Surgeon. I highly recommend them as well. (And the Mixed berry flavor chewable multi Vitamin tastes fine, and goes down easily. No "vitaminy" taste.) http://www.bariatric...age.com/catalog Dave
  2. Check your math. 204 minus 40 pounds is 164, not 174. However: My surgeon's team said I should expect to only lose about about 50 pounds. I said Ok, but then proceeded to lose 125. In less than a year. And now those same team members are amazed at how great I look. They want me to come speak to potential new paitents, so they can get excited about having this surgery. I told them we'll see where I am in another year, after I've had plastic surgery to get rid of the excess skin that resulted from my weight loss. Don't let an arbitrary decision by a psychologist deter you. Their job is to decide whether you're a candidate for surgery. What you do AFTER surgery is completely up to you. If you want to see 128 again, it's entirely possible, if you work hard enough. Good luck! Dave
  3. Hey, welcome aboard! Your stats sound exactly like where I was, just a year ago. I peaked at 320, but ate like you, and had the same health issues as you. I had my surgery last December, and I'm now down 125 pounds since I started. I'm basically at my maintenance weight now, and life is EXCELLENT. sleep is normal, energy is great, and my daily activities are energized like never before. My labs are all perfect, blood pressure and cholesterol are in the normal range, and life couldn't be better. The band is NOT a magic bullet, as you'll hear a hundred times. It takes planning, work, and management to learn how your body works, and how best to respond to being banded. Your daily life has to change to let the band do its' job, but if you do as you need to, you can lose a LOT of weight with this little tool. I have zero regrets, other than that I waited so long to have my surgery. Now, a year after the fact, I have absolutely no intention of ever going back. This truly is life-changing. If you've made the commitment to alter your life to suit being banded, and you're willing to make the efforts to do it right, you're going to have a fantastic future. Best of luck in your journey. Dave
  4. HAHAHAHA! That was great! I was like, "Whaaat???" Hope you and yours have a great holiday as well. We're heading for a week's vacation in Hawaii. I can't wait! It'll be the first time I can safely lay on the beach without worrying about hunters with harpoons... Dave
  5. Dave_NW

    Tricare PS after WLS?

    I have Tricare Prime. As I understand it, Tricare won't pay for "cosmetic" plastic surgery. But if the surgery is "medically warranted," they WILL pay for it. So it seems to me (and my surgeon's PA that I see monthly) that we need to document and/all of the medical issues I'm experiencing since surgery. As I continue to lose weight, and my stomach area sags more, I'm having increasing issues with skin deterioration, trouble with rashes, irritation and such, and other things you'd expect to have after losing substantial amounts of weight. At my request, my PA is reporting this each visit, so it's in my record. My plan is to go another six months (at least 18 months after surgery) to make sure I'm done losing weight, and then take steps to have either a panniculectomy or abdominoplasty. The PA and I figure there will be enough documentation at that point that Tricare shouldn't have any problem paying for the surgery. Hope this helps. Dave
  6. Tomorrow is my one year anniversary, and I can't believe it's gone by so quickly. A year, and 125 pounds. Amazing! When I look in the mirror, I continue to be blown away by the dramatic changes in me, my life, and my health. Getting banded was the best decision I've ever made. I have no regrets at all. And for the record, may I also extend a heartfelt THANK YOU!!! to everyone at LBT, but especially to my fellow December 2010 Bandsters. You have all been SO supportive, you've helped me travel this path easily, and with very few missteps. I most sincerely appreciate every one of you! Dave
  7. Hi Everybody. I'm still around, too, hovering in the area of my goal, but not losing anything recently. I think I've reached that balancing point where my body has equalized my exercise and nutrition, so my weight has stabilized. I have no complaints - this last year has been awesome. 125 pounds is a fantastic weight loss, I look and feel great, and my doctor says everything on the inside is excellent. Had an Upper GI a few weeks ago, everything looks perfect - no slips, stretching, or problems. I continue to monitor my weight, watch what I eat, and work out daily. I feel amazing, and can't say enough good things about this entire experience. Wishing everyone good news, and easy success with their band! Dave
  8. Dave_NW

    Ooh Ooh Oooh!!

    Why not give them a call and ask them what it means? That way you'd know for sure. Dave
  9. Hi John. Good to know the rest of things - thanks for clarifying. Sorry if I improperly read into it before. The band is a great tool, but you really have to get behind it and work it to get the best results. If you decide you're a good candidate for it, you can have awesome success with it. Be sure to ask if you come up with specific questions. This forum is filled with people who are eager to help. Good luck! Dave
  10. Dave_NW

    What my doc said today...

