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  1. I'm interested in 16/18 items.... Tops, dresses, office attire. Do you have any pics?
  2. paula2468

    3 Days post op in PAIN!

    Once I got off the pain meds and walked things seemed to get better!
  3. paula2468

    Frustrated with my recent fill!

    Also I usually go back to a day if liquids after throwing up, you can get very swollen and not even know it.
  4. paula2468

    16/18 tops

    Thanks I will have to check it out!
  5. Does insurance cover a conversion?
  6. paula2468

    Rebanding Success

    I had to have mine emptied twice. Had my hiatal hernia come back after it was fixed in surgery... Then 6 more months and a gazillion tests I had my gallbladder removed. I just now have 3cc in my band after a year. I've also gained 25+lbs back. It's frustrating and if I can't get past 5 without the reflux, vomiting, etc... They also asked me if I'd considered sleeve and at this time I'm not ready for that.
  7. paula2468

    In Need Of A "unconventional" Mentor? ???

    Does anyone wanna buddy up on myfitnesspal for motivation?
  8. I'm very sensitive so I do 1-3 days liquid to mushies after each fill. I personally have trouble with broccoli it just makes me pb every time, might try other foods for a bit and see?
  9. I also had a setback, started back to the gym this week and need to start eating like I was before. 70lbs done and gained back 20 over the last 6 months. It's very defeating but at least we have the tools and know we can do it! Hope you get back in the game!
  10. paula2468

    Feeling Sick!

    I took the prescription anti nausea, the Gasx strips and this last time I wore the Sea Bands. The are just wrist bands that work, well Sit on your wrist pressure points. Moving every hour for 5 mins will help too even though it doesn't seem it, good luck!
  11. paula2468


    I ended up emptying my band and then after months of testing having my gallbladder removed. Be sure they investigate, my band DE did not so I went to the GI doc.
  12. You are right to question, I think I have been successful because I was mentally ready for this step in my life. I hope you make the right decision for you and best of luck.
  13. Good luck with your journey! I had my band in May 2010 and am down 65 lbs. I have had ups and downs. I have to say I got really sick off the pain meds post-op and didn't know if I had made the right decision. Months later, I know I did. One thing I didn't anticipate was stress affecting my band. The days when I feel too stressed I can hardly eat. I just had some Fluid taken out and so far am feeling great. Hopefully just another stepping stone. My other tip is stay active. I work at a desk but try to get a min of 30 mins a day, 5 days a week. Some weeks better than others but I think this is soooo imporant!
  14. I took the full 2 weeks off. It really helped, but make sure to increase your activity at home so going back isn't so tough!
  15. paula2468

    Entering Bandster Hell??? ARGGHH!

    I was banded 5/19 and have been losing much slower since starting the "real foods" again too. Just trying to keep focused and remember things like I can see my clothes fitting different too, small milestones!

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