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  1. reverie

    Soo i think part of the reason

    Maybe you're eating too much or maybe you're not eating enough, who knows. You'll have to work to figure that out yourself. If you're throwing up a few times a day, you're seriously putting yourself at risk. If I were you I'd consider a small unfill, but that's just me. In the end I think you need to realize the being hungry is normal. Your body is supposed to be hungry. Why are you seeking to get rid of hunger? You just have to learn how to differentiate between real hunger and normal hunger. The band doesn't end hunger, nor do any WLS types..at least not forever.
  2. reverie

    HOW do you STOP LOSING weight?

    Then consider removal? Dunno. Either way your situation is not healthy.
  3. reverie

    HOW do you STOP LOSING weight?

    It may be "tolerable" to you but I can guarantee 100% that it's not tolerable to your GI tract nor your esophagus. You need to go back to your doctor and figure something out. Maybe your band slipped or something. Daily PBing/slimming is not healthy and in all honesty it can do very serious damage if you continue to 'tolerate' it. Living with the band SHOULD NOT involve daily PBing. Go back to a doctor.
  4. reverie

    Flabby arms (brachioplasty)

    It differs per person. Mine weren't that bad. They were a little "flabby" but my skin was never sagging to the point of really needing surgery.
  5. Woo hoooooooo!! Hard to believe come December I'll be 2 months post-op.
  6. All surgeon's have different ways of going about things. If you weren't given a super strict pre-op diet, then that's what your surgeon prefers. Be happy, really. Being on liquids for 2 weeks pre-op and 2 weeks post-op isn't fun. Good luck on your journey.
  7. Hmm..maybe step back a little and breathe, honestly. You're taking this much further than it even needs to be taken. Your body is healing..HEALING. You were just CUT open, had some foreign object placed around your stomach, a living organ, and you're expecting quick weight-loss? It's not going to happen. I know you don't want to hear it, sorry but, you're healing. There is nothing you can do right now that is going to make the scale move. If anything somehow stop getting on the scale. That's all the advice I can give you. Either accept that you're healing or don't..if you don't then enjoy driving yourself crazy.
  8. reverie

    Flabby arms (brachioplasty)

    Brachioplasty isn't liposuction of the arms, they remove the excess skin. Arm liposuction only works if you have minimally stretched skin that is just more so full of fat. Lipo doesn't help tighten your arms back up, only a nip and tuck will do that. I've never had one though I planned on it. My arms didn't look the best but after seriously heavy weight training, my arms look just fine.
  9. No, tortilla chips aren't as "soft" per say. They won't dissolve when wet.
  10. Rarely, but sometimes portions of it (ie. the pannulectomy part, not the muscle repair portion). Call your insurance and ask about reconstructive surgery.
  11. Try http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/ if you want to figure out a close range for your BMR. You'll probably be very surprised at how much you burn by just existing And having m&ms a few times won't kill you. Treat yourself..live a little as an above poster said. If you don't it seriously comes to haunt you in the end. If you're craving chocolate have a small piece, it's much better than going into an all out binge. Good luck figuring out the calories you need to take in to continue to lose. And I completely agree that normal people eat 2000 calories +. I know males who can eat 3000+ and do just fine. It's a person by person basis.
  12. While I agree that getting more fills will help make your journey a bit easier, the band isn't going to stop you from 'compulsively gorging' yourself. You have to practice some will power and self control to not eat just because you can.
  13. reverie

    Losing Weight and Calorie Intake

    Oh my god PLEASE EAT MORE! You're going to ruin your metabolism.
  14. reverie

    I was bad today :(

    In the perspective of things..it's not a big deal, especially considering you had been running errands all day (burning calories) and you hadn't eaten anything previously... Just from my personal experiences, getting into the mindset of good food and bad food, and finding some foods to be "taboo" is extremely unhealthy. Sure maybe Taco Bell isn't the most nutritious food choice, but a calorie is a calorie, and as long as you didn't overeat today calorie wise..you won't gain a pound.
  15. 1200 calories a day is what "normal" people eat? LOL!!! Are you guys nuts?! Note: I burn 1400-1600 calories laying in bed all day; put that into perspective. Normal people eat much more. I can eat 2400 calories a day and not gain a pound. To answer OPs question, no, you will not have to eat 1200 calories for the rest of your life. I will say, however, you're more than likely downgrading your metabolism so when you do opt to eat more than 1000-1200 calories a day, you'll more than likely see a gain. You're eating under your BMR along with exercising which is..very unhealthy. But, to each his own. Side note, I eat 1800 calories a day, with exercise, and have lost 1-2lbs a week.
  16. Normal..you're on liquids and probably not taking in a lot of calories as it is. The lapband doesn't dim your appetite, as being hungry is normal.
  17. reverie

    shortness of breathe

    Uh NOT NORMAL. Please consult a doctor. A forum is not the place to ask for medical advice like this.
  18. reverie

    Fill right before flying

    Depends on your fill level/amount I'd assume. I had no issues with my band tightening but I don't have a fill so I guess I'm not the one to ask haha. Besides, I'd never get a fill so close to vacation. What are you going to do if you become too tight? Who could unfill you? Just something to consider
  19. reverie

    Band Bashers

    Agree with the above post that you'll find ____ bashing anywhere. Not everyone is going to agree and everyone has their own opinion of things, including the Lapband. I did and still do have success with my band but just like all WLS, the band does have it's downfalls. Yes it's adjustable, yes it's removable, but it's also not a lifetime device, and those words are out of the company that makes the band. I think that's something that always needs to be kept in mind. The band is rarely in us FOREVER.
  20. You can't get those results with "ab exercises." You've had a child(ren?) and more than likely your muscles are separated, so no, no exercise is going to give you those results. The separation in muscle isn't what is causing your muffin top, it's the excess skin and fat. I say go for the TT. I'm having a LBL in October and can't wait.
  21. reverie

    Breast lift with implants

    I'm getting silicone, under the muscle on October 27! Saline feels and looks like water in a bag. Besides..how in the heck are you worried about silicone when the band itself is...dare I say it........made of silicone?
  22. So you want to lose fat. What type of exercise are you doing?
  23. reverie

    Starvation Mode questions

    Starvation mode doesn't really exist. Sure you can starve, but that takes generally 72 hours of no Water and food for your body to kick into such a situation. But what many people who attempt to lose weight eating extremely low calories experience is a metabolic downgrade, which means that your body adapts tot he low calories you are feeding it and when you exceed that number, you eventually gain weight, even though it seems silly to gain weight eating 1200 calories, but consider this. A woman eats 700 calories a day and loses weight perfectly. However, she hits a plateau and wonders why. Well, instinct tells her to drop her calories even more, which may result in SOME weight-loss but at such low calories you're hardly able to eat enough food to fuel yourself, so then you generally opt to eat more, but adding to your calories causes weight gain because your metabolism has downgraded. And the only way to really fix such a situation is to lose the insane calorie deficits and eat higher calories. I went through this personally, still am. When I was first starting out I was eating 600-800 calories a day for almost a good 5-6 months, but it worked, but it also ruined my metabolism. So yes I've packed on 10lbs, but my metabolism is re-regulating itself, so nowadays I CAN eat 1800 and lose. Just something to consider.

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