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    I am the Ilene in the lapband talk book. I have lost 89 lbs. I have the lapband for a total of 4 years. I will be 66 years old April 2014.
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    exercise, computer, poodles, astrology,
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    I am retired now but looking for a job pt.
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  1. Cindysmom (Ilene)

    Dear Lap-Band: A Fond Farewell

    Omg, I am shocked to read this, in a way, it sounded like how I feel. Because of a slippage, I too will have my band removed. This is not about me, it’s about you Alex. I hope that the mini gastric bypass works out for you. I hope the removal of the band will be easy. People do not know this but in the first book you wrote about the Lapband, I was Ilene From Ny. Having that experience to share my feelings and then seeing it in print was the most amazing thing in my life. I just want to say thank you! I cant wait to read about how you are doing with your new friend. I am not sure which pal that I will change to. Happy holidays Alex, enjoy everything in your life! You deserve only the best. With Love, Ilene Falley-Harrell aka Cindys Mom!
  2. As a person who was 100% strict. I see that once I brought even 1 thing back to my body, I wanted more. After all, I thought, I gained a little weight back, what could I loose? What could happen if I let stuff in? Just a little gain? And after all. Wasn’t I upset when I ate and ate? And now, I am back- upset again with another bunch of problems. I will be 70 years old. I am falling apart. My body hurts just like an old lady And why shouldn’ I eat? And then I think about my social worker who has a big body. How is she going to come through for me? After all, she’s not there for herself!. So maybe I’ll try a new one. But omg, she is so young and size 1. Xtra xtra small. Are there sizes like that? Did she really go to high school? And college? At this time, right now, I am waiting to hear from 2 doctors, one that did the first surgery, and the other one is my primary. My primary doesn’t know what a Lapband is. Certainly the word SLIPPED must mean something! I sent him the report from my upper gi. I’m sorry for rattling on! It’s easier to write my feeling than searching for an ear that will listen.
  3. Thank you very much for your lovely comment. I wish you the best in your journey.
  4. I’ve had my lapband for 8 years already. I was mentally concerned about what I can eat, how much, when can I do it. I joined Facebook and friended someone who had a Lapband. I hoped that she would help me get thru the first weeks and months of my journey. After asking her many times the famous question what can I eat. She responded to me that I should stop focusing on food. And that I should put my focus on exercise and being active. I was so insulted by what she said to me that I immediately unfriended her. In 15 months I let go of 96 lbs. and was healthy and thin and so proud of myself. There was a death in my family and it hit me very badly. I went into a deep depression and didn’t care about me at all. I began to gain weight, I went to several Lapband Doctors for fills and unfills. It got to a point that I didn’t even have a Doctor to see me. I threw up at almost every meal, and gained weight. Pound by pound. Well, after throwing up so much, I went to the Dr who did the surgery and he took some fluid out.. I think he took out more than I wanted. He also gave me a script to have an Upper Gi series with contrast. And low and behold, my Lapband slipped. As of this date. I am working on having my Lapband removed and getting a revision to a sleeve. I have a positive outlook on my live and a new journey for me.
  5. Cindysmom (Ilene)

    Endoscopy Concerns

    I was really hoping that I would find someone who had a lapband, then got a hiatal hernia after. it is very very common for dr's to repair the hh before the surgery. Lucky you. after 6 years my lapband has alot of scar tiissue. . I am not sure but I thought I read that caffene is not permitted. please find out. alos I read that with all wls. we must chew our food like crazy. watch our carbs, and our Protein. good luck to you new sleevers. Also before I forget., it is said that the best Dr to do a hernia repair is a bariatric dr. I hope that someone who has the exact problem that I am having will write in.
  6. Cindysmom (Ilene)

    Endoscopy Concerns

    i am post lapband 6 years and now I am told that I have a hiatal hernia. I didnt have it when i got the lapband.. I will have to have it repaired and not sure if i will have the lapband removed and do a sleeve. I only have to lose about 35 lbs. I am very concerned . thanks.
  7. Cindysmom (Ilene)

    Long Term VSG Price is Going Up

    I have a band right now. Does that rate go higher to remove it?
  8. Cindysmom (Ilene)

    Looking for a buddy!

    We will be going to the gym today. Aqua fit for me.
  9. Cindysmom (Ilene)

    Looking for a buddy!

    I just wrote out a list of food that I can eat for each meal. I woke up early enough to take a walk at 5:00 am with my hubby. It is now 7:30 am and while I was making chicken salad. With the ninjia. I ate some. I am now throwing it up. I usually don't eat food in the morning. Will be having a food journal by Monday. Downloaded a great app for it. I don't like writing so this app will work. We will be going to the gym today.
  10. Cindysmom (Ilene)

    Looking for a buddy!

  11. Cindysmom (Ilene)

    Looking for a buddy!

    for the life of me I cant figgure this program out. my email address is lizybird@aol.com.
  12. Cindysmom (Ilene)

    Looking for a buddy!

    hi. I am trying to respond to you. but i see that it wont post
  13. Cindysmom (Ilene)

    Starting back...banded 3/20/08

    hello ladies, d and c is over and i am fine and will not have any surgery. yay now what are we going to do about us???Its been a while since I was a leader on sparkpeople.com. i would love it if we can write down some ideas for us to get our Momentum....or do we use the word deisre.? would you gal be interested in doing that? I cant do this on my own. I will begin with some idea that my hubby mentioned..... I was not having prepared lapband friendly food in the fridge. How about you gals do you have that? or do you pick at what ever is in the fridge? I will look forward to reading your idea and answer. I need this..i only have 25 lbs to relose. last night a ??friend??? called me on the phone and asked me how much I weight. It really got me quite pissed. I told her that I didnt want to discuss it with her. and hung up. any thoughts?
  14. Cindysmom (Ilene)

    Support Groups in Coconut Creek Area

    I live in Tamarac, fl. My lapband was 2/2/10'. I really need a friend. Are you interested in friendship with a fellow bandster. Ilene
  15. Cindysmom (Ilene)

    Any out there from South Florida!

    I had a lapband in 2/2/10. From dr choi. I need help. I live in ft Lauderdale. Cindysmom, or Ilene. Lizybird@aol.com

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