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    atroglet reacted to leslie1958 in Geez - Like I DIDN"T already know that ?   
    Hi everyone - Hope this gives you a little laugh, or at least a smirk. First a quick bio - I'm a newbie, hoping to talk my husband into agreeing to my much needed VSG. He's not against the surgery, just the cost as our INS (Aetna) doesn't cover it. We're on a serious "paying down debt" deal right now which is great of course but kind of counter-productive to my evil scheme of persuading DH to part with thousands. But I WILL win !!
    Anyway, here's what happened yesterday. I was reading our local paper and saw a big ad for a hospital that was beginning a physician assisted weight loss program. My interest was piqued so I called. A young girl (receptionist - sounded skinny !!) answered and I asked her to tell me all about it. She said it's $275.00 initially, then the cost of lab work etc. then the cost of Vitamins, supplements, yada yada yada. So far all I had gotten was costs - no information, so I stopped her and said, tell me exactly what this program is ? she said well the doctor weighs you, determines your BMI, takes your measurements and then calculates the amount of weight you must lose and then he puts together an eating program for you to achieve your ideal weight.
    I heard myself say to her "And you think I don't already know all that" ? I mean seriously ???? - speaking for myself here, I could author a book on what to eat and what NOT to eat, what exercise I SHOULD be doing and what my goal weight should be. Holy cow, I could be on TV as a world authority (along with several million of my overweight friends) who have tried every diet, fad, exercise craze, pill, powder, potion and "As Seen On TV" wonder.
    Anyway, that's my vent - hows your day going !!
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    atroglet reacted to Sydney Susan in My poor experience with A Lighter Me   
    Perhaps this is one of those Aussie-American things - where we think that because we speak the same language we should understand each other, but we just don't - but I don't get why any poster would go raving on about their doctor unless they were being paid to do so. It sounds - to my ears at least - disingenuous.
    Surely a simple "sorry to hear of your bad experience, mine was good" is enough to balance the record, if you feel that's necessary.
    I had a very good experience with my doctor, but not in a month of Sundays would I describe him as "awesome"... and he'd probably be completely creeped out if i did.
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    atroglet reacted to Fiddleman in Who lost weight NO Carbs and who lost weight with out cutting out a ton of carbs?   
    Low carbing is a really effective approach to melting off theweight in the first 6 months. Low as in 20-30 carb or less. However, you cannot sustain the eating style much after 6 months because it is not going to be healthy for different physical processes in your body. Once you have dropped all or most of your weight, slowly transition into the consumption of good carbs fairly low to midrange on the glycemic nd ex. Always try and eat your carbs before noon. There is better chance they will get used for energy if you eat them in the morning rather then afternoon and evening. Little tricks like his where you understand how to optimize your body cycles with regards to energy processing will make a huge difference in your long term success.
    Anecdotally, I ate very low carb for first 5 months where I was not very active. I had a good loss from surgery to that point. Essentially, I went from 360 to about 225. After month 5, I increased good carbs using little energy squares from nuts.com (chocolate paradise is the best). Needed these to help fuel my workouts. After month 6 I really added In good carbs from normal foods like green veggies and fruit. Had to wait until the sleeve was comfy with eating those fruits and veggies. Reached weight loss goal during month 7. In the last 2 months (month 12 and 13), I have added steel oats. This is an amazing good carb that gives you sustained energy when you are busting through a workout. Again, make good choices about which carbs you eat as well as the time of day you eat them and all will be well. I stopped really losing any weight in feb 2013 (month 7), but have still continued with my carb strategy almost daily. It has allowed me to execute on the super hard workouts necessary to reshape the body from a smaller version of my former 360 self into an inverted triangle shape strong guy who still weighs about the same amount (175-180 lb, average - 177 lb), but has much more muscle. Hard work and definitely worth it!
    Understanding basic nutrition, when to eat your carbs and how to eat them combined with good fat and Protein will make you a smashing success in your weight loss and body shaping conquests.
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    atroglet reacted to 2btrim in mr nice guy has left the building! The fat lady has sung. Adios   
    Oh, and one more thing! *susan* and laura-ven, you guys need to stop with the jokes! This is a very serious thing for me and quite upsetting, so PLEASE act like the veterans you are suppose to be and cut the crap, cause I ain't laughing!
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    atroglet reacted to anniemay in mr nice guy has left the building! The fat lady has sung. Adios   
    And this is a perfect example of why you have a few people who post constantly and then you have folks who find information and run for the hills. Congrats Laura I am sure this gets you one step closer to your dream of being an administrator to this site.
    Finally I stand by my statements. I was not rude, disrespectful or WRONG. Alex you do have an exceptional legacy in WLS and I don't begrudge you the opportunity to help others and make money but I don't believe this interest is clearly defined on this site - especially on the apps.
    Now I shall run for the hills again whole everyone simmers in the stew.
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    atroglet got a reaction from carstanger in Sleevers by profession.   
