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  1. lunarose

    Five years

    I was recently watching an episode of My 600lbs Life and the doctor made a comment that really surprised me. He told his patient that after five years the effects of gastric bypass are gone. I got the impression that after five years the pouch has stretched to the size of a normal size stomach. Has anyone else have heard this? Is this true for the sleeve?
  2. Hi All, It has been years since I have been on and I thought I'd stop by. Aug 24 2010 was a game changer for me. Its hard to believe its been over five years but my sleeve is still working. I still feel the restriction and can not overeat pizza I'd get sick if I ate two slices. Cheeseburger can not eat more then half. Need to lose a couple eat soup for dinner. Such a wonderful tool.
  3. lunarose

    Considering surgery

    Research everything. Read as many posts on this site the good and the bad as you can.
  4. My husband is the same way and it drives me crazy. He's cutting back so he wants to go to Red Robin order a hamburger and split it in two (I am six years out). I can not eat a whole hamburger I know that I'd get sick if I tried. But it still bugs me there is still the old head hunger and the old me whining that there won't be enough for me. Early on I told him how I felt and that while I know I am being irrational I rather bring home or leave behind what I don't eat then stress over it. With his trying to cut back I'll do it and order myself something else like a salad a veggie side or cup of Soup.
  5. I was scared too and I am grateful that it was only four weeks between my consult and the surgery any longer and I might have backed out. I'm older and I had been 200-220 (5'2") for more then 20 years and I exercised regularly exercise was never my issue it was all food. I had been working on it and the best I was able to manage was to not gain. I knew I mean I really knew that I would never succeed and I was feeling the effects of my obesity on my health. For me it was now or never. I will be six years out come Aug I don't need any blood pressure or cholesterol drugs anymore my good cholesterol is 92 (they like it to be above 40). I hike 7 miles a day five days a week which is what I was doing pre sleeve but it is so much easier and I no longer get palpitations on the hills. Like I said I am older I will be sixty this year and I love my sleeve have no regrets and think this is the best decision I have ever made.
  6. Not me I was one fat ball of nerves. It's weird but in some ways your taste buds change and some of the foods you once loved just don't taste as good
  7. lunarose


    Try different flavors get the chicken soup flavor and distract yourself. Eating something you should not could cause a leak and if you think only having liquids for a couple of weeks is bad a leak with give you a feeding tube and nothing to eat or drink for months while it heals.
  8. lunarose

    Am i in trouble?

    Not good you need the protein. Go back to how you were eating the first week out, if you have to sip on a shake for hours then do it. If you can not then you need to see someone. I caught the flu when I was six months out skipped protein and supplements for two weeks and when I went in for my post op labs it affected my values.
  9. lunarose

    When can I get in a pool?

    4-6 weeks depending how you heal.
  10. lunarose

    Incision cleaning?

    I had steri strips and was told to let them fall off naturally and not wash them. To be safe you should check with your surgeon.
  11. I told a couple of friends and of course my husband before I had surgery. Afterwards I told anyone who asked me how I was losing the weight. After so many years of seeing others lose weight doing this and that and me failing miserably when I gave it a try I just did not have the heart to pretend I was doing it by exercise and diet alone. If anyone wants to judge me for my decision so be it because I know that if I had not gotten the sleeve I'd be even bigger then I was when I got sleeved. I know I'd still be on blood pressure and cholesterol drugs. I know my health is so much better. I know how much I love buying and wearing smaller sexier clothing. I don't need to prove anything to anyone but me.
  12. Day seven was the first day I went out and felt good. I had a drain in place for nine days post op.
  13. lunarose

    Five years

    Thanks all. I am just shy of six years out and I still feel the restriction, last month I actually got sick when I ate too much too fast. I was just surprised to hear it but it makes sense.
  14. Most insurance requires six months. I was self paid and it was exactly four weeks from initial consult to surgery. Typically they like you to meet with a nutritionist and get a psyche evaluation also you may need a pre op chest x ray, ekg and blood work so it depends on how quickly you can get those things done.
  15. lunarose

    Hard to believe

    For me it was four weeks between my initial consult and surgery but I was self paid which does go faster. Just remember it is a tool and not a magic bullet you still have to work at it. You will still have issues with head hunger but the sleeve makes it so much easier to handle.
  16. lunarose

    3 days post-op, quick question

    I wasn't able to until after a few weeks but remember others were able to.
  17. lunarose

    How many nights in hospital?

    My surgeon said two nights originally but let me go home after one night.
  18. I have two friends who got the sleeves after me and both cheated. It is hard to watch but it was their journey and their choices and anything I tried to say was met with hostility. They know deep down but have chosen to be in denial. Your friend will lose weight its almost impossible not to but she will not get the biggest bang out of her buck, she will hit a wall at around six months and she will run the risk of gaining everything back in five years. Stay the course follow your plan and hopefully she will be able to follow your lead.
  19. lunarose

    Gaining weight

    Its normal I would go up two and then lose three. Its really erratic thee first few weeks.
  20. lunarose


    Don't underestimate walking. You can not do anything strenuous for the six to eight weeks or whenever your surgeon clears you. Me I walked and still do I do it at an extreme level these days three hours a day five days a week with hills.
  21. I didn't have to do a pre op diet. Frequently the pre op diet is to help shrink the liver.
  22. lunarose

    Hospital Bag (what to pack) ?

    You'll only need your PJ bottoms because of the TV also get a couple of pairs of men boxers which gives a little better coverage.
  23. Liquid in, liquid out. Normal. I have been drinking a protein shake daily since I was sleeved in '10 never had constipation issues.
  24. Hi All, I recently read an article about the past winners of The Biggest Losers and the high rates of regain after the show. The thing that struck me was that even years after the fact their metabolic rates are still depressed. One a man needs 800 calories less then what would be expected for someone his size and age. It was like that for 14 of the sixteen they tested. Does anyone know if this happens with surgery?
  25. lunarose

    Hacks, Tips and Helpful Notes

    Definitely wean yourself from any caffeine slowly before surgery I went cold turkey and the headache hurt worse then the incision. I am just shy of six years so I don't remember too many things about the early days. Get some of the chicken broth flavored Protein powder the heat was soothing. Get those two ounce medicine cups its far easier on those first couple of days to deal with them then a full glass. Don't cheat. The first six months its almost impossible not to lose weight but after that your stomach is healed and it gets a little tougher. So you want to get as big of a bang for your bucks during those first six. I to this day start every morning with a Protein shake and I exercise regularly. Remember its a tool not a magic bullet you will still need to do your part. But with the sleeve doing your part is so much easier. I still feel the restriction and it still keeps me on track.