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    Baja Bariatrics

    I had a fabulous experience with Dr. Illan and his staff! Everything was spot on from the first moment of contact. I would NOT hesitate to send friends or family there for surgery!
  2. Here are her answers to the questions that were asked. Those are not answers to the questions asked. That is all just "camouflage ". And any "reader" knows that.
  3. I would take great pause in going to a surgeon that employs a known felon. I would go to Dr. Illan again and again and again. I would send my family to him with no hesitation or apprehension. Since you guys are so into name calling so I will call you the Susan fan girls. In her first post she did say she will take Dr. Illan down too...which sounds vindictive to me. I am a Dr. Illan fan girl, groupie or whatever you kids want to label me. And for the record, Susan, you didn't answer one (not one) of those questions asked to you. Because I, for one, would like to know the answers to those questions specifically. If you want to be the big savior of all mankind you better expect to have to answer the tough questions. You put someone's laundry out to air you better expect to account for yours.
  4. They have all posted their information in other places as well. Yes, please show us where their full names are linked together with their Bariatric Pal user names. Other than Alex's faux pas. Oh that's right, you can't.
  5. But they are STILL in quoted areas! He accomplished what he wanted...he got the so called "bullies" names out there.
  6. Regardless of what is being said on another thread all of you will be super impressed with Dr. Illan as a surgeon and a doctor. Do not be afraid of Omar. He is an awesome coordinator and is really a kind soul. Your relationship with anyone else is what YOU make of it. Please ask me any questions you may have. I am 9 months out.
  7. atroglet

    Which Doctor!?

    I used Dr. Illan for my sleeve surgery. I had prior band surgery that went all wrong. (See my story). So when I had my sleeve my band was already gone. The doctor is amazing and I know has done many band to sleeve revisions. None have woken from anesthesia without a sleeve. I had a ton of scar tissue from my previous surgery and he cleaned it all up and did a wonderful job! I would surely call the patient care coordinator (Omar) and talk with him about it. He can answer every question and you can even speak with Dr. Illan.
  8. I completely agree! Dr. Illan's team is just plain awesome! Every doctor came in to meet me and go over my case. They answered every question I could throw at them and passed with flying colors. They all spoke understandable and good English. They just seemed to be interested in me and my case. (As I had previous complications in US from lapband surgery). PM if you have questions.
  9. I just wanted to reiterate what both posters above mentioned as my review of Dr. Illan has also been removed. I also did many, many hours of research over a four month time period. The bottom line was the reviews of Dr. Illan, speaking with him and most of all the professionalism of his Patient Coordinator, Omar. Everybody I talk to has had the same team of doctors and series of events during their surgery and trip. As well they should as it is a successful system. They have it down to a science. Please contact me if ANYONE has any questions. I would be happy to talk to you! I will also be curious to see if this post remains visible.
  10. It is EXACTLY as she said!! Wonderful experience! I only wished I would've done this sooner!
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    This is my story to a "T" but with different numbers!
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    Oops. Sorry about that....
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    How do I add a friend to MFP using just their user name?
  14. atroglet


    How do I add a friend to MFP with just your user name?
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    How do I add a friend to MFP with just their user name?
  16. atroglet

    WLS Cover-up Story

    Personally, when I had my lapband surgery I made up excuses to friends and coworkers. I told them I had a come to Jesus meeting over my vacation to start eating smaller meals (mostly Protein drinks) and start moving more. Fine and dandy until 8 weeks later I get REALLY sick. I became septic because of a nick of my liver during surgery and almost died. One lie became a million until I wasn't sure who knew what. Needless to say, I won't be broadcasting it but if asked I will definitely tell them what I'm doing. Plus I just didn't feel good about myself making all kinds of crap up. What if I could help someone who is also obese out with the truth than making them feel like more of a failure because they can't be the type that can diet and exercise the weight away. Don't know if I'm making any sense but just the way I'm going to deal with it. To each their own.
  17. atroglet

    October sleevers

    I am on 10/11 with Dr. Ilian
  18. I'm just wondering if your doctors used the same incision area from lapband for the sleeve?
  19. Ok this is new to me. Does everyone wear Spanx? The two times I've worn I feel like a stuffed sausage and can't use the bathroom well. (I know thats weird). What's the deal?
  20. atroglet

    Crappy A#% Friends

    I know you were looking for others stories but I don't have one. My opinion is you must not have any expectations from friends or family going into this. I have chosen this for me. I don't much care what others think, how they react or do or don't help me with this. It's my journey! If they want to hang on for the ride then great but I'm not going to sit around and wonder why so and so is acting a certain way. Do YOUR thing!
  21. atroglet

    I need some "SLEEVE SISTERS"

    Which recovery was harder do you think? Lapband or sleeve?
  22. Is there anyway for the surgeon to know how much scar tissue is in there before surgery?
  23. Oh! That is good to hear!! It puts my mind at ease!

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