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  1. It's a little personal, but.... I was having night sweats and occasional day sweats prior to my surgery. Once I had surgery, I was blessedly free of hot flashes! Now they have come back with a vengeance. Anyone else have them take a break while their body was healing? I've searched the site and couldn't find any posts on this subject.:huh2:
  2. Murpel

    Please help with ideas

    my center of excellence also recomends 90-100 grams of protein. They also say that the protein shake is the best way to start your day with the best type of protein. They say 3 meals and a protein shake, and that first protein shake should be within the first 3 hours after you get out of bed.
  3. I've had 6 fills. I have only been numbed once. It was when a real Dr. did the fill. LOL! Go figure. My PA is quick and painless. The Dr. dug around and stuck me several times. Claimed my port was turned. My PA said it's flat and right where it should be. What? Anyway... sting only from PA, numbing shot and very sore for days from Dr. Only let PA do fills now.
  4. I believe she blamed her home life since she was 14 when she had it done, and her mother didn't (still hasn't) changed the food available to her and I believe she has a sister???? At that tender age, it's hard to argue with your authority figure.
  5. I can only go by what my body does. I have never had PB to this point... also have not stuck due to not chewing enough, although I have swallowed too much at once and had a painful transition to the big stomach (no more than two or three minutes of pain). I would say that if you are sure you stick or PB'd due to not chewing enough or too big a bite, if you are hungry less than 3 hours after eating, then yes, you need a fill.
  6. Way to go! Keep up the good gym work!
  7. Murpel

    Soda soda soda

    Only time I open a soda is to cook chicken! I either baste the whole chicken in the oven and bake it, or BBQ it on the can. Yummo! (always use diet!)
  8. It may not "flip", but it can certainly skew a bit. It comes from the stitch ripping on one side, then when it heals, it's not flat on the muscle any longer. Most techs, PA's and the like are very adept at figuring out where the soft spot is on the port regardless. I thought I had ripped my stitches 3 weeks out, but it was a small rip, and once it healed, it was as good as new.
  9. Murpel

    post op rash

    could also be a reaction from the bedadine solution.. or whatever they swabbed on you prior to surgery.
  10. I think now that they are doing some follow ups, it's a more realistic view of what the contestants have achieved, and what is necessary to keep it off. Some of the contestants have seen "The Biggest Loser" as the magic pill, only to find that once they reach goal, they need to continue this way of life, just like us banders do. None of it is easy, the plan is simple, the actions require dedication.
  11. Murpel


    specifically asked my Dr. about it. Was told that he used to recommend no gum, for the swallowing thing, but now he tells his patients that if they want to chew gum, it's fine, just "try" not to swallow it. As for the stomach acid, it is no different now than before banding. The whole stomach is still there. I have used gum with all my diets pre banding as a crutch during those cravings, and hunger times. Water and gum have seen me through SO many diets! Now it serves as a place holder when I'm in between meals, have bad breath, drank all my water.... oh so many things. (Have any of you noticed that the more water you drink, the more you want to drink?)
  12. Murpel

    Bootcamp !!!

    Good Luck! I'm VERY scared to do a bootcamp!
  13. Murpel


    My Dr.s only restriction was before surgery, no aspirin. Beyond that he said capsules go down easier than tablets, but if your meds are in tablet form, break them in half if you have problems swallowing them.
  14. Murpel

    Need Hysterectomy

    Good thoughts for a speedy recovery. :smile:
  15. Murpel

    Weight Watchers Online: Support Thread

    skinny girl, your meal plan sounds tasty, but I wonder if you are getting enough protein. It's important to get that protein in every day. Keep up the good work and thank you for helping to keep me motivated!
  16. Murpel

    Port pain sutures popped? Maybe?

    I actually caused a rip in my port stitches two weeks out from surgery. When I called, the Dr.s office was only concerned if there was swelling or redness near the port. I was sore from that for another two weeks. When I went in for my first fill, the PA explained that the stitches are placed in large muscles, and you'd have to do something more drastic than bending over with tight pants on to rip the stitches from that muscle. She assured me when she did the fill that the port was fine and exactly where it should be. As long as you have no swelling or redness, listen to your Dr.s office, and let it finish healing... unless of course, you have swelling or redness. Good luck!
  17. you can also click on anyone's tracker to get to the site. Set yourself up, and off you go. You can change your tracker anytime you like, or you can add a new one when you want. Easy, squeezy! Chango, presto!
  18. Banded May 6th, lost 49lbs so far. Congrats to everyone! What a testament to the band!
  19. Murpel


    Bry, you picked up on what I picked up on. Jingle, if you are ok between 11am and 6pm, is it because you are busy? or are you just not able to eat then? 7am to 9pm is a long day foodwise. Not being much of a foodie in the am, I just make do with a cup of coffee until 10 ish. Then I have a Protein shake I bring with me (have a BPA free bottle with a freezer stick) and then around 2pm I try to have lunch, work permitting. Then I can get to 6 or 7pm for dinner.... with maybe some edema-me or some other high protein snack around 10pm, even another shake. Some days are hungrier than others, but those days are head hunger for me, growling stomach and all. All I have to do is think of food and my stomach growls. If refried Beans and eggs are getting you stuck and you haven't had a fill yet, it's possible those are foods you won't be able to eat.... Hope all is better soon for you....
  20. I'm betting that 70% or better watch Biggest Losers. It's a very motivating show... once you get started. Meeting the folks who are on the show is also a big draw. Ali was a guest speaker at a local "ladies" health day, and she drew quite a crowd! She looks amazing, and sounds just like the girl down the street!
  21. Murpel


    for a new start, try Leslie Sansone's walk away the pounds DVD. It's walking in place with stretch bands, weights and numerous other methods depending on what part of the body you are working on. She has a starter DVD that has 4 different workouts, the first of which is a 1 mile (15 min) workout created for the out of shape couch potato to get started. I got mine new, complete with stretch band from Amazon for $10.49 including shipping... Target has the same DVD for $29. you can go a long way with her workouts for minimal expense.
  22. Maybe I'm off base here, but doesn't your Surgeon's office have a Psych they work with? It's not uncommon for insurance to require a psych eval prior to approval. My surgeon has a resident psych who charges $100, then suggests you continue to attend after surgery...
  23. Murpel

    Oh oh, I'm Hungry

    I've been told by my Dr. of Nutrition that 100 grams of protein a day helps to shrink the skin so there isn't as much sag.
  24. Murpel

    your scale of Drs?

    :biggrin: How much twine/string/belt do you need to keep it all together? They have to be getting pretty big on you by now! LOL!:thumbup:

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