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  1. littlebsue

    my weight loss pictures

    pics of me and family
  2. littlebsue

    Heading to the clinic for test

    Today i go and get test done for EVERYTHING. Albumin-total protein..HbA1C, TSH, Vit. B12, Iron, Ferritin, Transferrin, Folic Acid, Vit D, Vit B1. and then fax the results to my dietician. I am very hopeful that everything is good. I have been trying to get my proteins although the rest has been a bit hard trying to fit calcium and veggies/fruits. I am sure to get tested to see how my diabetes is going...I am seeing my endocrinologist and he is very curious how my operation will help me with my diabetes. Hopefully he will pull some more of my meds. fingers crossed....i will post some good news soon!!
  3. littlebsue


    I've been stuck at 196 for about 2 wks...I had my surgery june 2nd and was losing steadily until 196...so i have also started to think what am i doing wrong. I could exercise just haven't put the effort. and i could also make better choices of meals. Anyway...i guess the surgery can't do it on its own. So here i am trying to get past this lull with dieting yet again. lol i am so glad you said something about not losing...i was wondering if anyone else hit a slow period too. good luck and i hope we can both post happier stories next time.
  4. littlebsue

    my first album..getting started

  5. littlebsue

    I need to know!!

    HI I was really needing to know if anyone has hit a very SLOW run of losing weight. I had my surgery June 2 and lost pretty steadily all along until about 2 weeks ago. I have been stuck at 196 and some days it goes up a lb. or 2.. Is that normal? I was initially happy that i slowed down, I wanted my body to have time to "catch-up". Now I just don't know whats going on.......worried!!!:thumbup:
  6. littlebsue

    Vitamin difficient

    thanks for all the information!! I had the gastric sleeve done and for about 3 wks my shoulder joints and my hip joints felt so painful almost like they were bruised. I go on the first to have all my blood work done and I am taking Calcium with D in it. But a deficiency may have been what was causing the pain. Congrats on your recovery and good luck on continued weight loss......
  7. littlebsue

    Feeling discouraged

    When I mentioned to my surgeon that I didn't think I was losing quick like everyone else...she just asked me how much did i ever lose with conventional dieting. I knew what she was talking about. I believe everyone gets "stuck" at times. It will change...don't get down on yourself...You took a big step to get healthy, be patient and give your body a chance!! Good Luck and bestest wishes!!
  8. littlebsue

    learning to love myself...with confidence.

    I just wanted to talk about the way i feel about my weight and body since my weight loss surgery... To start off with I can remember the anxious feeling of going to weddings, gatherings and just getting out "there" being bigger and bigger every year. What I've notice now is that I just don't care anymore. Even though I am still in the "obese" weight category..just knowing that I am heading back to a healthy weight has erased all the anxiety and lack of confidence I had before. It feels so nice! And I am teaching myself to love ME! for who I am and for how I look...Imperfections and All!! Trying to be an example to my Beautiful daughters and Beautiful sons...Be happy with who you are because when it is all said and done we just that...ME/ME YOU/YOU be happy and love life!!! :thumbup: Good luck to all!!
  9. littlebsue

    *singing* I've got some NEWWWSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

    Well, well....i was searching for more gastric sleeve people...woohoo...i found you!! When will you be having your surgery? I had my june 2 this year and i am very happy with it. There are a few others here too...i find them in the chat room every now and then. I hope it works for you...it seems there are a few similarities with this surgery and the lapband...but with less office visits and less vomiting (i haven't once) i think quality of life is better.lol Good Luck and keep in touch!!
  10. littlebsue

    Time to get back on Track

    I don't know what i have been thinking...but i have just been making awful food choices (fried foods, carbs, even candy) stuff i've never really wanted much of anyway. I think with me losing my weight fairly easy, my mind has reverted back to old habits of dieting before...meaning..like ahhh i've lost 10lbs, i can eat what i want to. Sooo today i'm getting back on track and i want to see how well my surgery will work when i work with it!! I'm still holding on to that overeater and just have get my head right...:banghead:sooooo here i go!!!
  11. littlebsue

    Strawberry Shortcake Bandit!

    oh my goodness...i wish someone was with me last night to tell me "NO" before i ate that frozen yogurt before bed...i couldn't stop eating it and ate too much and then i couldn't sleep for an hour waiting for myself to puke (which would've been a relief) or for the dang yogurt to digest...took about a hour!! i suffered and learned my lesson...lol
  12. littlebsue

    My first "REAL" goal has been reached!!

    happy,happy,happy!!!! I stepped on the scale and weigh 200lbs....woo-hoo!! July 19th!! I haven't weighed 200 lbs since before my son was born in 1993. Now I am setting goals in 20 lb increments. First time ever that I feel my goals are reachable!! I am so blessed to have gotten the gastric sleeve my only regret is that I didn't do it 10 yrs ago.....:rolleyes2: any way today is a great day!!
  13. littlebsue

    Motivation has Left the Building

    that sounds like Hell.....I really hope you feel better. I was suppose to get the band...but am so glad my surgeon talked me out of it! good luck!
  14. littlebsue

    cleaning out the closet

    Welllll....finally got busy on my closet and filled 4 large bags with my big clothes! Wow-didn't know I had so many clothes..lol. I am going to go through them now and get some to give away and some to sell (got to be able and buy more). I did find a bag of clothes I had outgrown and was saving for when I lost my weight again. I was so happy, some of those are a little baggy on me but I think I can maybe get a month of wear out of them. I had to tell my hubby that his favorite lingerie has to go and he just calmly replied that he would just crawl into it with me...wasn't expecting that one...made me laugh.... here's to happy closet cleaning!!:rolleyes2::bye:
  15. littlebsue

    news update

    News.....Didn't get banded....went to the hospital to get my surgery and the surgeon came in to "have a talk". She was concerned with all the health problems that I have(diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol) that the band wouldn't be the best choice of surgery for me. She then told me about my other options...bypass, roux en whatever, and the gastic sleeve. Making a long story short...i put all my faith in the expertise and experience of my surgeon and went with the gastric sleeve. The next day I had it done..lol...surreal for sure! And now one and a half month later, I am so happy to have made that choice! My blood sugar has been normal since the surgery although i've only been off one med so far. My weight is going down...already down 18 kilos-40lbs. And (knock on wood) no bad problems, although diarrhea has been with me the whole time...but is getting better the last couple of weeks. I am now trying to get a grip on the changes and try to feel normal...although ecstasy is what i'm mostly feeling. I want to shout to the obese world...do what I did!! You don't have to be fat and sick anymore!! I am still watching for any adverse reactions but I knew what i was heading for before the operation and I just pray this keeps working for me. Good luck for All...be happy...ttyl

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