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  1. Happy 29th Birthday amytug!

  2. made4more

    Sleeved And 21

    yeah- it's not all that. I'd give the memory of that scene up for the memory of other things that I wasn't able to do at the time, like.... feeling human or good about myself.
  3. you should call and ask! that's what they are there for! imo you can never ask too many questions!
  4. yes, I'm so doing this. no date yet, and i haven't even talked to my surgeon. it's still up in the air afa where i'm going, as i'm waiting to hear back from a family member as to wehter or not she can fund a mx surgery, vs waiting 6 months and jumping through stupid hoops. (also my bmi is 40 and ic annot lose weight or I dont qualify for surgery. sigh) yes, the hospital does the sleep study here in town. noone has suggested I do it, but I just see a lot of members doing it and I know it's a requirement of some insurances (or i believe it is, anyway) so I was curious. also- after reading in the paper about a woman in my state dieing in her home after surgery, I'm thinking she died in her selep, so I researched. Looks like it was most likely related to undiagnosed sleep apnea. that's scary! I'll set up a date tuesday.
  5. hm.. how do I know if it's reputable? it's just here in my small town..
  6. made4more

    The Horror Stories *sensitive*

    oh yeah- i'm definitely glad that the sleeve is less invasive and safer. that makes me feel better. I'm also going to get bloodwork done to see if I am more likely to have blood clots, so we can do what needs to be done there. I'm also going to get a sleep study done, to see if I have sleep apnea. I have faith that everything will go fine, or that i can endure what doesn't. God knows my weigt struggles, and it's really come to this.
  7. made4more

    The Horror Stories *sensitive*

    yeah- there wasn't a lot of info. i'm sure they will look more into it.. wether or not we will hear about it is a diff story. i went over it in my head and there are just so many things that could have been going on. I'm going to call tuesday about a sleep study, again. I had wanted one before and got a "script" for one, but just never went.. didn't wanna be away from my family. I'll def do it before surgery.
  8. wow! I'm going to google those 5 questions! well i didn't find the 5 questions but i can answer yest o almost every questing on the page i did find.. eep! I better get one!
  9. ? title pretty much says it all. I read an article tonight about post op deaths being somehow related to sleep apnea and not using a cpap. Id ont know if i have SA but I have suspected it before. should I get a sleep study done, and get a cpap (whatever that is) and take it w/ me for surgery? what all do I need to know about sleep studies, and cpaps for post op? (and during op?)
  10. made4more

    Tired Of The Games

    I'm so sorry you are going through this. I think you should crap in wheaties- you have every bit of reason to warn others about the possible complications that can happen, so that they can be fully educated. It's weird. usually im so scared, but even reading the horror stories, i really do still wnat the surgery im going to pm you- ill understnad if you don't want to read it or reply since you are trying not to deal w/ the negative right now, but id o have a question.
  11. made4more

    The Horror Stories *sensitive*

    article: http://www.chestnet.org/accp/article/chest-physician/bariatric-surgery-deaths-tied-sleep-apnea
  12. made4more

    The Horror Stories *sensitive*

    yeah- they were vague. I don't think they know a lot of facts yet. and they "think" she died from complications- who knows. It could be a number of things.. I did some reading though, and I guess they did a study linking sleep apnea to bariatric surgery patients dieing in their sleep after surgery? I guess I should get a sleep study first. or is that something everyone does before suregery? I shall google. I'm so glad you feel great! I LOVE the wonderful positive stories, and there are SO many more of those than the negative ones.
  13. so today, my Mom tells me about a news story that was in the paper wednesday. a woman in our state had died- they believe she'd beenin her house a few days, and her 3 year old survived on popsicles int hat time, and thought her mommy was sleeping. come to find out, the woman had just had bariatric surgery (didn't way what kind) and they believe she passed away due to complications. this is scary! I have kids, 6 of them. I don't want to die! I am doing this surgery so I can live! I know there are horror stories, and those are the ones you hear in the news the most. There are a lot of wonderful happy endings to every horror sotry, but darnit. how did you get past that!? this is major and scary stuff! basically my answer to myself is this: "Amy, you are not living life now. This is your best option to get healthy and have a happy life.. other wise you are dieing on the inside."
  14. made4more

    Banders- Are You Hungry?

    I meant take my time and feel satisfaction. ^^