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  1. Hi there, I am considering Dr. Kirshenbaum in Aurora, CO (www.lapbandrockies.com) I know that there are a few of you in LBT that went to him. I am interested in knowing your thoughts on him and if you have had any complications. I am just a little leary since the price is so low, there is little on the internet about him, and I will be traveling from WI to have this done. Any information you could provide would be much apppreciated... Thanks! Sheila:)
  2. Hello everyone!

  3. Chat room technical issue??? One night, it said that there were 32 people in the LBT lounge, when I went to chat, no one was there. It happened again last night. Right now... it says there are 70 people using the chat rooms and it has my screen name listed as one of them, only I am not logged into the chat room. I think there may be a technical issue or something....
  4. Hi all! I have been doing really well. Even when I had poor restriction, I was still eating well and didn't have any problems. I've been losing weight and feeling like a good little bandster! Now, 2 weeks after my first fill, and two months out from banding, I feel as if I've run into a wall!! I had two very bad PB's (one yesterday and another one today). Today's brought me to vomiting!! I am trying to eat small bites really slow, but obviously it's not slow or small enough. Also, I am missing the full signs. It's as if I go from fine to golf ball in one bite! Any advice... Drinking while eating. Maybe this is the problem. I have been really trying to not drink while I eat. Today, I didn't drink anything with my supper and that's where the problems began. I guess I need to get used to food consumption/restriction without liquid interferring. I AM STILL ADDICTED TO SODA!! Diet coke. I only had 5 oz of a 20 oz bottle today and I feel like I did well. The previous days I've had at least a 20 oz bottle, then maybe another can. I've tried iced tea, hot tea and coffee, which is helping, but I could use some pointers here too!I will be re-reading the band rules this evening, and sticking to liquids tomorrow, to try and heal my stoma. HOPEFULLY, I didn't slip my band/expand my pouch with my bad behavior. Tomorrow's a new slate, provided the damage hasn't already been done...
  5. Hello everyone! Well, I had Baby Owen on May 23, 2008. He weighed in at 8 lbs 6.6 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. He, and the family, are doing well. Now that baby has been here now, I am ready to start losing weight again. I had my band emptied completely about 3 months into the pregnancy and have since been able to pretty much eat whatever I wanted. That being said, I didn't do too bad during the pregnancy. 6 weeks from his birth and I have about 10 lbs to lose to be back to pre-preggers weight. Since I am starting with a new local surgeon to do fills and stuff, I have an upper GI scheduled for 7/14 and and EGD scheduled for 7/21. He just wants to make sure my band is in good shape before he, as a new Dr. starts seeing me as a patient. Then, I have a fill scheduled for 7/22. I can't wait!!! It's been so long since I've thought about weight loss, since I got pregnant last September!! You all are doing so well with your weight loss!! I can't wait to catch up with all of you, both personally and with the weight loss!
  6. Hi there, I lost 6 lbs the first trimester. My band started getting really tight around 15 weeks or so, so I had a complete unfill. As a result, I can really eat whatever I want. I only have 7 weeks to go and I am up a total of 20 lbs some of which is Water since I am a tad swollen. I gained about 35 lbs with my first baby (pre band baby), so I will end up gaining less with this one. One thing that's nice though, is I know my band is there and ready to be filled when I am done birthin'. :biggrin:
  7. I've missed all of you. Darn, I wish I could be there at Red Robbin tonight! You'll be in my thoughts for sure! I see we have some new friends too! That's awesome. Don't feel discouraged by my lack of progress... My weight loss has been slow, but I am not discouraged. I found out I had a flipped port in April, that I couldn't get fixed until the end of July. Got that fixed, got my 3rd fill, started losing again. Went in for my next fill with a local Dr. He wanted to do the upper GI and check that my band was where it should be etc..(which was fine with me) before my fill with him. I had that all scheduled for mid September, then I found out I was preggers!! Well, no x-rays for me now...=O) So, here I am almost a year later, and only down 40 lbs! But I'll take it. Hopefully after baby arrives, I'll get my band fills going again, and the weight will start melting away... Have fun at Red Robin. It's good to see everyone is doing so well and "finding themselves" - with meds, counseling, whatever to get better!
  8. I have not been on the board forever. It's awesome to see how much weight everyone has lost! I am 14 weeks preggers now. Everything is going well. I've even lost 4 pounds. Baby doc isn't too concerned though, since it happens with non banded ladies too!
  9. Good Morning All! Well, I am afraid I have yet another weight loss setback.... I'm pregnant!!! :clap2: I just found out yesterday. Baby is due June 9th!! Wish us well!! This should be a fun journey with all of you to share it with! (I already have one daughter, she's 23 months)
  10. My surgery went really well! I've been back to Colorado a couple of times. Once for my first fill and again for port reattachment surgery. I was going to do follow up care with a Dr. in Madison - Dr. Sunby @ Dean Care- but he really wasn't too thrilled about helping me out, since I had my band done elsewhere. (their price is comparable to Dr. K though, when you factor in travel, follow up care, etc. so if you want someone local, they would be a good option) I am now seeing Dr. Selwyn in Stevens Point. VERY nice guy. He used to work with Dr. Curry in Cincinnatti. I don't know what Dr. Selwyn's self pay rate is though. Dr. K is great and I would recommend him highly.
  11. Shesha

    port flip??

