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  1. zinhaa


    i drink rarely and 1 drink
  2. zinhaa

    Gotta Get This Off My Chest

    Sorry you feel insulted by the term. I know I use it at times. I use it as a term of endearment. I am also sorry there are veterans here who you feel insulted by, I think it is our duty to help you guys because it wasn't all that long ago that we were where you all are. In fact although i have been around a while that doesn't mean I can not learn something from some one who is at the beginning of their journey. Good Luck with your journey. On this site as all others I take every thing with a grain of salt and take what I need and leave the negativity behind. Wendy
  3. zinhaa

    Miracle Noodles

    Definetly wash them
  4. i agree! BTW there are no stupid questions
  5. zinhaa

    Miracle Noodles

    never saw those sharataki i have only seen in two shapes. Where did you buy these?
  6. zinhaa


    I had glue scars are so light and small. happy they used it. Let it fall off. try to ignore it. I don't remember how long sorry, wendy
  7. zinhaa

    Help with Soft Food Stage

    Not sure if i erased my post. If i didn't sorry for duplicate. Chili was my favorite. Hummus tuna fish fish- not shell fish ground turkey but spice it up cause it is bland. made sloppy joes out of the turkey with sauce\ Basically i ate anything that i could blend even veggies but didn't eat beef.
  8. zinhaa

    Help with Soft Food Stage

    i ate anything but beef once i blended it. Chili was my fav. Humus tuna ground turkey but spice it up a bit or make it into a sloppy joe with sauce fish not shell fish tho good luck wendy
  9. zinhaa

    Need advice please!!!!!

    Sounds like a dr visit is in order. Maybe a smidge out or rexamine if your chewing and eating slowly ortoo dry. Once we are doing this a while it would seem like it should be second nature but sometimes we forget our old habits wendy
  10. It does get better. Your sweet tooth subsides. Can you have jello sf ff pudding. It isn't so filling but makes you feel like you are having a treat. Can you have cream based soups yet? You are healing. Try to stay focused on why you are doing this and keep drinking. Things will get better. You will be eating soon. You can do this wendy
  11. zinhaa

    I Started Low-Cabing Today

    In the past when i have had too few carbs my body made kidney stones ( although it does run in my family)/ Just kept happening when i dieted wendy
  12. zinhaa

    Water intake question

    i count crystal light, and tea. My nit said count tea if you don't put milk in it Wendy
  13. Band is on your stomach not your head. Have healthy snacks prepared for you. You can prep more than one of their snack at a time as not to put you in that position too often. Remember why you did this. Pix on the fridge Some people have been making jars with marbles , stones or anything in them. One with how much you lost and one with how much more to go and as you loose move the stones from one jar to the other. Basically I am saying have something visual to be your cue not to eat instead of having the snacks a cue to eat. Wendy
  14. zinhaa

    Grilled Cheese

    should be ok between the crunchy bread and fat in cheese. Maybe not soup and sandwich tho,

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