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  1. missygirl314

    Oopsie Bread?

    I make oopsie bread for both myself and my husband, if you look at the recipe it's just really eggs. I find it a great option instead of bread which I find gets stuck. I like to make the oopsie bread and eat it the next day. Give it a try!
  2. missygirl314

    Banded on Monday

    You are doing awesome, I have stopped the liquid codine and have been taking one Advill every 6 hours during the day. The Advil are great I can use a knife and cut them into 4 pieces. I move around alot at night too and was very worried but I have had no problems sleeping in my bed, actually laying on my back with my arms above my head has helped alot with the pain. I am more scared everytime I shower that my wounds are going to sting or open up!!! Also want to comment that I have been getting my protein from drinking Odwalla Protein Monsters, I have 4oz 3 times a day and it has really helped sooth my tummy. Look forward to hearing from you again soon Robyn Alexa
  3. missygirl314

    Banded on Monday

    My hernia took 6 stitches, actually felt good enough this morning to go to the shops. Made a big mistake last night had a great day felt awesome, took the dogs for 2 short walks so I thought I would go to bed with a little hot chocolate. Totally kept me up all night with pain, will not be doing that again any time soon. Hade some Malt-o-meal for breakfast it was great had to thin it down a lot. Feel good this morning. Robyn I know your pain it will get better, I took advil to help with the pain and I woke up Thursday morning and my stomach had gone down to normal size. Take it easy. Alexa:thumbup:
  4. missygirl314

    Day Four - back home from 2nd hospital trip

    My husband had surgery about 2 years ago and was told after surgery to eat whatever he could get down, he did not have a pleasant time either. I just got banded Monday and the diet I have been given is totally different, clear liquids for 2-3 days then protein shakes and jello for 3 weeks then thicker liquids and finally in 3 months soft foods. I am up and walked my dogs this morning and am feeling better, I hope you feel better soon
  5. I was Banded on Monday! Had wanted the surgery for many years, and waited whilst my husband got banded 2 years ago. We recently seperated and I knew I was ready to make this change for me. Dr Fisher did my surgery on Monday, he also found a huge hernia and repaired that for me too. The first 2 days were hard with the gas pain I was unable to get comfortable but yesterday and today have been a dramatic improvement.

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