    I am a dental hygienist here representing the dental community. How would you like your hygienist to be obese? Probably not much...I recently had a patient report back to the doctor that I was messy and unkept. I shower, do my hair and makeup everyday and Iron my uniform. Had to be my weight. I'm a pre-sleever!
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    atroglet reacted to Daydra in Sleevers by profession.   
    Birth control blow darts... 'nuff said
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    atroglet got a reaction from carstanger in Sleevers by profession.   
    I am a dental hygienist here representing the dental community. How would you like your hygienist to be obese? Probably not much...I recently had a patient report back to the doctor that I was messy and unkept. I shower, do my hair and makeup everyday and Iron my uniform. Had to be my weight. I'm a pre-sleever!
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    atroglet reacted to JIllette in Sleevers by profession.   
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    atroglet reacted to jayker in Sleevers by profession.   
    I'm a Senior Performance Consultant in the utility industry. In my spare time I take medication prescribed by one or more of the 8 medical specialists in my life. I like long walks on the beach with the love of my life of 37 years and adore raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, my 9 grandchildren, Terry Kath's guitar solo on 25 or 6 to Four, Caddyshack, Beethoven, caller ID, Neil Young, Stephen Stills, watching British mysteries with my Missy, Diet Dr. Pepper, American history, remembering when I was 170 lbs., Loggins and Messina, and the free shipping with Amazon Prime.
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    atroglet reacted to 2btrim in Anyone hear about a Mexico Bariatric Center patient passing away this weekend?   
    I'm right there with you 'Cananda here' and I've come to the conclusion that we need to be scared! Unfortunately its these crazy ppl on this forum that we need to be scared of.
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    atroglet reacted to Bos123 in Almost Died with the Lap-Band!   
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    atroglet reacted to elcee in Almost Died with the Lap-Band!   
    My father nearly died from a hip replacement a number of years back. He contracted MRSA had to get it surgically cleaned out a number of times, that didn't work, he then had to have the prosthesis removed and wait a couple of months . Luckily they eventually cleared the infection and were able to put another prosthesis in. The downside is that he now has 1 leg shorter than the other and has to have specially built up shoes.
    Hip replacement surgery is common and relatively safe but my Dad was one of the unlucky ones that ended up with a major problem. We all know that there are risks to surgery but we all hope that we won't be the one that is affected.
    Sorry that you were unlucky.
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    atroglet got a reaction from GuyMontag in Almost Died with the Lap-Band!   
    You guys win! I'm done
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    atroglet reacted to AmandaRaeLeo in To Whom it May Concern...   
    To whom it may concern:
    Surgery is scary. Leaving the country can be scary. Leaving the country to have surgery?Terrifying.
    We don't need bogus reviews, paid reviews, vague reports of tragedy, and referral kickbacks out there amongst us muddying the waters. We need you to answer our questions... Honestly. We need you to hold our hands in spirit and in person whenever possible. We need you to represent your company and the surgeons who contract through said company with integrity and dignity. If you struggle defining those words or relating to them I suggest a career change.
    Medical Tourists:
    We need some solidarity. We are all, or have been, in the same boat. For whatever reason surgery at home isn't happening. We've made the bold decision to reclaim control over our obesity and we've kicked it up a notch.
    All VST members:
    We come from all walks of life. Various roads and life experiences have brought us all to this point. WLS. Many of us, if not all if us, have been criticized or teased regarding our weight issues. Many have felt "less than" because we are "more than". Why on earth are we attacking each other? What are we gaining from it?
    Take a long look in the mirror. Tell yourself you are going to try and be the best *you* that you can be. And then... Live it. Own it.
    “You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.”
    ― Ralph Waldo Emerson
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    atroglet got a reaction from Heathermarie0407 in My story--banded for 9.5 years.   
    Amen, sister! I found out the hard way by posting my story on here and unless it's positive - forget about it!
    I wonder what makes all these people so defensive. They have success on their side but have to bash anyone that didn't have a positive experience! So sad!
    As I was told you must just be doing it for the "I'm sorries" I get. Ya okay! Good luck OP on your sleeve!
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    atroglet reacted to butterflymackey in I'm a lost bandster....   
    You guys are amazing! I truly thought that by putting myself out there, I would get nothing but negativity and judgement. Boy was I wrong. Thank you for your kind words. no one offended me, and sometimes one needs a "tell it like it is" talking to. I just found out that my work offers a smoking cessation program for free. I'm going to take advantage of it ASAP. Just called and left a message. I am currently going to school for nursing. I think that's what makes me even more pissed about my behavior is that I of all people know what I SHOULD be doing. I sit and think, why the heck are you doing this to yourself? My self esteem, self worth and God forbid my self accountability are way off. I made a simple phone call to my surgeons office and behold Medicaid will cover my visit. I think what's really held me back from that phone call is now dealing with the consequences of explaining why I haven't and continue to be irresponsible and unsuccessful. My surgeon is a no bs kinda woman and I'm sure if she could she'd rip this band from my body. Just FYI, I do have an IUD. No more babies for me! I used to talk crap about people in my situation. Im fertile mrytle and dont expect anyone else to pay for my kids. My husband has just started getting a new regimen of treatment for his mental health and so far I have seen a glimpse of his former self. My son is on track with Autism intervention. You all are right, I have to start focusing on ME. No more pity party. I'm not that kind of person. I don't settle for this kind of life. So since last night:
    1. I have decided to take accountability for the things I can control and stop boo hooing about things without making an effort that is required.
