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  1. cukiemunstr

    Long term patients

    I'm 4 years out. No regrets. I got to my goal weight. I had back surgery and regained some but am getting back on track.
  2. Loose pj pants and top. I wore that home and didn't have to change.
  3. I like the Pure Protein in vanilla cream also. I found several that I liked prior to surgery and then hated them after.
  4. cukiemunstr

    Kaiser Richmond Pre-op

    Thanks! I just sent them a join request. That will be really helpful!
  5. cukiemunstr

    Kaiser Richmond Pre-op

    Argh, my post disappeared! I am 4 years out and was very successful until I had back surgery and let myself slide. I will be happy to help you with any questions!
  6. cukiemunstr

    Kaiser Richmond Pre-op

    I am 4 years out so I will be happy to help you out! I was successful with it until I had the back surgery and then I let myself slide. But no more!
  7. cukiemunstr

    Kaiser Richmond Pre-op

    So sorry to hear about the erosion. I know that is seriously painful! I'm glad you are happy with your sleeve, I truly believe it is a wonderful tool. Even though I have experience regain, I do not see it as a failure. I made the bad choices, not my sleeve! Since I am no longer in CA and no longer with Kaiser, I feel a little lost as far as support goes. I found a group on Meetup, but they have cancelled the last two meetings. So, I am going to keep looking. It's crazy how quickly you get spoiled to the ease of use with Kaiser. It's truly a one stop shop!
  8. cukiemunstr

    Kaiser Richmond Pre-op

    It's definitely not a miracle cure. But I don't regret it in the least. I would be even bigger had I not gotten it when I did. My problem is when I am bored or upset, I eat. My head figured out that I can eat a LOT of little stuff. With meals, I still have restriction. I just need to stop with the smaller things that chew down to nothing. I am recommitting to eating better and am optimistic that I can stick with it. I really struggle with depression anyway, and this has made it worse. I am also working on figuring out the whys of my eating habits. I think that is going to be a very important step.
  9. cukiemunstr

    Kaiser Richmond Pre-op

    I am the same way. I had the sleeve and actually hit my goal, but had to have spinal surgery and it slowly started to creep back up. We moved from CA to NC and it has just continued. I am having a hard time remotivating and staying with it.
  10. cukiemunstr

    65-70 lbs to lose

    I had my surgery on 11/29/10 and have lost 60 lbs so far. I am thinking about readjusting my goal to about 25 more. Now that I am here, I feel like a "normal" bmi is attainable.
  11. I really need to add the meeting dates to my calendar or something. I keep forgetting! I have every intention of going and then it hits me that I missed it, AGAIN.
  12. Thanks for the recommendation! I tried it when I was really early out and it was too sweet for me, but I will try again. I have found some of my tastes have changed again so it's worth a shot.
  13. HI everyone! I read all the posts, but with work, school and family, I never sit still long enough to post much! I am 94 days out and have am down to 179. I am wearing some 14s and I have a bunch of jeans in 10s. I have a TON of energy and am just generally feeling great. I still have issues of food coming up if I eat too much, and every now and then plain water will come back up. I am working on finding something to drink that I really like. For the moment its coconut water, but that stuff is expensive! Take care!!
  14. I stalled at week 2 and stayed there for almost 4 weeks. I was so glad to see that scale move. But I could tell I was changing, my pants got baggy and smaller ones were fitting, so I wasn't too upset about it. I went into this reminding myself that just because it doesn't happen today, doesn't mean it won't happen as long as I am trying.
  15. I am so glad everyone is doing so well! I am 9 weeks out today and am really loving it. I hardly feel like I had anything done, but I have lost 24 pounds since surgery. I kinda have a love/hate relationship with food right now, but I am learning. I have learned that I will spit up slime if I eat too much, and I am better off having a protein shake for dinner right now. Since I started to doing that (many thanks to "The World According To Eggface" for her wonderful recipes.) This morning I had a coconut/banana shake with 32 grams of protein. I have made her egg bites and the sausage bites and I have tried the edamame and lentil salad. Yum. I would marry that woman if she were a man and I wasn't married! OH...I almost forgot the protein ice cream. TO DIE FOR. Really. I love her. If she ever puts all of these recipes in a book, I would buy it in a heart beat. Yesterday I bought (and buttoned) a pair of size 8 pants. I don't count them as a true 8 since they do have spandex in them but, hey, I will take it. I wore a 22 when I went in for surgery. I also got a medium size t-shirt (from the men's section because they are cheaper). All in all, I can't complain. It's weird, everyone says I look different, but I don't see it. I still see chubby old me in the mirror. Like maybe they are tricking me with the sizing on the clothes thing. One day my head will catch up. For a few weeks, I felt hungry ALL THE TIME. But that is passed and I don't get hungry at all now. My head tells me to "eat this or bite that" but usually I can stop that by remembering I am NOT even hungry. I have lost tolerance for crystal lite and all drink mix ins so it's been an adventure trying to find something I like. I cannot stand the Arrowhead water I always drank. But yesterday I finally found I can drink Smart Water and it tastes good. Great...just the most expensive one at the store. But I am saving money on food, I will just be happy I finally found one that doesn't taste yucky. I feel happier and calmer than I ever remember feeling. It makes me wonder what was going on with that part of my stomach that is gone now and what kind of hormones were produced there.
  16. My nose started running the day of surgery and has not stopped since. It has slowed down recently, and I am noticing that I now get sort of hungry. Maybe my nose thought I was full for a month!
  17. I contiued to take mine until the first prescription was gone. My kids are grown and I don't have to drive anyone around. I was off of work, so I figured I would take it rather than be uncomfortable. I took stronger stuff for my back, so the Tylenol w/codeine was not very strong for me.
  18. cukiemunstr

    Kaiser Richmond Pre-op

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone! I was sleeved in SSF on 11/29 and am doing great! I went back to work this past Monday and am really happy to have done this. I want to come to the Point Richmond support group next time, but cannot remember when it is. I hope to see everyone soon!
  19. Congrats Lindsey! I am so happy it went well for you! BTW, that first shower is HEAVEN.
  20. I am doing good. Went to Boston for Christmas and did all kinds of walking around and didn't have any problems. I was able to eat as long as I made sure it was really soft with no trouble. I have been stalled for 3 weeks now, so that is kind of frustrating. But I have lost 16 lbs in the first month, so I can't complain (much). I know it will start back up and I see changes in my body, like I am in a 16 now and can wear most large tops. Some XL, but it's because of the cut and I would have either had to have an XXXL or just not gotten it before.
  21. I was told to start vitamins, b1 and b12 the day of discharge. I had to hold off on the Calcium and Iron until I went back for the post-op visit and he gave me the go ahead on those two also. I know it will get to be more of a habit, but right now it feels like all I do is taking pills. And funny thing is, after I take them, I have to wait to eat anything because I am too full! Weird.
  22. Congrats Amber! In a few days, you will feel so good, you will be wondering if they really did anything in there!