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  1. Looks like no one comes here anymore... I wonder how my old friends are doing if they have had better luck then I. I hope to hear all about you guys again.
  2. zeniada

    My Lap Band is not working anymore

    I havnet been to visit in months and this is the first thing I come across and this is ME!! I feel as if the band has stopped working for me... I get stuck every single day... but yet can still eat WHATEVER I want how much I want when I want... very frustrating... I too feel like a failure...
  3. It has been forever since I have visited this site... Things haven't gone as I'd hoped they would for the first year I lost 60lbs, but it has been a constant struggle with daily stuck episodes at EVERY meal, pb's and vomiting. So I have slid back into my bad eating habits and have actually put 30lbs back on. I am hungry all the time since I have resorted to slider foods because I don't want to get stuck so there is no point in getting my band filled if I get stuck every meal... Tired and frustrated. I've gotten to the point where I have accepted my weight and that my struggles of weight loss will never cease.
  4. Hey all.. its been forever and a day since i was on here... as like some of you I have been having problems with my band as well I get stuck 3-4 times a day and have to throw up just as many times if I try to eat pretty much anything I havent had a fill in over a year so I really dont know what's up I'm not in pain and I can still eat soft foods so I have made alot of soup with mega protein in it so I can eat... LOL I didnt know this lap band was gonna cause all these problems granted I never would have lost 75lbs with out it but i really dislike not being able to eat and having to throw up so much... I went on a 10 day juice fast about 3 months ago and it really helped detox my body and jump start my weight loss again. it may be time for another go round... good luck everyone keep on keeping on....
  5. try the 5 day pouch test... http://5daypouchtest.com/
  6. I love salads...I eat 1 or 2 a day but I dont measure them, but i will measure any meat i put on it. So I was wondering if as bandsters we should limit the amount of veggies we have in a salad... I can eat a really large portion of salad I dont get suck on salad that's why I eat it so often.
  7. you know i have no problem taking large pills... does that mean i need another fill?
  8. http://5daypouchtest.com/ enjoy... some people have had really good results with this i havent really lost weight with it per say but it does get my pouch back on track...
  9. i have been struggling to lose any weight at all for the past 2 mos but ppl keep saying i'm losing but the scale isnt moving so frustrated.... i feel like i need a fill but still get stuck at least 2 times a day so even tho i can eat alot i may not need one... i should probably do the 5 day pouch test..
  10. Has anyone seen this on TV??? Has anyone actually tried it?? Its looks like a sports bra but is supposed to offer support and all that with out straps, underwires or stuff that regular bras have... www.ahhbra.com Let me know if it is worth it I need new bras LOL
  11. I too have been stuck on the same weight for about 1 month now... I'm gonna start the 5 day pouch test and hopefully it will jump start my loss again.....
  12. 2 more day till my bandaverisry!!! down 55lbs feel so good I take the stairs now instead of the elevator have so much energy I;m so happy I did this..
  13. zeniada

    mental illness and the band

    I gotta respond to this and say make sure you have a good doc you see and make sure that you are stable before getting your band because yes you will still have mood swings and the whole weight loss journey can make it good or bad. I have depression with manic episodes but am not officially bi polar and I noticed that the first 2 weeks after having surgery were bad so just make sure you are stable and have good meds that you can take .
  14. Has anyone started experiencing leg cramps??? I have noticed that: 1. my band has tightened up for no reason...(mybe Tom related) 2. I'm hungry but have no appitite....will eat 2-3 bites and just not want anymore. Let me know if anyone has this happen to them and what to do about the cramps....
  15. So I noticed that last month I was losing pounds but this month I;m losing inches.... so annoying that it happens like that anyone else going thru this?
  16. back in Feb. I was suffering from being overfilled and was pb'ing every day getting stuck and vomiting.... so I went and got a very slight unfill and was happy ever since up until about 2 weeks ago I noticed that I can eat and eat and eat, I'm not losing weight and keep gaining and losing the same 2lbs.... I get super hungry after 1-2hours I mean tummy rumbling Water not helping hunger.... so I have decided that I will get a fill on sunday the 21st but am soooooo super scared that I will get over filled again since I go to Mexico for my fills and unfills it is mostly a gamble even though they do the fills under fluro. it's more of a pain to go back and forth even though I live 10 mins away from the boarder LOL I want to keep losing weight since I have lost 54lbs so far and have about 90 more to go to reach goal.. I'm just worried and scared
  17. it's been a while since I've been here Hope everyone is doing great..... I think it's time for another fill I have noticed that I have not been losing weight and I can EAT EAT EAT! I'm just scared of getting another fill and being to full and start getting stuck again all the time... So I'll go on Aug 21st to get a very very very small fill and see if that helps jump start my weight loss again...
  18. For those who have followed my posts you will know that I was banded in Aug '10 and have lost 50lbs to date!!! You would figure that is a wonderful thing, until your husband comments: "are your gaining weight again? you look flabby" WTH!!!! what a way to really hurt someones feelings! I just hate men sometimes
  19. thanks for your comment.... HOWEVER you dont know my realationship with my husband thus can not assume to understand HOW his comment affected me... As far as making him sleep out of the bed room I AM THE ONE who left.....I AM THE ONE who chooses to sleep somewhere else.... And as far as support from him I NEVER GOT IT TO BEGIN WITH so I DONT expect it.....
  20. I really want to upload a pic of my before and now but dont know how... Does any one know how to do that and could you please help me Thanks!!!
  21. http://www.lapbandtalk.com/gallery/image/37768-zen1/ This is me last year around this time and this is me now...
  22. zeniada

    Then and now....

    Thanks everyone It feels so GREAT to have lost 50lbs cant wait for the next 50 to come off....
  23. Ha ha we have had seperate rooms since he made that comment!!!
  24. He did ask if I was gaining weight again and said I need to exercise more.... He needs to get off his butt and lose 50lbs I'd like to see him try!!!

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