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  1. An email from Obesityhelp.com reminded me that it was two years ago today I had my VSG. No regrets! I was not a big loser by any means. My surgeon predicted that because I started at 230 lbs and 5' 5" I would not lose 100 lbs. I did lose and maintain a 65 lb loss. I feel and look SO much better that I don't really care. I could be more committed about exercise and lose more, but with working full time and being 60 years old, I am content with my weight loss. VSG is the way to go. I see coworkers who have all had GBP having iron infusions. My iron has remained perfect. I eat very small meals and basically no food has bothered me. I do stay away from very spicy things, which I don't enjoy anyway. The thing that has surpised me the most is how differently people treat me. This has changed with friends, coworkers and even strangers. It is kind of sad that I now realize how I was treated when I was a large lady. I get more doors opened for me, smiles from men and women and just find that people are more willing to strike up a conversation. Hubby won't admit that he likes the smaller me, but his actions speak volumes! I wish the best for all of you who decide to have the VSG. Just remember that it is a tool that you are given to help you toward a healthier life!
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    continuing on to duodenal switch

    I hope your surgery goes well and you have good results. I personally know 6 people who had this surgery done in BG Ohio and all have issues. I work with them. They all have had lot of problems with malabsorbtion and really nasty smelling loose bowels and gas. My surgeon (Dr. Lalor) told me about one woman who asked him to reverse her sugery when she could not leave the house due to her constant foul smelling gas. I don't know if these symptons were due the surgeon (Dr. Hess) or why these people had such bad results. I hope your experience is MUCH better!
  3. Congratulations on your weight loss, you should be proud. I assume your question is regarding how to handle your daughter's remarks. My children were never that blunt with their comments. I guess I would have had "the talk" with them if they did make inappropriate comments. If that did not stop them from being so rude, I would have had more severe consequences for their actions. I think 5 years old is old enough to understand that making rude comments hurts peoples feelings. The comments about breaking the toilet tells me that she is a very bright child. The comment about the stomach could be considered funny, cause it's so true about most of us who are losing inches. Just my opinion...good luck!
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    CAULIFLOWER pizza 1 cup cooked, riced cauliflower (steam cauliflower and rice it in food processor or Magic Bullet) 1 egg 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese ½ tsp salt 1 tsp Italian seasonings 1 tsp garlic powder Mix together and press evenly and thinly onto a sprayed pizza pan or cookie sheet. Additional seasonings can be sprinkled on top of the crust. Cover the edges of the crust with foil to prevent edges from browning before the center is crispy. Bake in 450 oven for 12-15 minutes. Remove from oven and spread with pizza sauce, then toppings (make sure all toppings are already cooked), and then sprinkle with shredded mozzarella, and if desired some shredded cheddar cheese. Place back into oven under high broil, just until cheese is melted. I like to add more seasonings to the “crust”, as the cauliflower has no flavor. This reheats well in the oven or microwave. An average size cauliflower yields about 3 cups after it’s riced.
  5. My surgery was on February 2nd 2011. I was fortunate to go home without taking any pain meds. I followed the surgeons orders as close as I could. My weight loss has been very slow compared to many others. I have lost about 30 pounds in the past 3 months post op. I had lost 21 pounds preop from last September. I started this whole journey at 230 pounds and now weigh around 180. I do NOT weigh myself every day or even every week. If I could give only one piece of advice to new sleevers that would be it! You can get depressed and discouraged if you're jumping on the scales every day. I've been losing an average of 2 pounds a week. I think the slow loss is why (for my age) I'm not all saggy and baggy. Fortunately I saved ALOT of old clothes and am now wearing some jeans I haven't worn in years! It's so much fun trying on my skinnier clothes, but I'm finding some are already too big. I think I'll take some of my big clothes to a consignment shop and get money to buy some skinnier clothes. When I thought about some clothes I have stored in plastic bags, I realized that some things I wore 30 years ago. I've got a sweet pair of pink jeans with a pink shirt that I can't wait to get into!! Some people at work are starting to give me compliments. There are some who don't say anything, even after a 50 pound weight loss, but that's okay with me. One of my coworkers called me from across the room and when I turned around she said, "I wasn't sure that was you. Your butt is really getting skinny"! She is one of my best friends at work and I see her almost every day, so this was a GREAT compliment! I have only told one coworker about my surgery and she has sworn not to tell anyone. It's just the way I want it and I have not regretted my decision. Of course I get questions as to how I'm losing. I do not lie, but I don't tell everything. I started to lose last September when I stopped eating gluten and had lost 21 pounds by the time I had surgery in February. I was wearing my huge size 2X hoodies all winter and no one noticed that. Now, I'm wearing smaller sizes in clothes that are not so baggy. I tell people I stopped the gluten and simple carbs, and my appetite was cut in half so I'm eating alot less....which is all true! They don't need to know my stomach is smaller, which makes me eat even less and that I now have no appetite at all. The downside is that I really don't enjoy eating much at all and sometimes I even dread it. It's like taking my Vitamins...something I HAVE to do, like it or not. My daughter in law (who knows my secret) took me and my mother in law (who doesn't approve of weight loss surgeries and doesn't know) out to dinner. Needless to say, I filled a to go box with the food I could not eat. Mother in law didn't say anything. I fretted about the whole dinner thing and did NOT want to go. Hubby and I always share a meal and it is not a problem for me. The weight loss is worth the whole life change for me, but pre op people need to really think about how much their life will change after the surgery!!! You will never eat like you did before. I did alot of research, but still was shocked at how little I can eat! Would I do it all again? I'm getting to the point where I can say yes, but a month ago I would have said.......hmmmmm, let me think about that question.
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    Pictures and question

