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    marjon9 got a reaction from itstimealready in Sorry, the sex is bad!   
    What happened here is that two adults had a little fling, and one broke up with the other. They had a fling because they both wanted to. It is simply not true that women agree to sex before marriage only because the man makes false promises of true love. That is just ridiculous. News flash: Women like sex. All this guy said is that he broke up because they were not sexually compatible. He never said it was because she was a big woman. This was her conclusion. It might be worth having a look at the actual facts here for a minute or two. There is simply no basis for pounding on this guy for three days about what a jerk he is.
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    marjon9 got a reaction from SoccerMomKerry in I hate it when people post just to post.....   
    I'm having a very hard time understanding why three out of four guinea pigs have the first letter of their name capitalized, but the fourth one (cuddles), has the first letter of its name in lower case. Can someone explain this? Isn't there enough trouble in the world without this, too? I just sit here wondering: "WHY?"
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    marjon9 got a reaction from losingjusme in I hate it when people post just to post.....   
    Fried tripe is band friendly. In fact, the last tripe I bought actually came with a lap band on it. I guess the rancher was trying to slim down the cattle to make that popular 7% fat hamburger meat, so all the cattle were fitted with lap bands. They were feeding the cows with Protein drinks made from that same cow's milk, so it was really a low-cost operation. Unfortunately they forgot to remove the bovine lap bands from the tripe before they sold it. It was pretty startling to find the lap band in my fried tripe. I thought to myself, "wait a menudo, this tripe is tough." Let's just say the whole experience gave a new meaning to the phrase "chew, chew, chew."
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    marjon9 got a reaction from Devana in Woo HOO!! Supreme Court upholds Partial Birth Abortion Ban!!!!   
    ghettofarm24, you have a compelling story to tell. Your story is definitely something that a woman should consider when she is deciding whether or not to have an abortion. But as compelling as your story is, in my view it does not provide justification for forcing a woman, through legislation and potential criminal penalties, to carry the child to term.
    I have no doubt that the overwhelming majority of women who have abortions take the matter seriously and struggle with the types of questions raised by your story. I also have no doubt that that the overwhelming majority of women who have abortions do not do so for any sort of feminist "rite of passage" or other frivolous reason that does not reflect the gravity of the situation.
    But once a woman decides, all things considered, that she needs to take this step for her own personal reasons, she absolutely must have the freedom to do so.
    I realize that in your view it is simply a matter of a minor "inconvenience" to the woman to have the child, but many women consider it to be much more than that. And in any event, one way or another, it must be their choice, not the choice of others who would impose their will on her by law.
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    marjon9 got a reaction from mousecrazy in VA Tech: What is the world coming to? Are people simply bad at heart?   
    I say we take a poll. If more than 50% of the people on the forum think Jack should move, he'll have until midnight on May 1, 2007 to be out of his house.
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    marjon9 got a reaction from Krystal in how sloooooow do you have to eat and chew for real?   
    I can't answer right now, I'm still eating dinner (from last night).