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  1. Hi everybody!! I haven't been on in awhile. Life kind of takes over!! I was sleeved in January 2011 . Starting weight 304. Current weight 153. It pains me to see my old pics but it is a great reminder!! The sleeve is an awesome tool. I have maintained my current weight since January of this yr. I'd still like to lose more but for now I am happy with where I am at.
  2. To be honest yes. A lot. And I worked out. I've been obese since I was 12 and I'm 25 now. I'm giving it a few yrs and workouts before I look into plastics.
  3. ngory07

    Drinking alcohol after VSG

    I am almost 2 yrs out. Last yr I drank heavily at about 6 months out. I developed a problem but have gotten it under control. I am a party girl and I do love getting drunk. It took me awhile to learn what my limits are. A good buzz versus blackouts. When I go out I usually only drink vodka and cranberry. I can drink about 5 and here and there I have a couple of shots or a beer. The carbonation in beer just doesn't settle and I don't like the taste much so I usually stick with vodka. I am a lightweight so 3-5 of those babies and I am one happy girl. But be warned beer bongs are a no go!! Forgot I was sleeved for a min and damn did I pay for it!! The dependency thing is very common. Before last yr I had only drank about 5 times in 4 yrs. I have gone from 300 lbs to 148 and there were a lot of mental work I had to do in order to get to where I final feel "normal" again.
  4. ngory07

    Getting Vsg At 22

    I got mine when I was 24. Never too young to be healthy!!!
  5. ngory07

    Sleeve = anorexia?

    It's the mental aspect but also here way I understand it our very low calorie restriction is for Thr first 9 month or less. There is no way if you are less than 75 overweight you should consume less than 1000 calories a day!
  6. ngory07

    Myfitnesspal Questions

    I usually just use decimals. For example if the only choice is 1/2 cup I choose that one and under serving I put .5 so it halves it if I only had 1/4. Works for everything. You can go to goals and change the calories manually but depending on how far out from surgery you are it might be wise to stick with what they say. I'm a yr out and they set 1460 for me and i m set to lose a lb a week. It works for me. Good luck! It is a great site!
  7. ngory07

    Our Food Choices, Habits And Our Legacy...

    She's in her 40's. I would advise her to up her cals a little at a time and eat instead of drink her cals. For breakfast I usually eat eggs and veggies or steelcut oats and fruit sweetened with a little honey. Or even ww toast with an egg and cheese. For lunch leftovers from dinner or a salad with veggies and meat and cheese. For supper it varies so much. But I love to cook. I usually eat 3 snacks. 1 in am, I in pm and if I'm hungry one before bed. Nuts, cheese, apple with pb. I know ppl find it odd but upping calories works (for me at least) we need calories. What funny is the woman messaged me and said I was eating too many carbs. I usually eat around 120 grams. But they are usually from whole grains and fruit. Id rather eat real food that's good for my body and still lose. Just my opinion.
  8. How far out are u? I am a yr out and get anywhere between 1300-1500 and I've lost 153 lbs and I'm still losing. I reached a healthy bmi 149 but now want to get down to 135. You'll surprised what upping calories will do. I eat eggs, cheese, yogurt, fruit, nuts, meat, veggies, and grains. Just try it for a few weeks.
  9. ngory07

    Our Food Choices, Habits And Our Legacy...

    I agree with what u said to a point. But I had surgery to not let food control me. I am a yr out and finally at a healthy bmi. I have the occasional carbs and pasta and fast food. Not all the time. Some weeks I do great with my clean eating others I'm so busy I grab whatever. But I listen to my bodys signals. I don't overthink food anymore. I love being able to indulge and not overdo it. And I'm still losing. Life would be miserable if we didn't allow ourselves the occasional treat. There's this lady on myfitnesspal.com who is also had the sleeve. She's a yr out like me. But she drinks a protein shake for bfast and lunch ans then some meat and veggie. She tries to stay under 800 cals. At a yr out that is so unhealthy. If u look at my diary I have eggsl and cheese. Steel cut oats, fruit, veggies, grains, healthy fats. I eat 1500 cals a day I still lose about .5 a week and I'm 149. She's 220 complains she's hungry doesn't eat but one actual meal a day and is miserable.
  10. ngory07

    5Grams Of Carbs Per Meal?!