    I had 7 incisions all together. I stopped pain meds on my 3rd day post op in the hospital. I didn't fill my prescription for Lortab and never needed anything else. I did have a little discomfort if I stood too long, so I just didn't stand very long. If you think the pain is too severe maybe you should call your doctor. Hope you feel better soon!!
  7. Some other ideas that have helped me are to pour a nice cold glass of juice to enjoy while I take a nice hot bath or shower. Alone time and the hot Water always help melt my stress away. If hubby didn't work that day he will usually be happy to give me a nice long massage too. That usually results in........well you can use your imagination there! LOL
  8. I remember very clearly the feelings you describe. I was a biotch and flew off the handle at any little thing after surgery. I had to appologize to my husband after I realized how rude I was to him. I felt my reaction could have been due to hormonal changes. You might be doing more than your body can handle right now. I took almost a month off work, and I'm glad I did! I've had numerous surgeries, but never had this reaction before. It caught me off guard. I did not turn to food during these times. While still in the hospital, one nurse gave me some advice, she said you will have good days and bad. Remember to enjoy the good days and to pamper yourself on the bad. When I remembered this it helped tremendously. When I wanted to wig out I would think, okay this is one of the bad days, so I will let hubby know this and take things alot more easy and be more thankful for those in my life that love me and take care of me. Hope this helps. I'm feeling back to "normal" at 2 1/2 months out now.
  9. It's so bad I really don't want to sit with my husband while he eats. I think he's eating like he always has, but maybe I'm just noticing it more now. I have no appetite and can only fit a little in before feeling uncomfortable. So I've tried to really take my time and make my tiny portion last as long as possible. It's to the point where my food is stone cold, I'm full, and he is still shoveling it in. I try and try to make conversation, but it does not slow him down at all. I'm starting to almost get nauseated watching him shovel all that food down his throat. Even the sound of his eating is making me want to hurl. I don't want to feel this way, but it's getting worse and I don't know what to do other than just leaving the table. It happens at restaurants also. I feel like this is my problem and not his...he didn't sign up for this! I am starting to really dread meal times! Am I the only one who feels this way?
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    Mommy, I believe your website is where I found this recipe. Sorry for not giving you props for it. I find it very filling and can only eat one or two little squares. It keeps well in the fridge though! It is SO yummy! One gal at work tried it and said she and her hubby liked it also.
  11. Oh my no, it would hurt his feelings if he knew how it makes me feel. The other night he was eating chicken off the bone and I think that was the worst. Some nights it's better than others. I'm trying to just talk and talk to get my mind off of it. This way of eating is taking alot of getting use to. I know how others have suggested to play with your food and shove it around alot, but I can only shove it so far...lol. Hubby is so supportive and understanding. He suggests things to try and help me get more food in, but nothing has helped. Getting in some B12 and some D-3 has helped alot in my energy level. Thanks for your response...I see you were the only one who related to my delima. Bless you!
  12. I visted with the surgeon on April 1st. I had only lost 17 pounds in 2 months. I have not been doing any exercise. I found out recently (after having pain in my right knee for about 6 months) I have torn cartlidge in my knee, which makes walking painful. My blood work was not the greatest as my Vitamin D level was low. I'm now taking D3 and I feel much better. My tryglicericides were high as was my cholestrol. Those levels had dropped dramatically in my December pre-op visit to my pcp, after I gave up gluten. I was SO shocked to find that they had climbed SO high. I am not eating fatty foods or high calorie foods, so it's very puzzling to me! My surgeon had taken me off of Lipitor after my surgery, but I'm back on that. I did get to stop one of my blood pressure meds. I had lost 21 pounds before my surgery from Sept thru Jan, so my total loss is 38 pounds so far. My surgeon was encouraging and reminded me that I've lost 38, but I told him 21 was my effort and not from the surgery. I have no appetite and am finding it hard to cook for hubby and me. When we go out to eat, we share a meal because I eat such a small amount. I truly believe I could go all day with nothing to eat or drink. I am fighting some depression and trying to push liquids and healthy foods. I asked hubby to stop and pick up something for his dinner tonight as I was being lazy and was not hungry. He was concerned that I didn't want to eat, but I will probably heat up some cream of tomato Soup later.
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    I did not grate my cauliflower first. I cut the cauliflower into small florets and steamed it till just tender, put a few florets at a time into my Magic Bullet and processed it till it was the consistancy of rice. No rice is used in this recipe. One medium head of cauliflower yeilds about 3 cups of steamed, processed cauliflower. If you use the whole head just increase the mozarella cheese to 3 cups and use 3 eggs. Triple the seasonings or more. This will fill a cookie sheet. Hubby and I ate pizza for a week, so next time I will probably use 2 cups of cauliflower.
  14. I agree! The easiest thing for me to eat was popsickles. I downed lots of them in the hospital. At home when nothing seemed to go down well, popsickles always went down easily. I did NOT eat sugar free! Your poor body does not need that nasty artificial sweetener. You should go ahead and eat the sugar kind unless you are prohibited to because of medical reasons. I did not eat or drink sugar free anything! I may lose the weight a little slower, but I'm not eating any more chemicals than I need to.
  15. I am doing my best to get in the Protein and Vitamins I'm suppose to. I have been eating chicken and fish (not allowed beef yet). I can not eat alot at a sitting and will sometimes even sip a little bit during a meal to try and get more protein in. I'm never hungry, so emptying my stomach is no big deal. I had some blood work done about a month out and it was okay and will have more done at 2 months. I'm almost shocked when I look in the mirror and see the ghostly, pale face looking back at me.
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    I Look Sickly and Pale