    2. I have a plan to stop smoking. I will wait to hear back from the smoking cessation guy, or stalk his life until he gets back to me. For myself, my kids, money, and I hang my head as I say for the cancer patients I take care of. Yes, I said it. I work in a cancer treatment center as a CNA. I hate myself some days for putting myself at risk for what my patients are dying from all the time. How much more in your face could the potential consequences be?
    3. I made an appt with my surgeon. I'll see her on July 26th. Hopefully she won't make me want to jump from a building. Maybe I need her swift kick in the butt.
    4. I'm going to start forcing myself to eat. Summer is produce season, season of lean grilling meats. No excuse. Getting a food tracking app is on tonight's agenda.
    5. Exercise. I actually get a lot of that with my job and school. I'm just going to make an effort to track it and be more consistent. They have apps for that too.
    6. Lastly, I'm just going to keep rolling with the punches. The things I can't control can't define me. I choose how to handle them.
    I'm feeling so motivated right now! Thank you all so much. I'll keep in touch. Hugs!!!
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    atroglet reacted to PrettyThick1 in I'm a lost bandster....   
    Hey...not so glum chum! You can get back on the bandwagon and win this time! Find a good support group in your area and do the things you did before you started this journey - educate, educate, educate and go to a seminar if you need to, they aren't restricted just to people who haven't gotten the band yet. All you need is a bit of motivation, support and a few hugs. You can do this girl, think positive and make friends on this site. We are here for each other - near or far!
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    atroglet reacted to carol285 in My story--banded for 9.5 years.   
    I think there are risks and/or complications with ANY surgery, weight loss/cosmetic/medical treatments/experimental treatments etc. There are too many variables in the human body (genetically & mentally) to say that complications or damage WILL ALWAYS or WILL NEVER happen. As the mother of a child with Autism & living the hot debates on causes, effects, cures etc, the in fighting when one person doesn't believe this approach or that approach. It gets ugly & completely not needed!! What the heck is wrong with just being informative about your personal journey BUT not telling others they are kidding themselves? Again no 2 peoples body & mind are the same so no 2 people will have the same exact results. That is the beauty of there being multiple surgical options for people who choose this route as well as multiple diet plans for people who do not. I for one do not want to be told never, I want choice along with information. We are all on a personal journey & being frank some will have horrible complications & some will have none, some will not see good success even with good effort & some will see amazing success. My wish for everyone is success with whatever option they choose even if NO especially if it isn't an option I choose because you know what I have no right to choose for anyone else but myself.
    So live long, be healthy, be happy each and every one of you & good luck on you journey!!!
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    atroglet reacted to hnladue in My story--banded for 9.5 years.   
    I have to agree with Megan. I've had a 14cc band for 10 years and have lost nothing. I've been working with my surgeon and a nutritionist. The surgeon has almost stopped doing bands as they do not work as they thought. More banded people have been going to other methods. The band just isn't as good as was once thought. More people need to be aware.
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    atroglet reacted to Ivy Verde in My story--banded for 9.5 years.   
    I've been around just about the same length of time, Megan. I got my band done over 10 years ago, had it removed, and still have damage.
    Overall, people are very resistant to hearing about the downfalls of banding, though, I've found. Until they go through it themselves, there's really no convincing anyone that you're trying to help. And that's a real shame. With many insurance companies saying, "One WLS per lifetime" it's kind of important to make the correct decision the first time. It may be your only chance.
    Best of luck to you.
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    atroglet reacted to n2win in My story--banded for 9.5 years.   
    Wow... didn't those 4cc / ten year old bands pave the way for our "new" & "modern" bands!
    Shouldn't we be slightly interested in any & all complications for "future reference" and education?
    Note to self.... never ever ever ever ever ever ever post anything about a bad experience on this forum... geez!!
    -I just felt like I witnessed a slaughter-
    I'm a newbie and reading these brutal replies to someones post is the only scary experience I have had thus far! WOW
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    atroglet reacted to Richard Foor in Before and after vacation pictures   
    What a difference a year makes. The before picture was from July last year, the after last week.

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    atroglet reacted to Lady VS in Almost Died with the Lap-Band!   
    Sure hate to hear that but am glad you are doing well now. Best wishes.
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    atroglet got a reaction from catlover602 in Almost Died with the Lap-Band!   
    Couldn't have said it better myself! BUT, what I want people to know is that I did all that. My bariatric surgeon had a perfect track record! It doesn't matter...other things can happen. Check him out on this website.
    Why can't somebody come on here and state their experience? There are plenty of successful stories on here. I just want people to KNOW THERE ARE RISKS!

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