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  1. 1. how often you puke- I'm on my 2nd fill have 5.75cc n a 10cc band and I usally have a pb(stuck) episode at least 2x a wk & the cause is usally eating too fast! I have never "puked" from overeating my band won't allow it if I overeat it jus feels like Thanksgiving dinner but for 3hrs!! Uggh!:smile: and 2. how long you've had your band for- lapband date was March 16,2010.
  2. What was the date of your surgery? March 16, 2010 How healthy did you/do you eat? I make a good attempt to always eat healthy mostly grilled chicken and shrimp but I also occassionally eat McDonalds fries, Zaxbys salads and chicken tenders, and subs from Jersey Mikes(half of a six inch cut up in little pieces cuts down with the pbing), and chinese food...I also count my calories and I range betwn 800 to 1100 How much do you exercise? I workout 3xs a week for 30 mins(treadmill,recumbert bike) How much have you lost? 42 lbs Are you happy with your results? I'm very happy with my results, the best thing I ever did and I can still enjoy all of the foods I always have just not as much!!
  3. Hi everyone, I've finally made it to Twoderville!!! I'm down to 297, horray for me.Congrats on the journey!!! Im so happy to join you guys!! Surgery 3/16 - 336 6/13 - 297 3ccs in band @ surgery 5cc - fill 4/26 Next fill 6/14
  4. browneyes29203

    Caloric Intake, daily

    My daily intake is betwn 800 to 1000. I notice also if I drop under 800 I go into starvation mode and loss nothing. I'm one pound away from Twoderville yet so far away!!!
  5. browneyes29203

    Humm is it considered cheating???

    I vote not cheating, and I agree with 123crod...because personally I'm busting my a** everyday working out and eating next to nothin with this band and I feel like I'm on a slim slow diet!! It would be nice to just lay round and watch it fall off!!
  6. Hi I was banded in March was out on short term disability for 6wks. Metlife is my disability insurance provider. Congrats on ur approval and good luck on ur journey!
  7. browneyes29203

    before and now pics

    Congrats you look great..keep up the good work.
  8. Congrats!!!.... 4 more pounds and I will see you in Twoderville!! Surgery -03/16 336lbs Today- 05/22 303lbs
  9. browneyes29203

    Lap Band "Shoulder" poking out

    I think I would have a second option because I haven't heard anything about that. Before I got my band I read the complications section and made a mental list of things to look for that may go wrong. Never saw that one but their are port issues, slippage, infections etc.That being said you may be the first to report this "shoulder" of the band" issue. Think about it like this a 2nd opinion and a copay with another doctor will give you & hubby piece of mind.
  10. browneyes29203


    Lol I'm with both of you I can't wait to be obese also. Right now I'm just tryin to make it to Twoderville!!! I only have 7 lbs to go. Horray!! Congratulations on ur weight loss..
  11. Hi I was banded on 3/16 my doc used staples but I wish that I was given a choice because this was very painful to me. As far as scars I'm not worried about those either. I do have a LOL about scars. I have a male friend that said to me after he saw my 5 scars, 'You will never be able to wear a bikini becuz of those scars'. Well my reply to him was I started out at 336 lbs when I drop a 100lbs & get in a bikini Yeah let those scars be my problem!!! I've been 300lbs so long and this idiot thinks I'm worried about sum freakin scars, me personally I will wear mine like a badge of Courage!!!! Banded 3/16. 336 lbs Today 5/07. 308 lbs
  12. browneyes29203

    Yawns, burps and nose blowing, OH MY!

    Sorry to hear about your band issues. I think its odd that you are having those issues after 7 mths and with less fluid in you still bad. I wouldve done all of the test you had also as a precaution. So if everything is ok you maybe your stomach is just irritated from the fill and unfill. Take it easy and sip slow. This is a journey we are on, and looks like their will be bumps in the road. Also Congrats on your weight loss.
  13. Gosh sorry to hear you went thur so much pain. I'm reading this thread while sitting in my WL doc office waiting on my first fill. I've made a decision for myself that I will not allow anyone to stick me over 5x(which is 4 to many) after that I'm asking for fluro. Do any of you take any meds before getting filled for the pain?
  14. browneyes29203

    Yawns, burps and nose blowing, OH MY!

    I get hiccups after I eat, my daughter thinks it so funny. But I think the runny nose is a weird signal. Guess you better keep ur tissues on hand. LOL!!
  15. browneyes29203

    Am I supposed to "feel" the band inside me?