    Here's a couple of links for Iron rich foods. If you're allowed some of these, try to get some of them in your regimen. Scallops are my favorite seafood. •Red meat •Egg yolks •Dark, leafy greens (spinach, collards) •Dried fruit (prunes, raisins) •Iron-enriched cereals and grains (check the labels) •Mollusks (oysters, clams, scallops) •Turkey or chicken giblets •Beans, lentils, chick peas and soybeans •Liver •Artichokes I do like spinach, but never thought of having it for a whole meal! I'm so obcessed with getting my Protein in I've been seriously vegetable deprived. I have an egg every morning. I'm not allowed red meats till 5 months out. I don't eat Cereal (1 egg fills me up) and don't like any of the sea foods you listed. I love turkey and chicken and eat them regularly. I also eat beans, but don't like liver. I'll have to try artichokes....I like them in a dip! Now, I can almost say just talking about food makes me feel almost hungry!! LOL Hubby and I are taking our oldest son and his family out to Texas Roadhouse for lunch today. Think I'll get hubby to order some barbeque chicken and a sweet potato to share with me. He's a sweetie! Thanks Tif.....hugs to you!!
  17. KabinKitty

    I Look Sickly and Pale

    Bless you Tif! I was beginning to think I was the only one out there with this problem! I hear how people are hungry or have head hunger and want to snack all the time. NOT ME! I actually have eaten some potato chips (5 or so) just to help me get some liquids in! The other day I drank some coffee with a Protein bar while on the run to help get the bar down and get some liquids in. I'm not the poster child for sleeve sugery and I don't claim to be. I'm finding out that I have to throw out some of the "rules" just to get in enough nutrition and liquids to survive. I'm struggling and have felt depressed lately. Every time you tell me that a certain problem will get better, it does, thank you for that! It's just when you're going through it, it seems that it will never end. I will try some of your food suggestions. I have to shake up my food varieties. A certain food that tasted good last week, sounds sickening this week. Liquids have been a real challenge these past few weeks too! I am losing weight. People at work are finally noticing. It took almost 40 pounds for them to notice it though. I lost 21 before surgery (starting in Sept) due to not eating foods containing gluten and losing my appetite pre-surgery. I almost decided not to have surgery due to this, but was afraid I would lose 25 pounds and quit. That's been my problem in the past. I am taking Centrum Senior chewable Vitamins and the Celebrate Calcium citrate that you suggested. Both were okayed by my nutritionist. I also am taking a Vitamin B12 every day. I don't take Iron and become completely constipated when I've tried. My iron has never been low in my whole life. I hope if anyone else is in my same situation they can know they're not the only one out there!
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    Calories and Metabolism question

    I am 58 and truly believe that age is a big factor in metabolism. I'm losing very slowly too. Very rarely do I look forward to eating. I almost look at eating like taking my vitamins....just something I need to do to try and be healthy.
  19. KabinKitty

