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  1. Hi all! I really need some help/encouragement/words of wisdom right now. I had my surgery in July 2008. I did well the first one and a half years going from 235 to 171. Not my ideal weight but I was making great progress so I was okay with it. However, after that things just started going downhill. The new healthy eating habits that I had developed were again replaced with my old eating habits. I found ways to eat around the band and the new exercise habits that I had developed were again replaced with laziness. I am at a point where I don't remember how I am supposed to eat and I know that my band is too loose. I can eat the way I ate before surgery. It's not like I havent been back to my surgeon...I have but I don't remember ever having a "sweet spot". The band has always (to my recollection) been either too tight or too loose. I am at my width's end and don't know what to do at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. skinnyoneday

    Another Lap Band Failure Reporting In

    Cool! I'll start fresh on Sunday with this. Hopefully it'll shrink up my pouch a bit.
  3. skinnyoneday

    Another Lap Band Failure Reporting In

    Thanks all! I have literally spent the last 3 hours on YouTube looking at success stories, ideas on eating and just getting the extra push I needed...while this is a wonderful site and great support system sometimes it helps to see people "live" with the band. You know what I mean? Oh I will definitely be getting the fill. Unfortunately I couldn't get an appointment for before the 27th so I'll just have to do the best I can on my own for now. I will be skinny one day dammit lol
  4. skinnyoneday

    Another Lap Band Failure Reporting In

    Thanks all. I will attempt to start over as was suggested. I have honestly thought about it before but have dreaded the gas that comes with it...lol. But I'll just have to suck it up and do what I must. Your words of wisdom are very much appreciated
  5. skinnyoneday

    Another Lap Band Failure Reporting In

    Thanks. I had actually forgotten about the support groups offered by my surgeon's office. I will definitely look into that.
  6. skinnyoneday

    Pre-Gym snack recommendations

    Almonds or a banana
  7. skinnyoneday

    Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred

    Has anyone done the 30 day shred? This is not for the faint. The program is like working with a personal trainer...seriously. Jillian is no joke. But there have been a lot of good reviews/results with her program. just do a google search for reviews and you'll see. I am guessing it is not against board rules to post other websites since we reference weight watchers on this board so...do a search on Amazon and my fitness pal community and you'll see some amazing results. Anyway, I am only on day two but am siked! BTW, this is not for the beginner. I have heard some say they do it in conjunction with Couch to 5k and other running/walking/exercises.
  8. skinnyoneday

    Is your band not working or is it you?

    Thanks for starting this thread OP. Being honest with myself I can say that I am the one not working with the band. I initially lost 60 pounds with the band but as of last summer starting putting the weight back on due to my own doing. Since that time I too have gone back to MANY old habits. Although I still cannot eat rice, bread and some other foods, as we all know there are many other foods, that will slip through the band. I realize that if I am to have success with the band I have to go back to doing what is required of me. I too have gotten a personal trainer but have not had favorable results because I am not eating the way I should - basically money down the toilet.
  9. skinnyoneday

    Exercising and Hair Care Relaxed or Natural Hair

    I'm natural and I love it. I do not miss those days of being relaxed. I say go ahead and do the big chop. It may be a little bit of a hassle at first figuring out what works for your hair type but eventually it's totally worth it.
  10. skinnyoneday

    Inexpensive Jeans

    If you can wait Old Navy will most likely be having their back to school sale soon at which time they usually drop the price of their jeans to $15
  11. skinnyoneday

    Vitamins! What are you taking?

    I also taking centrum chewables and five hour energy. you can find them at GNC for about 2.40
  12. skinnyoneday

    Do you prefer biking, or walking/hiking?

    I've found that I love walking more than biking. I don't know if it's the kind of seats on the bikes I have ridden but I can never get comfortable. My bum always hurts after a short while. I live in NYC and walking is a lot safer than bike riding here IMO.
  13. Yes. I waited two years to tell my sister in-law and mother in-law. Although I have asked them not to tell anyone because I am very private they have told several people anyway.
  14. skinnyoneday

    Share ideas, What did you eat today ?

    so far: coffee with half/half, apple and yogurt lunch: loaded salad - pesto chicken, avocado, peas, grape tomatoes, corn w/ranch dressing dinner: don't know yet Im almost 3 years out, have gained back 30 pounds. Have been getting filled and unfilled and come out either too tight or can eat too much
  15. I love reading "what's on your mind" comments!

  16. skinnyoneday

    Scar Stages Share yours!

    I am in the same predicament as you. But I am African American so this was expected. My surgeon said I could have cortisone injections into the scars to flatten them but i have had injections in my neck which hurt like hell so I am in no rush to get more.
  17. I can do this! I will lose these 30 pounds that I put back on and I wll reach my goal weight!

  18. skinnyoneday

    Food Comercials!!! WTH!!??!! Ban Them!!!

    The first thing I did when I saw the title of this thread was lol. I kind of block them out whenever they come on - except the redlobster ones. However, one of my weaknesses since surgery has been the food network. I am addicted to watching the stuff I can't really eat anymore. I guess I get my fix that way.
  19. skinnyoneday

    Would you get breast implant.....??

    I would love to have breast augmentation - I am just worried about scarring afterwards.
  20. skinnyoneday

    Drinking during meals

    I have the same issue as Txprincess. I cannot drink and eat at the same time because it all comes up. and i HAVE to wait at least 30 minutes after eating to drink anything.
  21. skinnyoneday

    Soda soda soda

    I drink soda about 2 or 3 times/week. it goes down without a problem. According to my surgeon, soda doesn't affect the band itself, however, it just unnecessary added calories/sugar to my diet. I am sure this is one of the reasons I am not losing the last 25 pounds.
  22. skinnyoneday

    Anyone else intimidated by the skinny's at the gym??

    No, I've always enjoyed going to the gym and have only been motivated to work out harder when I see slim and in shape women.
  23. skinnyoneday

    I hate going to the gym!!

    I know how you feel Groten. Personally I love the gym but hate the process of having to go. I wish I had a home gym but then I also like the environment of the gym. I feel encouraged and pumped when I see that there are other people around me working towards the same goals and that helps to further motivate me while I am there. But it''s just the treck.
  24. skinnyoneday

    Is pizza gone forever?

    Two years after surgery there are some days where I can eat most anything including pizza and ribs but most days these are a no-no. Breakfast time is usually a good indicator of how my day will go eating-wise.

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