    My port flipped too. I traveled from WI to CO to have my port fixed by my surgeon. Since I was flying home that afternoon, I asked that they didn't even put me under. They used a novicaine like anthesthesia instead and some "happy" valium like medicine. I ended up falling asleep, but was fully alert about 1/2 hour after surgery. The pain was minimal, no nausea or "icky" feeling either. It was great!
  12. Shesha

    port flip??

    My port flipped too. I traveled from WI to CO to have my port fixed by my surgeon. Since I was flying home that afternoon, I asked that they didn't even put me under. They used a novicaine like anthesthesia instead and some "happy" valium like medicine. I ended up falling asleep, but was fully alert about 1/2 hour after surgery. The pain was minimal, no nausea or "icky" feeling either. It was great!
  13. Good Morning all!! Wow, so much has happened lately! Shelbi - I am so sorry to hear about what's all happened with your friends and family. As was said, everything happens for a reason. My thoughts are with your family and friends. Lap - I am sorry to hear about all your troubles. I am curious as to why Dr. K needs to see you? Your issues sound more like something any GI Dr.(not band Dr.) back home can look into. Have you made an appointment locally?? It could just be that you are eating differently since the surgery and it has brought about, or uncovered, some IBS or whatever symptoms you didn't know you had... Congrats to Dynamo Mini on the inches! That is WAY awesome!! Congrats to Mal, as well. Your son going off to college is a major accomplishment for both of you. May you both enjoy this new phase in the journey! As for me, not much going on here... The scale has stalled. I am not working out, so I can't look for any new muscle to bail me out of this one...heh heh... I guess we know what that means... Time to hit the pavement! We have a Dr. doing fills locally now. I will be his first appoinment in his new office come September 17th! Woo hoo! Maybe I'll get my picture on the wall or something! He's been doing bands in a town south of here for a while, so he's experienced. He's just branching out!!
  14. Shesha

    Bodybugg users report here!

    It would make sense to have the watch replace the armband. Who wants to wear two odd things on their arm and why?? I just thought I would ask since I you don't want to assume anything. You've been more than helpful! Thanks much!! btw... I am very impressed with your weightloss. You've done very well. I hope to be as successful as you some day! Keep up the great work. You are a motivation to many!!:clap2:
  15. Shesha

    Bodybugg users report here!

    Thanks for the speedy reply! Based on this information... Real-time information directly from the bodybugg armband Calories Steps Physical Activity Calories Per Minute Trip Function do you wear this new devise instead of the current arm band or as a compliment to the armband (wear both at the same time)?
  16. Shesha

    Bodybugg users report here!

    Hi there! I am drooling for a Bugg!! but.. I read in a earlier post that BodyBugg has a new smaller bug coming out at the end of this month (august) is that true? I was just on BODYBUGG :: HOW IT WORKS and didn't see anything about it yet. Anybody have information on this?? :eyebrows: Sheila
  17. Oh!! Thank you all for the well wishes and cheers!! It means so much to me!! I feel like I am so far behind compared to the rest of you. Now that the scale is moving again, I have hope that I too can reach goal!!:clap2:
  18. Hey Everyone!! I just realized that I have lost my "1st" 35 pounds, which means I am 1/3 of the way to goal!! Now, I just need to lose 35 pounds 2 more times, and I'll be there!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!!
  19. Shesha

    Countdown to Onederland!

    Hi All!! I weighed in a 230 this morning, so I just have the "dirty thirty" to go until I reach onederland!! Wish me luck!! Maybe I can be there by Christmas!! I'll keep you posted!
  20. Click on UserCP in the ribbon at the top of the page. Then Edit Profile on the left hand side of that page. Then, go down to Custom User Title and type in your message. (I am unsure if you'll have to uncheck the reset box or not - you'll want it unchecked)
  21. Lapdancer!! You are looking fabulous and so happy too! It's wonderful to see this transformation, both outside and in!! Congrats on your progress!! BTW...lovin' the lip gloss, girl!
  22. WOAH MAL!! 28 lbs!! That's awesome. Keep up the good work!
  23. Congrats Mare!! Welcome to bandland!!! Glad to hear eveything went well!
  24. Hello all! I had a bad day. Somehow, I lost some restriction and was able to eat more than I have been lately. I just logged my food on Fitday and WAY too many calories/carbs!! YIKES!!! Back on the wagon tomorrow!!! It looks like everyone is doing well. DynamoMini - Congrats on that pound. Doesn't it feel good??? Mal - I am sorry you have a cold!! And in August. That's crazy. Drink some hot tea, take some nyquil and hit the sheets - for beddie by that is! Sunnysea! - That is so funny you've been to Fox Park. You wouldn't believe how low the water is. Have you been down M35 lately? I can remember the waves lapping at the road. Now, the shoreline is 100 yards away. Pretty sad. The water was SUPER warm though, which is unusual, so we did a lot of swimming. It's so nice there. Such clear water, a nice sandy bottom! It's like the ocean without the salt and the sharks!! To the rest of you, congrats on starting your journey. You'll be in bandland in no time!