    I Look Sickly and Pale

    Why is the number one rule no drinking? Isn't that so your stomach won't empty out and make you want to eat again sooner? food sits in my stomach for a long time and I am trying to get more food in as I know I'm not getting enough Protein. As I said in my orginal post, I'm taking my Vitamins and getting in as much protein as I can. I even nibble on a Protein Bar when I can't (due to working) stop to eat anything else. I don't need criticism, I need ideas. I gave up tracking my protein intake, it was not helping. I'm not eating any empty calories. My focus is protein, protein, protein. My problem is I have NO appetite so it's hard to force food down. Yes, I have a light complection, but when my face looks almost gray, that's not normal. I don't think sun will help that. I've been pretty tired. Even getting off of two of my bp meds hasn't helped alot. Is there anything that can stimulate my appetite? I think it would help my metabolism if I could eat more. I don't even crave sweets. I looked at boxes of filled sticks at work and it almost made me nausated to watch my coworker eating one. For some losing your appetite is a good thing, but when you continually have to force yourself to eat and drink it can be a bad thing. Eating is now a chore, not the enjoyable thing I used to look forward to. Am I the only one with this problem?
  20. They discovered an irregularity in my heart beat while I was in the hospital after my surgery. I had to wear a Holter Monitor for 24 hours last week, and now I have to see a cardiologist because my heart is beating too irregular. I was hoping the tiredness and breathlessness was just the extra weight and would go away, but I guess not. I've had knee pain for about 6 months and will find out for sure next week if the MRI shows a tear. I'm sure it will. Kind of bummed out right now.
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    Return to work

    I am 58 and had a very easy time with the surgery and recovery. I took 4 weeks off. I drive a school bus. I am SO glad I did not go back any sooner. Everything was SO different when it came to eating. Getting in the protein took time for me to figured out. I have NEVER regretted taking the extra time off!!! It is major surgery, even though I didn't have pain or nausea I decided to give my body time to recover.
  22. I'm not suppose to have red meat until 5 months out. The way you prepared it if it was added to chili I could probably even handle it. I have been using ground turkey instead of beef for some time now, even before sugery. No one knows the difference and I get it for $1.39 in one pound frozen rolls at Aldi food stores. I never heard that beef does a better job increasing energy levels. I'm not a beef eater and mostly eat chicken and canned tuna. My energy is coming back. The best thing for my energy level is getting my Protein in and getting enough sleep. Sometimes I think because it seems we have healed so well and with such little pain, we forget we did have major surgery. We are extremely limited in the volume of food we can give our bodies in the beginning, hence we are more tired. My energy level is coming back. It will just take time and patience for yours to return. I took almost a month off work to recuperate and was still very tired the first week back. Be patient and take care of yourself!
  23. I have no idea the nutritional content. I don't eat gluten. I would think it would be extremely low in carbs. I'm thinking of trying this for dinner tonight. I found this on the blog of one of the members. I think her user name is something like mom2girls. Seems like the crust would be very crispy and light....YUM!
  24. I am not quite a month and a half out. Surgery was February 2nd. I would love to try some pizza just because I miss the taste, but I would NEVER dream of trying that so soon! Foods that have dough in them will expand in your stomach. No wonder you are vomiting. I have not vomited once since surgery. I eat very slowly and chew, chew, chew. No more mushies for me and my Magic Bullet only sees my Carnation Instant Breakfast shakes. Last night I shared a meal with hubby at Cracker Barrel. We had chicken fried chicken (like chicken friend steak), mashed potatoes and green Beans. I had no trouble with any of it, and stopped as soon as I felt a little pressure. Sometimes I can eat maybe two more bites about 10 minutes later, but quit before I feel like the food is just sitting there waiting to get into my stomach. If you crave pizza there is a recipe that uses finely riced cauliflower in the crust. I plan to try this! Cauliflower Pizza 1 cup cooked, riced cauliflower* 1 egg 1 cup mozzarella cheese 1/2 tsp fennel 1 tsp oregano 2 tsp parsley pizza or alfredo sauce toppings (make sure meats are cooked, I used turkey pepperoni) mozzarella cheese (for topping I used some cheddar too) Preheat oven to 450 degrees Farenheit. Spray a cookie sheet with non-stick spray. In a medium bowl, combine cauliflower, egg and mozzarella. Press evenly on the pan. Sprinkle evenly with fennel, oregano and parsley. Bake at 450 degrees for 12-15 minutes (15-20 minutes if you double the recipe). Remove the pan from the oven. To the crust, add sauce, then toppings and cheese. Place under a broiler at high heat just until cheese is melted. *To make "riced cauliflower" take a whole fresh cauliflower, break it into small florets and steam it. Then put it in a food processor or blender and whiz until you get little chunks that resemble rice. (There is no rice, in riced cauliflower.) You could also use frozen florets, but I almost always have fresh cauiflower on hand.
  25. Only being a month and a half after surgery I'm nervous about having an MRI. My surgeon okayed it with the Ortho doc. Has anyone had an MRI so soon after their VSG?

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