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  1. blondie1007

    Sleeve restriction

    Has anybody had a change in sleeve restriction since surgery? I am 2 1/2 years out and have gained 6 pounds after going from a size 24 to a size 10. I feel like I have gained more in inches. I can still wear some size 10's and I can also wear one size up. It just depends on the garment. Can anybody else relate to this? I am not exercising and should be. This would probably do the trick but I am having a hard time getting motivated.
  2. I drank regular Gatorade after my surgery and now I still drink regular Powerade. I am almost 4 years out and have gained 10 pounds back but I am still a size 10 from a size 24. The key is moderation and calorie counting.
  3. Anybody have to have their gallbladder removed after surgery? If so, did you lose more weight after removal? Gain?
  4. blondie1007

    Gallbladder Removal

    Anybody have to have their gallbladder removed after surgery? If so, did you lose more weight after removal? Gain?
  5. Anybody have to have their gallbladder removed after surgery? If so, did you lose more weight after removal? Gain?
  6. Anybody have to have their gallbladder removed after surgery? If so, did you lose more weight after removal? Gain?
  7. Anybody have to have their gallbladder removed after surgery? If so, did you lose more weight after removal? Gain?
  8. blondie1007

    Sleeve restriction

    Thanks for the advice. It sounds like you just eventually have to make the right choices and cannot rely on just your sleeve alone. I knew this going in. I just needed reminding I am not alone.
  9. blondie1007

    Sleeve restriction

    Thank you CowgirlJane. Its nice to know I am not alone. I do need to regroup and start eating more healthy and no better time to start than right now.
  10. I am two and a half years out from my surgery. I have gained six pounds but I feel like I have gained inches. My sizing varies. I can still wear clothes at my smallest and I can wear clothes that are one size up. I am under a lot of stress at work and have no time to exercise. Can anybody that is at least two years out relate to this? Tell me where you are and how you are doing? Any suggestions?
  11. blondie1007

    Head Hunger, you b@$t@rd

    I am right there with ya girl. It is such a b***h but nothing you can do except block it out.
  12. blondie1007

    Whole Foods Market

    Do you know if the pimento cheese is made in store or is it shipped in?
  13. blondie1007

    Band Out And Waiting Anyone?

    I had to wait a whole year before I could even think about having any kind of new surgery. I had my band removed due to erosion. I had so much scar tissue. I gained double the weight I had lost with the band during this time. Dr. Aceves did my sleeve and he said I would always have to be careful going forward with eating due to the scar tissue. It expands easier and quicker than a stomach that has not had any surgery. I am now close to two years post op and now from a size 24 to a size 10 and holding. Its a daily struggle to eat the right foods and keep the calorie intake down.
  14. blondie1007

    Revising from Sleeve to Bypass...

    Any kind of weight loss surgery is a tool. You cannot rely on the surgery alone. I know several bypass patients that have gained all the weight they lost plus some. I had the sleeve almost two years ago and I still struggle to make the right choices. I started this journey at a size 24 and am holding at a size 10. I can definitely eat more now than fresh out of surgery, but I keep my calorie intake down, as my hunger is mostly head and boredom. It is a daily struggle, but I did not have the surgery just to lose weight for a little while. You have to change your lifestyle habits in order to be successful at any weight loss surgery. It is a tool not a miracle worker. Good luck.
  15. Dr. Aceves did my surgery a year and a half ago. Great experience. No problems. Down from a size 24 to a size 10.
  16. blondie1007

    Too much?

    I started this journey at a size 24 and now I am a size 10. But yes I can eat more now than I did when I was fresh out of surgery. My doc warned me it WOULD happen as in all sleevers. I am holding steady but its a struggle. Its worse when I am bored. But I would have this surgery all over again. The sleeve is not a miracle. Its a tool and should be used that way. You have to contribute in order to achieve results.
  17. blondie1007

    All food is gross!

    Savor the flavor hunny because its going to change and get harder not to eat foods. Your too early out after surgery. Good luck.
  18. blondie1007

    TT and thighs at the same time?

    What is the panni surgery?
  19. blondie1007

    Single sleevers?

    I think my desire changed when I started becoming more in tune with me and body. I started doing yoga and putting a lot of energy into that instead of trying to find a man. I started out at 275 and was a size 24. I am 5'7 in height. Hope this helps. Keep looking up!
  20. I don't know how far out you are, but you will be able to eat more the further out you get from surgery. I am still able to maintain my size 8/10, but it takes work to keep my intake at a minimum. There are a lot of days that I want and could eat more but I don't.
  21. blondie1007

    Single sleevers?

    You know what's funny. I went from a size 24 to a size 8/10 and I get more attention and more date requests, but I have no desire to date and be in a relationship. I know my life has changed in a lot of ways, but I wasn't expecting this at all. Maybe it will change and maybe it won't. But right now I am completely satisfied and happy which is all that matters.
  22. blondie1007

    Pickle juice

    I love pickle juice. I have been drinking it since I was a little girl. Here lately I have started drinking it more. I am a year and a half out since surgery. I drink it straight out of the jar.
  23. blondie1007

    Am i going to lose more?

    DonDddddddxdDon't get discouraged. You will lose more. You just need to shock your body by doing just the opposite it is used to. If you eat more carbs, cut the carbs and increase protein. If you eat more protein, cut the protein and eat more carbs -but only good carbs. No junk and cut all sugar. Drink only water!!! I cannot stress that enough. You should break the stall.
  24. blondie1007


    I love Post Blueberry Morning.
  25. Best decision I ever made. I am 5'7 and sleeved on 10-7-2011 and started out a size 24 and am now a size 10 and maintaining.

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