    I'm glad you're happy with your band, but after only three weeks, I'm surprised you have such a negative and judgmental attitude about things. Not everyone has that same experience. I've had a 14cc LapBand for nearly a year, and I've had zero complications. My doctor and his staff treat me with respect, they listen to me and answer my questions. I have never felt like a number, and I was at my sweet spot after just four fills. The additional three fine-tuning fills I've received were given only because I asked for them. I agree you have to take responsibility for your success, but not everyone needs to feel like they're being victimized. I certainly don't feel that way. And to be clear, most people don't have restriction immediately after surgery because they're swollen, and the band needs time to heal in place. Fills come later. The purpose of the small fill in the band at surgery time is so it can be stitched to the stomach wall, so it will heal properly. Lapbands come in varying sizes, depending on the size the patient needs, and the surgeon puts in what the person needs. They are not one-size-fits-all. Wishing you continued success with your journey. Dave
  11. Dave_NW

    Banded 6/8/2011

    Hi Stacie, You're doing great! Glad to have you here. Dave
  12. John, I don't know if you're in the right headspace for getting the band. Yes, you want to lose weight, but you say you don't think you have a weight problem, you love to eat, and you have a big sweet tooth. In my opinion, I think that's a recipe for frustration and failure with a band. The band is not a magic bullet that will somehow dissolve your excess weight -- it's a tool you can use to assist you in your weight loss efforts. But you have to commit to eating right, exercising, and making the most of the opportunity. If you aren't willing to commit to that process, you'll have marginal success. And if you give in to that sweet tooth, the weight will come right back. The band will limit the way you eat, but it will not stop you from overeating, or from making poor food choices. I'm not trying to discourage you. I'm just being honest. If you come to a different frame of mind, you'll likely have great success with the band. But you have to totally want it, or it isn't going to work very well. Keep doing that research, and turn the camera inward. Analyze how you REALLY feel about things. Denial is a powerful thing many obese people have a strong personal relationship with. I never felt like I had an out-of-control weight problem until I realized I weighed over 300 pounds, and I couldn't successfully lose any weight anymore. I'd lose and gain, lose and gain, over and over. I finally got disgusted with not being able to buckle an airplane seatbelt,, or fit into a restaurant booth, or find clothes that actually fit. It got worse and worse, and when I found I was unable to do my job properly, I decided to take action. I was banded last December, and I've lost 125 pounds since then. I'm feeling better than I have in years, I can fit in that restaurant seat and buckle that seatbelt, and I feel as though I've gotten my life back. It's amazing to feel as good as I did twenty years ago. Good luck with your research, and with whatever decision you come to. Dave
  13. Dave_NW

    100 Pound Milestone - and then some!

    Awesome! Roz kicks butt!!! Dave
  14. Dave_NW

    Be honest....

    Sure, diet and exercise are easier. I've done it for years, and I've lost the same 20 pounds about a dozen times! Losing the weight is not the issue. It's keeping the weight off that is so hard. For me, banding was the end result of years of weight struggles, failing on every diet I ever tried, and realizing the clock was ticking. I'm not a young man, and how many more years of life would I have before chronic gross obesity finally killed me? Bandng was a fantastic option for me, and allowed me to finally get my weight under control. I will never look back, nor will I go back to being obese. Now, nearly a year after surgery, I've lost 125 pounds. I have had ZERO reflux, slippage, vomiting, hair loss, not enjoying alcohol, water not going down, or pills not going down. I've been stuck a few times, and each time it was because I ate wrong. If I pay attention and eat as a bandster should, I do not get stuck, and I can eat anything I want. I've had seven fills, the last three of which were very small, to tweak my "green zone" so my band works properly. Fills are no worse than getting a shot. It's a non-issue. Constipation is related to what I'm eating, and how much Fiber I'm taking in. My digestion has slowed down because of my diet, but it's another non-issue. I take fiber as part of my daily diet, and when it's time to visit the bathroom, there are no issues on that score. It's a small price to pay for being over a hundred pounds lighter. The decision you need to make is how many more years (and times) are you going to "get serious about diet?" If you could do it that way, you wouldn't be obese now, right? My honest advice is that if you have any doubts of being able to "get serious about diet," then have the surgery. If it doesn't work for you, then have it removed, and go back to chronic dieting. You have nothing to lose but your excess weight, right? Good luck! Dave
  15. Put it down to their ignorance. My experience has been that most people lump all weight loss surgeries into one group, and they think of bypass before anything else. You say "I'm having surgery" and they immediately think "bypass," and they stop listening. They've heard the horror stories about people who have had serious side effects, and maybe even died due to complications from surgery. And everyone knows somebody who knows somebody who heard about someone else who had a problem. One of the reasons I'm so up front about my surgery with anyone who asks is so they can put a positive-results face on things. I've had no problems, and have been pretty successful at this whole banding thing. But few people know anyone face-to-face who has been successful. In my case, those early naysayers are now very positive advocates of this surgery, for those who need it. Dave