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    Weight Watchers Online: Support Thread

    Hi guys, my name's Leticia and I was banded on 2/18/10. I've lost 70 pounds but have been stalled for about 5 months, and it's very frustrating. I started doing weight watchers last week and have lost 1 pound so far. I'm hoping this will help me get back on track!
  2. Hi! When are you having your surgery?

  3. The week after I kind of moved in slow motion but slowly I started to feel better. Are there some good places to hike, I've done Squaw Peak once a looooong time ago and about died half way up, I'd like to take my fiance on a Saturday for a change.

  4. I'm sorry I never got back to you on your questions, I feel awful! I went back on Monday for half a day, then full the rest of the week. I have a desk job as well. Since your surgeries done, how are you feeling?

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    From the album: 4 Months Out

  6. I went through True Results in Scottsdale. I had mine done in February...so far I've lost about 50 lbs. I've just been back and forth on what kind of exercising to do. I don't have a gym membership so I'm doing like Brazil Butt Lift and Slim in 6. It's been to muggy to go running this past week or so.

  7. Hey there, I"m from Phoenix! Who are you going through for your surgery? Good luck!

  8. What exercises are you doing?

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    From the album: 4 Months Out

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    4 Months Out

    Down 42 pounds so far....starting off slow
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    From the album: 4 Months Out

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    From the album: 4 Months Out

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    From the album: Before

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    From the album: Before

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    From the album: Before

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    From the album: Before

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    I don't have many before pictures, I'm always the one taking the pictures....prefering not to be in them.
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    From the album: Before

  19. I had my surgery Feb 18, 2010 and had a hiatal hernia repaired too. I felt like I was dying the first 2 days or so. I was almost back to normal though by day 6. Good luck!
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    About 150lbs overweight & Waiting for Approval

    I started my journey at 292 and had a BMI of 50 and also have no comorbidities. I also have Blue Cross Blue Shield. I was approved within 1 week of submission. Nowadays it seems like the insurance companies would prefer to pay for surgery than have to fork out more money in the end with the high cost of obesity. That's all I can really tell you.