    At first I followed the low carb thing but it wasn't right for me. I am a yr out and have lost 152 lbs. 11 lbs from my goal of 140 and I eat around 130 grm a day. I eat whole grainsl veggies, potatoes, and the occasional sweet. Nothing wrong with it. I find when I limit carbs I'm low on energy and cranky.
  11. My sister is actually not obese just slighty on the bigger side. Maybe20 lbs more than her bmi if that. She used to be 115 when I lived with her in hs. She was anorexic and would lock the cabinets. I was 260 and within almost a yr of living with her dropped to 160. But of course gained it back. She would call me names and fat and lazy all the time. Now that I'm smaller than her she makes snide comments at family dinners that I "eat like a bird" which is funny b/c now I can eat a normal sized meal being a yr out. I would never call her names but it does feel almost good that she gets mad b/c I lost the weight. She invited me to a cardio kickboxing class in nov expecting me to pass out. I made it all the way through! And kept going even after she b/c she says she wasn't losing enough.
  12. I lost a friend when I was just talking about it. At the time I was considering lapband but then went with vsg. She was obese ans still is. Hadn't seen her in over a yr. Then I saw her at a party a month ago. At first I thought she was mad at me b/c she didn't say anything. Then she came over and said she hadn't recognized me and I looked great and she wishes she could have the surgery. I told her what I had but in no way pushed it. It felt good. My sister didn't think id go through with it then freaked right before I did. Came to the hospital once and then didn't talk to me until 2 months later. She is now pissed because I weigh less than her.
  13. Me too!! I do have quite a few snacks throughout the day. One question is how many cals are u eating? One thing that surprises me is that people who are a yr out and have lost 100 plus lbs and only have under 30 to lose are still eating 800-1000 calories. That is not healthy. Because we were so big before 800 was reasonable for a few months but after that you need to up them. I track on myfitnesspal.com. my sw was 304 and I am at 152 with a goal of 140. When I was stil eating 1200 calories I stalled. Everyone said to up them and I did. To about 1400 -1600 depending on if I worked out that day. And it works!! I've been losing steadily again. When we lose the weight our bodies need more fuel because our metabolism starts working more. I know its crazy but snacking more has helped me lose more. And not cookies and ice cream everyday although I will indulge once in awhile. But good healthy snacks. I get almost 84 grams of protein without all the nasty shakes. Real whole foods.
  14. Hi everybody!! I am a yr out on the 24th. Have gone from 304 to 155. Yay!! But I have noticed lately that I am able to eat a lot more than before. I mean nowhere near pre surgery but more than a cup of food at a time. Here's an example Todays food 1 hardboiled egg 3 small pieces of deer summer sausage Mini baby bell cheese Rollup - 2 thin slices of turkey 1 piece muenster cheese 2 slices avocado 3 small slices of tomato 1/2 cup cottage cheese 2 chicken wing drumettes 3 or 4 small slices of 1 red potato 1/2 cup corn Snacks: Half an apple with pb 20 pistachios 1 piece toast with pb Is this too much? I have eaten more than this. My hunger has returned but its mostly head hunger. I log my food on myfitnesspal.com
  15. ngory07

    Going To The Next Level, P90x

    I would love to do it too!! I'm hoping to get it around tax time. Do u mind me asking how many cals u are eating and how far you are out? I saw a earlier post of yours and it said 800 cals? I am almost a yr out and would love to lose these last 15 lbs and get some definition. But I was under the impression that as we lose weight we are supposed to up calories? I eat anywhere between 1200 to 1350. My bmr is 1650.
  16. ngory07

    New Year's Resolution/goals

    Work on having a family game night once a week. No tvs, no phones Get a job Lose these last 15 lbs and then tone up and start saving for plastic surgery!! Pay off my debt Complete a 5k
  17. ngory07


    Ok so I went to this party last night and saw a group of women I haven't seen in awhile. One has not seen me at all since my weight loss. She didn't speak to me at first and I was kinda upset b/c we had a falling out when I was considering surgery more than 1 1/2 ago and haven't spoken since. Then she came up to me and said she didn't know who I was until she asked and that I look great. She is a big girl like I was and told me she's jealous and was going to look into the surgery for herself. Lol. But said it in a nice way!! The second girl I saw hates me now!! She's not very big but has put on some weight and I used to be so much bigger than her! She wouldn't talk to me and gave me the fakest smile and laugh I've ever heard. Can't stand people like her!! And the last has seen me as she works at Walmart which I frequent but has never mentioned my weight loss before. She told me I looked good but I took the "easy" way out. I put the biggest smile on my face and said yep I did and 150 lbs later I feel great. Easys awesome!! Lol! She is also obese. Now I know this isn't easy but heck if that's what you want to think go ahead. It was a hell of a lot EASIER than being hungry all the time and doing good for a week before getting so hungry I ate everything in the house. It amazes me how different these womens reactions were!! The first one pleasantly surprised me as I was upset we had fought about the surgery. The woman with the chip on her shoulder pisses me off because she always used to moan about losing weight and how thin she used to be. Can't other people get healthy too?? Or do you have the monoply on that? And the last cracked me up with her ignorance. And how she gave me a compliment and then boom there's the catcher "easy way out" do you walk when u can drive? Do u sew your own clothes when you can go to the store? Do u churn cream into butter??? Didn't think so. I am happy with my weight loss and the sleeve has given me back my life. Actually ya know what?? It has given me a life. I was never thin, never healthy, never happy. And if I can help one person who believes its hopeless like I did I will gladly take the insults!!!
  18. ngory07


