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    Dadkins8 reacted to sarawray in Unbanded June 20, 2012   
    oh sweety, I am so so sorry you are going thru this. Try not to pay any attention to your loved ones who are saying the negative things. They are just misguided and they don't understand and probably never will understand. You are more now than ever a wonderful member of this forum. Now you have been there and done that, you can help tons of people. Turn this around and make it positive if you can. Go ahead and cry, and then dry it up and say ok this happened for a reason, and go on do what you are lead to do. Im sure it will be to help others..
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    Dadkins8 got a reaction from Shiki in "we Don't Do Hand Holding"   
    We all need someone to hold our hands now and again. When I first started this journey, I relied on this site to "hold" my hand. I found others who totally understood what was going on....and I didn't want my family to get overloaded with all of my Lapband talk. Lean on your fellow bandsters when you need it. They are here for you and know what you are going through. DiMarie made a good point though...when it comes down to it...we have to want it bad enough to make the right choices. Having said that..please know that all of us have had moments on this journey when we realize that we are still learning. I am now a year and 1/2 out and still learning. I know not to let myself get too hungry...or I will eat too fast and get something stuck. There are still time when I do this. Keep doing your best!
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    Dadkins8 got a reaction from Determine-Gem in Mixed feelings   
    It is a big decision and it is up to you to decide on who you tell or don't tell. I didn't tell anyone right away because the first time I investigated gastric lapband I didn't like the bariactic group that I was associated with and backed out. However, I found another group that made me feel like they were truly there becaused they cared. It was not just a business for them. My insurance made me do 6 months of pre op stuff before I could get the surgery. I didn't even mention it to my husband the second time around (who is VERY supportive) until the 4th month. He didn't tell anyone. He said it was up to me. I only told 2 of my sisters until right before the surgery. Then, I told the rest of my family. They were all very supportive and encouraging. However, I did not tell anyone at work except my boss. She is an awesome lady who had mentioned getting it done herself prior to my surgery. I will be honest and wondered why in the world I got the lapband the first 2 weeks post surgery. However, I SO love it now. I feel so thankful and blessed to have it! Also....you will enjoy this website. It has been more helpful than the local support group in which I attend once a month. Actually, I didn't even attend it last month as I feel I get more from this site. Good luck as you begin your journey!

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