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  1. citizenwill

    Just Stopped By To Say Hi

    I am an emotional \ boredom \ anxiety eater. I am noticing all these triggers in me now. Also, my partner is thin as a rail and loves to cook huge portions of all the illegal foods. That hasn't helped and a lot of food from my plate goes in the trash. I guess this eating disorder(?) is going to be a life long battle for me. Getting my Protein in first is a great tool. Then you don't have room for the carby crap. Will
  2. citizenwill

    Just Stopped By To Say Hi

    Things have been going good. I have packed on a few pounds but I did reach goal. Winter has been brutal here so a lot of days inside, munching. I still fight with head hunger. I never did get ahold of that little devil. hahaha... I have to still fight myself to stop eating and only eat when I am hungry. But that battle is so much easier now that I have been sleeved. I still take a antacid on occasion I find that stomach acid is a sensation like hunger for me. Will
  3. Just wanted to say hi. I used to be a very active member and have been sleeved for going on two years now. Looking for my old peeps. Will
  4. Hahaha... amen Tiffykins! Exactly what I was getting at. Thanks for clarifying the answer. Will
  5. citizenwill


    Try taking a PPI (like Zantac or Prilosec) it may just be stomach acid? I am 9 months out and I still take one in the morning and one in the evening. I found it killed what I had thought was hunger but it was actually stomach acid. Might work for you. Will
  6. Hi. No your tummy tell's you when it has had enough, just like it used to, but if you push another bite you may or may not upchuck. I found that as time went on I naturally knew when to stop. It also depends a lot on what you just ate. Everyone seems different. I haven't done it in a long time just in the early days it happened only twice. For me it initially was just me getting used to my new stomach My brain didn't catch up to my new stomach. Old habits die hard I guess. Please don't get frightened. I have no regrets to this day. My best, Will
  7. Yeah that one bite thing is nasty. You never see it coming (at least I didn't). Learned my lesson fast. Hahahah.... Will
  8. citizenwill

    Back to square one

    Thanks Thinoneday. Your story you shared with us sounds exactly what I just went through. Except my stall and slight weight gain went on for 6 months. During that time I was going through the fostering process to get my nephew out of foster care and into my home. I stopped betting down the munching monster. I too gave myself a stern talking to and decided I was NOT going to throw away the thousands of dollars I paid to have this tool. I was going to work it for all it's worth. I am back on track now and slowly loosing again. The bad eating demon is going to be a constant monkey on my back. Thanks again for posting your story. Will
  9. citizenwill

    FINALLY!!!!! Yeeee- hooooo!!!!!!

    Thanks! It was a long haul but I finally did it. Now to get these last 50 pounds off. It is still so easy to fall into bad eating habits, I took the sleeve for granted and assumed it would do all the work for me but now I realize (again) it is just a tool. It was strange how my brain started searching out for a way to get around it. I started subsisting on my two of my biggest "slider foods" popcorn and chocolate. I became obsessed with them! The funny thing is I never liked either of them before the sleeve. Seems like subconsciously I found foods that would keep me fat and I could cheat with. Now I know how people regain their weight. This weight thing seems to go so much deeper than just the physical. It is very strange how our brains work. lol Thanks for the congrats! Will
  10. citizenwill

    6 days since sleeved

    The gas will pass. You'll feel good after this week is over. Fighting the head hunger can be tough but keep reminding yourself that that is all it is and get onto something else. By week 2 I felt back to normal. Will
  11. citizenwill

    Any other gay sleevers out there?

    Hi. I'm back on the board. I am here!!! Hellooo and welcome. Will
  12. citizenwill

    Finally under 200

    Congratulations!!! I too weighed in at 198 today. Finally broke a 6 month stall at 204. Gave me a whole new motivation to loose the rest! Keep the faith. Will
  13. I Finally made it to onderland!!!! Six month stall broken. I finally gave myself a boot in the ass and told myself to get back on board or I wasted all this time and money for nothing. I was loosing fine then started drinking diet soda again, that triggered sweet cravings!! so I then discovered I could eat chocolates and drink coffee all day without any problems. Plus, 12 Pepsi Max's a day. I realize now that I am EXTREMELY carb sensitive so I have gone back to extreme low carb eating. Probably less than 20 carbs a day and it's working. I broke the stall!!! No net-carb crap. No sugar free, no splenda, or aspartame. I found the original Atkins book that he first wrote and am following that (to some degree). Not the 2000 book but the 1970 something book. I know now that I can't eat like other people I have to watch what carbs are going in my mouth. I even bought a meat slicer and mini smoke house and make my own beef Jerky. Great snack through the day. Damn I am so happy right now!!!!! Yeeee- hooooo!!!!!! Will
  14. Topic moved. posted in the wrong spot and dunno how to delete it.
  15. Hi Lisa, Now I haven't been on in ages and just saw your post. Yes I was born close to Yellowknife in a village called Deninu k'ue (very tiny place). Our summers are beautiful 24 hours of sun. Plus this area is very arid so there are no clouds or rain in the summer. Unfortunately in the winter we also get 24 hours of dark, but you adjust. Thank you for the nice post and I apologies for the tardiness of my reply. Will

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