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  1. theknewme

    Any May 2010 Bandsters?

    excellent job. How come he could only put in .6cc's how did he know to stop? I go for my1st fill on June 23rd and the doc said he would be putting in 2cc's. So far i'VE LOST a total of 35 pounds approx.
  2. theknewme

    Any May 2010 Bandsters?

    Good for you. I'm also 2 weeks post opp and 5 days after surgery I was solid food, but I don't have any saline in my band. I get my 1st fill on June 23rd...2cc's and I have a 14cc band From what I hear there's 10 & 14. I've found a great site, it tracks your carbs/protein/fat and tracks all your calories from food. If a food isn't listed you creat a new food or if you are workig off a recipe you put in the recipe, portion size etc and it calculates the calories, carbs/protein/fat, etc. I think once you eat more protein in your diet you will be full. I have 1/2 cup of cottage cheese or an egg for breakfast, 1/2 cup of ricotta cheese or 2 oz protein & veggies for lunch and I'm up to 4 oz from 2 oz protein at dinner and seem to be satisfied. And Iagree with you, if there isn't sweets in the house it's ok. Prior to surgery I lost 27 pounds and since surgery 6 pounds! let me know if you have any saline in your band and try moving onto pureed foods. What kind of other problems are you having. I'd be interested in knowing. Either way keep you head up high, Your progress so far is fantastic!!
  3. theknewme

    Ice Cream

    I agree with you Betsy. If you want ice cream pick the good choices like weight watchers, skinny cow or try sugar free popsicles. Being morbidly overweight we ate whatever we liked (genetics and everything aside) and that may be part of the problem we got where we are. The band provides restriction, but we need to reprogram what food choices we make. Does it suck? sure, but the rewards will be great when we have our new body. And like anything else, our new food choices will be 2nd nature in about 6 months. Throw out old food and replace it with light, fat free, sugar free, yogurt instead of ice cream. If the family doesn't like it, too bad, this is our new life we're eating healthy as a "family"! If the skinny people want ice cream let them go, you get a sugar free slushy drink and enjoy the day with them! Sorry guys, not trying to be mean I'm also trying to reprogram the way I and my family lives and the food choices we make!
  4. theknewme

    Any May 2010 Bandsters?

    So how did your surgery go?
  5. theknewme

    Any May 2010 Bandsters?

    Not unuasual to eat everything in site...I did the same! I have my surgery May 25th and am into my 2nd week on the liquid diet. Good luck and stay in touch!
  6. I have my surgery May 25. And it's so neat to see someone who's the same height and weight as me. We can be picture buddies!
  7. No advice here, just well wishes all around. I'm right behind you. I'm having my surgery May 25th! Boy, will we be smokin this summer!
  8. theknewme

    Are the Side Effects Worth It

    Hey Brooklynqueen, I think I'm being banded around the same time you are. I'm scheduled May 25th 2010 and am scared but looking forward to a better life without all that extra weight. When is your surgery? I know there will be hurtles to jump over but if we stick to what the dr's tell us and follow our diets we will be fine. We probably will have at least 1 to a few PB's but that will be the 2nd hurtle....learning to listen to our bodies! (the 1st will be the pre-diet and the last will be living and losing with our new lifestyle........but will this really be a hurtle? with all our new fantastic clothes etc.?) Let's keep intouch. I'm new to this messaging thing. How do you add someone to your profile as a friend?
  9. since being banded howare you able to take all your migraine medication. i TAKEIMITREX tylenol #3X2, naproxen X2 so thislittle cocktail should fill my pouch my surgeon says I won't have any problems, but I'mseriously scared. Please let me know if you get them and take as much as i DO.
  10. Congratulations on your achievement........I can see your smile from across the border!
  11. LeighlaM & Atgoalgirl I want to thank you for all your kind support! Atgoalgirl I read your blog and from my research the rules you mention are what I already know and plan on doing. I know it's not a magical fix, but a fix that can work to help me if I work with it. I guess I have been floating around and reading about people plateauing and forgeting why I initially signed onto this sight...for moral support! I appreciate everything and am totally excited about the new me. I want my daughter to be proud of her new svelt mom, because kids can be such critics! Right now I'm healthy have no health issues, no joint problems other than the diffuculty in moving and being extremely tired all the time! I look forward to fostering some wonderful relatioships with everyone I have met on this thread so far!:thumbup:
  12. Hey all of my friends! Some I have already had contact with! Still waiting for my band (May 25) but what do you mean about stalling. I thought when you get the band you lose weight but it still sounds like you have to do alot of exercise to keep it (weight) off? Will I lose weight? My surgeon tells me they guarantee 100 pounds with the band and then the rest is up to me, is this correct? From what I read it sounds like it's hard work from day 1 or is it hard work from day 1 if we cheat? I really want and need this to work for me as I have alot of money (that I don't necessarily have) along with my heart invested into this working for me. I'm confused as I'm hearing or should I say reading to much but I am adicted to all the positive energy out there!.
  13. theknewme

    starting BMI over 50? come on in!

    I'm new to this whole thing but am being banded on May 25, 2010 and am looking forward to my new journey in life. Everyone seems so knowledgeable and I don't even know what I should be drinking/taking pre-op. In Canada we meet with the dietician once, 2 weeks b4 surgery and it seems everyone on this site has met with a dietician at least 3 to 4 times and has sat in on some discussion groups. It's sad, they want our money but keep us in the dark till right before surgery when they have the deposit. I'm still going ahead, but any candid advice would greatly be appreciated. I've read numerious stories and just read about the thread "food" for ideas post surgery for every step along the way. Any takers on your experiences:wink:
  14. theknewme

    Protein Question

    dumb question - but how do u know types of protein to take or how much protein is in a food that doesn't break down the protein content on the label?:thumbup: In Canada we only have 1 meeting with a dietician...the day before surgery!
  15. theknewme

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    Hey sparkle girl! I like your idea of having a support group or friends going through the surgery at the same time you are. I'm having my banding done May 25th? Can I still be active in this group. Here's some stats on me; my 1st consult was feb 9, 2010 my starting weight pre-surgery is 315 pounds I hope to get down to 150! I am paying for my own surgery at a whopping $17,000 My insurance only covers my dietician visit and psychologist I start my diet on May 4th I'm very excited about starting this new chapter in my life and look forward to seeing the new me!:thumbup:
  16. I'm being banded May 25th and am very excited about my new life. Can someone tell me how long to recovery? I'm assuming the most pain will be from the C02 used to inflat the abdomen region during surgery and once that leaves the body I should feel like I've been punched which should dissapear in about a week. Am I correct?:smile2:
  17. :redface:I'm new to and am being banded May 25th! This is a good thing & I can't wait to have it done and I'm not scared....it's my 2nd chance at life! Focus on what your new life will bring not what you'll be missing out on! Good luck my friend

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