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    Just Jess got a reaction from Charlie75 in Calling All SIPS Patients!   
    Hi all! I'm Jess, 38 years old, living in Las Vegas, NV. I had the SIPS procedure done on Apr. 5th @ Blossom Bariatrics with Dr. Matt. I've lost a little over 60 lbs since Feb. -40 of that since surgery. I am looking for other SIPS post-op patients to chat with!!!!! If you've not heard of SIPS it is "stomach intestinal pylorus-sparing surgery" and basically is a sleeve plus a small intestinal adjustment similar to a duodenal switch. Here's an article if you'd like to know more:
    Last, here's me:

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    Just Jess got a reaction from mrspayne in Sleeve to loop duodenal switch (SIPS)   
    I had SIPS in April, 2017. I have done very well with it. No complications and I've lost 82 lbs. thus far.
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    Just Jess reacted to Mojo56 in Calling All SIPS Patients!   
    If you've had or going to have a gastric sleeve with SIPS I'd like to hear from you. About your journey. This is not the same as the DS procedure. I'm curious about your results and issues as we go thru the process. I know there are a few of us in the NC area but I'm sure there are more and more having this procedure.
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    Just Jess got a reaction from foevlo in Calling All SIPS Patients!   
    I am getting the SIPS on April 5th. I'm concerned that most seem to have had a several day hospital stay & weeks out of work??! I am having it done at a surgical center with no hospital stay and only taking a week off at my doctors recommendation. Can anyone elaborate?
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    Just Jess reacted to Mojo56 in Calling All SIPS Patients!   
    I was in the hospital for 3 days and out of work for 2 weeks when I had my sips 2.5 years ago. Medicine seems to be all about shorter stays and more at home monitored recovers. Plan on a couple of weeks out of work. But , it's all worth it. Great procedure!
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    Just Jess reacted to Adriane5Sims in Calling All SIPS Patients!   
    Right after surgery the day of you cannot have anything to drink at all. You have to wait till the next day when they do a swallow test on you to check for leaks. When I woke up from surgery they had me on great pain meds. I did feel pressure in my chest from gas from surgery. My mouth was so super dry. They can give you these sponge things on a stick to run around in your mouth after you dip them in Water. Those were a lifesaver. I was woozy that night and they kept me on oxygen and I wore leg compressor things to prevent blood clots. I also had my catheter removed that night and starting peeing on my own. Day 2 after the swallow test when the doc said it was okay I started on Clear Liquids. They give you 1 oz of water and it has to take 15 to 30 minutes to drink that. I brought Isopure to the hospital and tried to start on some of that too. They will bring you a plate with Jello and broth. I could barely get any in. You have to record what you do get in and when you go to the bathroom so the nurses can monitor and they know when you are ready to go home. I stayed 2 nights total but some people only stay 1. Bring Chapstick and gas ex strips. On day 2 I used the gas ex and it helped. When I got home I progressed to full liquid like shakes on day 4 I think. I made the shakes and drank everything out of little medicine cups so I would only sip. I have lost almost 50 lbs total. I am over 2 months out and eat what I want now. My tastes have totally changed and I am not indulgent anymore. I gave up caffeine and soda a month before surgery. I used to eat sweets every day but now they just leave a bad taste in my mouth and I don't feel great later so I rarely eat any sweets. I drink water only and get my Protein from food now. I used shakes till about a month out. I do drink some milk every now and then too. I get hungry every couple hours now after my 1st meal but in the beginning I had no hunger for 2 weeks. I have never had dumping syndrome. I did have diarrhea and gas a lot after surgery but now I am very regular.
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    Just Jess reacted to MsMcLeoud9 in Calling All SIPS Patients!   
    Yes, im having the SIPS procedure on April 1st
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    Just Jess reacted to JackieOMonroe in how can i eat this much?   
    Fastest resolution I've ever seen in a post!
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    Just Jess reacted to LilMissDiva Irene in how can i eat this much?   
    Well that was easy!! I'm glad you were able to find the reason so fast. Drinking while sleevers eat will break down the food in your stomach much faster and drain it down goes...

    You're doing really great Jess, I'm very happy for your progress!!!
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    Just Jess got a reaction from Nichelle in CAULIFLOWER PIZZA   
    loooooooooooooooved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (put ricatta, mozerella, cheddar, and mushrooms on mine!)