    I understand where u are coming from. Its just that to me I prefer to be open and honestly most have been very supportive and proud of me. My thing is when I was overweight and I saw people dieting and losing tons of weight I always felt there was something wrong with me that I could never make it work. And so when people ask I tell them especially if they are obese because there is a tool that can help. And to be truthful parts of this were the easy way out and I am not ashamed of that. I am proud I have done something about my health. But it is a very personal desicion and some of the reactions have made me wish I shut my mouth. But then I think about all I've gone through to get here and I just can't. Do what's right for you. As for me I'm gonna shout it from the rooftops!! Lmao!
  19. ngory07


    Thank u so much!! And actually my pic is from 3 months out I had lost 50 lbs I have to update it. 100 lbs more than that now and I look really different!! Lol. And yes I have been getting that too. Isn't it frustrating?? You didn't say anything when I was getting fat but now that I'm trying to get healthier you wanna speak up?? Puhleezz!! Ridiculus. I started at 304 and my goal is 140. I'm 157 now so when people say that I explain my bmi won't be healthy til at least 150 and the range is 125-150 for my height. Most people trust doctors so that usually shuts them up. But if I want to be a little mean and mess with them ill say oh I have at LEAST 60 more lbs to go and then they will ask me how much I weigh now. I tell them and they will start doing the math and look horrified as I walk away laughing!
  20. ngory07


    Thank u!! And it will happen one day and I hope you put them in their place!! Lol! You are totally correct. If I could have lost it the "natural" way I would have. But food is complicated and I needed our wonderful tool.
  21. ngory07


    Thank you for your support!!! Jealousy from women is something so foreign to me I sometimes have trouble noticing it but its been happening and it makes me very uncomfortable. Part of me was comfortable being fat because I wasn't a threat. No one noticed me. I was just the big girl. Now I stand out more which is funny because I've lost a whole person!!
  22. ngory07


    I agree!! I have never understood it either. What's odd to me is the women that have been most supportive and congratulated me are the naturally thin women who have never had a weight problem. Or you get the people who tell you congrats how did you do it and as soon as you tell them you can sense them pulling back and the weight loss is suddenly not that impressive. I have never been one to lie. Some chose to say portion control and exercise which I could understand because of attitudes towards wls but I'm honest about it. I never want someone to think well damn if they could just cut down and lose why can't I. It wasn't that easy for me which is why I chose surgery.
  23. So our mall has one of those trampoline things where they hook u up to a harness and you jump and fly in the air. I DID IT!!!!! You have to be under 200 lbs which I am!! Finally!! In fact I'm 40 lbs below that!! I never would have thought I could do anything like that in my life!! And I did it wearing a sexy green dress
  24. Hi all!! So I will be a yr out on jan 24th 2012. It has been a crazy, happy, sad, exhausting, mind blowing yr! I've made mistakes, went a little too crazy, but came back and I love my freaking sleeve. I started this journey at 304 at a size tight 24. As of today I am 158 and a size 7-10 depending on the clothrd and m/l shirt. I only have 8 lbs til I am a healthy bmi and 18 lbs til goal (which I might even lower!!) I am still losing about a lb a week with some stalls. This is amazing to me! I don't ever remember being this small. I still have a lot of toning to do and am planning on getting ps. I don't think of myself as small or beautiful but I've noticed the way people treat me. Guys check me out! And not the ones I usually had. You know what I'm saying? When ur big u settle. I'm talking hottt guys that those skinny perfect b*****s get!! And its surreal. Women give me dirty looks. This one pisses me off. But they are nicer to my face. When I was obese thin women were for the most part very rude. I still can't wrap my mind around it. I see pics of thr old me and I can't believe it. I have so much more confidence now and it shows!! My sister who I love dearly but can be quite mean is jealous!! She used to be very thin bodering on an eating disorder. A couple months ago she let me go through some clothes that she had. There was a box thst didn't fit her anymore she was saving. She let me borrow some and they fit!! She was irrate!! She didn't think I was smaller than her!! Now they are a little too baggy (not the shirts yet becaise my arms and tummy are still a little too big. She used to make fun of me and call me fat and now I weigh less!! I shouldn't be happy about this but I feel likes its karma. I never go out of my way to make her feel bad and now when we talk about weight she gets mad and says ur not big its just extra skin. If u didn't have that ud be skinny. Has anyone else experienced this?

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