    I was also banded about 5 weeks ago on 3/16 and I'm down from 332 to 310. I also can feel my band its a slight uncomfortable feeling early in the morning. But as the day progresses I don't notice as much. Also I found that when I roll over in the bed I can tell its there. But overall I'm satisified with my decision. I have my first fill on Mon so Im excited to see what that will be. On surgery day I recv 3cc in a 10cc band. Congrats to everyone on the weight loss.
  16. browneyes29203

    Recliner, or Bed?

    Hi I had my surgery on 3/16 and spent time in a recliner and a bed. I would say the recliner was great for the daytime hours. My mom has the one that actually raises up and down for seniors. However I fell asleep one night and my back felt horrible the next morning. Needless to say that didn't happen again. I agree with the above post -" The best thing is to get you pain meds and then find a nice bed to stretch out on"- in the bed pain will keep u in place, even if you love sleeping on your stomach you won't make the mistake of rolling over on it. The pain won't allow you too and neither will the staples(ask for dermibond will help in recovery time).
  17. browneyes29203

    Going back to work after surgery?

    To offer my 2 cents, recovery may take longer with staples. I had staples and it was awful(torture) to even bend over to do anything. My suggestion to everyone is ask what will be used to close incusions. If staples ask for another option, this will help with recovery time. Good Luck on ur journey!
  18. browneyes29203

    A MUST read!

    Really good read, thanks for posting.
  19. browneyes29203

    Days Off

    Hi I had surgery on March 16 and was appproved for short term disability for a month. At my follow-up I advised my doc that Im covered for up to 6-8 due to lapband and hernia repair and that I didn't want to go back until after my first fill. I had my follow-up visit submitted and I'm approved until April 30. I also have a desk job for a huge cell phone company, in a call center. If you have the time avail to you take & enjoy it if you have it. If not I would say 2wks if you have staples(very painful). I also have a 3yr old daughter so its great to be able to spend time with her and I will be fully healed when I return to work.
  20. browneyes29203

    just banded with a few questions

    The only other suggestion that I can offer is that I read on another site that taking a laxative will help. Honestly when I read it was 7 days post op so no gas but no bowel movement either. So I used Milk of Mag and first came gas and next came ***t!! What I can tell you is that those first 5days I prayed for a fart I couldnt get it, burping helped but its some gas that jus has to come out from the bottom end!!! It was so bad when I did start passing gas I would make annocement to my mom and she would congratulate me!!! Hope it helps,Good luck on your journey.!!
  21. browneyes29203

    March Bandster Updates

    Hi all I was banded March 16, the first was **ll on earth because no one told me that in 2010 they are still using staples when I work up to this realization I was like wth!!! For pain I had liquid tylonel and percocet and everytime I used either 45 mins later I was sweating like I had hot flashes. Finally after the staples were removed I felt like a new woman again. I also was unable to eat the first week due to swelling which was great but now that the swelling is gone I could eat a horse!!! I've lost 15lbs since surgery day and feel great but I'm also hungry. Its very hard not to consume liquid 30mins to 1hr b4 and after eating but I'm working on it. My first fill is April 26 and I'm looking forward to it. Congrats to everyone and the progress that has been made. The following link will provide sum ideas on pureed foods just search for pureed foods. I hope you guys enjoy this link it has helped me mix it up a lil with my food choices. NetWellness Homepage
  22. browneyes29203

    Intro - day 1 post op

    Hi Wayne congrats to you. I'm also day 1 post op. I was only allowed ice chips and water until this morning. I'm now enjoying a cup of chicken broth and sf popsicles. Stomach is still very sore because the pain meds aren't really working. I jus requested sum of the liquid tylenol everyone speaks about. Congrats to you and everyone banded earlier this month. I'm so excited to be starting my journey.
  23. browneyes29203

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    Hi Everyone, Congrats to all of u who have been banded eariler this month. I've just received my surgery time and I'm getting really excited now. I've been waiting on this for 5yrs. My surgery is @ 6am tomorrow morning. Horaay for me!!! Lapband here I come!!!
  24. browneyes29203

    What can you add to your protein shake?

    I was advised by my doctor to use the powder form of sugarfree pudding to give ur shake a different taste. I've found it in cheesecake, vanilla and banana creme just a little is needed. I mixed the strawberry whey powder with a little of sf cheesecake and it take delicious!!!
  25. Hi Everyone I'm on my 8th day of pre-op diet and as someone said earlier its monkey butt!!! I'm starving also however I must agree it gets better as the days go by. As a filler between shakes I'm drinking all the suger free hawaiian punch and crystal light I can handle which means I'm constantly taking bathroom breaks. The fact that I know next week this time I will have my "gut tied off"(lapband) is keeping me pushing.. Good luck to everyone its a daily struggle!!

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