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    Just Jess reacted to 2bslimkim in What Can I eat at the movie theater?   
    This is going to sound totally rude, not meant to, just some tough love... but since a movie is only about 2 hrs long... Maybe we stop associating food with entertainment There is no rule that says a movie must be accompanied by food.
    I would suggest using your new tool to learn that not all functions need to come with food. I know it's hard but it can be done. I had to learn how to go hang out with my husband and friends, at their favorite BBQ place, for several hours at a time, at least once a week. I've managed with total success. I order my iced tea and sip on it while the boys chow down on BBQ and beer. I make sure i'm not hungry when I go (first rule)
    We must learn to think skinny...... My Dr. told me that if I want to have an indulgance (for me, it's a glass of wine at nice restaurants) that I need to make sure i've burned the extra calories thru addtitional exercise that day or by cuting calories out of my daily diet. "Make sure it's worth it" he said.
    Basically, going to the movies needs to be about the movie and not the food... enjoy the company, the movie, the people watching then go have yourself a healthy snack or meal afterwards (or before).
    Movies are just a beginning. It may be a trip to the zoo with the kids, a summer Cruise vacation with the family, a Baseball game, School candy fund raiser, Girl Scout Cookies etc etc etc...... these situations will not go away and we must use our new tool to impower us to make better and wiser choices. IT'S HARD...... I DO UNDERSTAND. I'm learning that myself.
    Best wishes at the movies...... you will do fine
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    Just Jess reacted to Gayle in April Sleevers?   
    april 6th! let me know if you want my email and we can chat
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    Just Jess reacted to kalfin13 in April Sleevers?   
    April 13!!! Start preop liquid diet the 30th. Can't wait!!!
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    Just Jess reacted to raven_magnolia in April Sleevers?   
    I'm having surgery on April 12 with Dr. Nicholson and am really looking forward to it being here already. The anticipation is hard and I'm getting nervous.
    I'm starting a full-body cleanse that my Naturopathic doctor recommends, called mediclear, to make sure my body is in the best condition for healing. I'm trying to be as prepared for the changes as possible and have also started seeing a therapist to help me work through my food issues and any emotions that come up. I really need to face my food demons since I've been eating Haagen-Daz for supper every night this week because I knew I'd be starting a cleanse then a liquid diet right away.
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    Just Jess reacted to Mystee in April Sleevers?   
    I am an April 11th Sleever as well and I so cannot wait. Just talked to the Nurse today and she mailed out the pre-op diet info and is calling me tomorrow to schedule my final appointment I believe before my surgery. I feel like a giddy little schoolgirl and Icannot stop watching these dang forums, they are addictive.
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    Just Jess reacted to sarahh1828 in April Sleevers?   
    I will be sleeved April 14th. My pre-op diet will begin April 1st.
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    Just Jess reacted to creativeteach in April Sleevers?   
    April 18th with Dr. Tanaka!
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    Just Jess reacted to kisses1000us in April Sleevers?   
    April 26th with Dr Rodriguez
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    Just Jess reacted to ranchersdaughter in April Sleevers?   
    April 11th with Dr Almanza. I'll start my preop diet on March 30th just because I want to give my body the BEST possible chance for a great surgery and recovery. I am also looking forward to the "clean' feeling you get from high Protein liquid diets. I've been on the lose weight gain weight diets pills fads extremes roller coaster for 16 years and I'm ready to cross the bridge to FREEDOM!!!
    I wish you the very best and look forward to hearing your results!!
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    Just Jess reacted to bubbles_ in April Sleevers?   
    I am tentatively scheduled for April 27th pending insurance approval. I should find out in a couple of weeks. I am so excited and afraid at the same time. Did you have to do the 6 month insurance visits to cope with? I am glad to have a buddy going through the same things I am. good luck
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    Just Jess reacted to kelli in April Sleevers?   
    finally got my long awaited surgery date, April 11th ..any one in the forum want to chat and compare notes please let me know..Due to start my week long liquid diet April 6th not looking forward to that part..other than that I am sooooo excited! Cant wait to start a new life.
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    Just Jess reacted to Can'tweight in Step by step guide to the VSG experience!   
    What a great thing to do for others. Thank you!

    I am so ready...no matter what level of pain I experience. I'm looking forward to losing my hip-twin! In my 20's I weighed 125, now I am twice as big. A whole other me attached to the hip!!

    Anyway, thanks again for sharing!
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    Just Jess reacted to Douceur72 in pre-op diet?   
    my surgeon requires 10 days of full liquids with goal of 60g Protein per day. Lucky you, nutrition appt is only a week before surgery so you won't have to suffer long
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    Just Jess reacted to swizzly in pre-op diet?   
    Mine was: Don't eat or drink anything after midnight the night before surgery.
    Before that, the surgeon specifically requested that I not change *anything* about my eating habits (ie, no drastic reductions; no big last-supper blowouts) prior to surgery. Note that this instruction came after it was already established that I was not a binge-er and had fairly regular/good eating habits.
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    Just Jess reacted to pcos_chick in pre-op diet?   
    Two weeks, 5 Protein Shakes a day. As much zero calorie non carbonated fluids I can handle.